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Sunday, February 29, 2004

"CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS"?! (Written on 19 July 2003) By S. Wolf Britain A few weeks ago (now a few months ago), so-called Democrat and presidential candidate, Representative Kucinich, was asked by news media whether or not he thought the crimes Bush has committed rise to the level of impeachment, and he made the following statement in response: "Hopefully we will not end up in a Constitutional crisis". But the United States is already deep into a Constitutional crisis; and, even if Congress, the Senate, and the "American" people don't want to face it, and have chosen to live in denial concerning it, we have been in a Constitutional crisis for quite some time! We, the People were first put in a Constitutional crisis when Bush and the U.S. Supreme Court perpetrated a coup and appointed Bush "President" at the end of the 2000 presidential "election"; and then we were put into an even more grave Constitutional crisis when "the truest democracy on Earth" carried out a "first-strike" war of aggression against the sovereign country of Iraq, without the latter having IN ANY WAY attacked the shores and/or the people of the United States! On top of all this, the majority of the Senate and the Congress supported such an un-Constitutional and illegal war of aggression, and the "American" people blindly supported it as well! For this and Bush's deceptions of all of same, Bush should be impeached and tried in federal court for war crimes against the mostly-innocent people(s) of Iraq; as over three-thousand innocent people have been murdered, probably tens of thousands by latest estimates, thousands are still being murdered, and thousands more are still being seriously injured and/or maimed as the result, and at the hands of the U.S. government! There is so much political theater going on right now, and there has been for quite some time. Bush and company, along with British Primeminister Tony Blair, have been inundating us with non-stop lies, "painting" themselves as the saviors of "the free world", to "save" us from international terrorism, and putting on an extreme show of seeking peace between Israel and Palestine. But these people, including Israel, don't want peace; they want "endless war", and to completely destroy the Palestinian people, among many others'! William and Kathleen Christison, former CIA Analysts from 1950 to 1979 and 1963 to 1979 respectively, have said fairly recently, and for quite a while, that they are now both against U.S. government policies towards Israel and Palestine, against United States nuclear proliferation policies as well, and that said policies support Israel's complete eradication of the Palestinians, unmasking the lie that the U.S. government and Israel want to create an autonomous Palestinian country! Bush is working extremely hard right now, in preparation for the 2004 presidential election, to make himself look good, and to make it appear like he is supposedly having so many successes in the "War Against Terrorism" and in bringing peace to the Middle East and the rest of world, while he is ordering police-state tactics and the "first-strike" murders of thousands of innocent people, and like he is allegedly a great "man of peace"; but he is a homicidal maniac who, if he wasn't clothed in the costume of presidential authority, and if he performed his present criminal actions on his own, would be locked up in one form of prison institution or another, just as we, the average citizen, would be if we committed such criminal actions! The Christisons' also stated that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the United States government to control nuclear weapons worldwide as long as the U.S. doesn't get rid of their own as well, and that "American" foreign policy is unjust! They have gone on to say, "It is just as dangerous for Israel to possess nuclear weapons as for Iraq to possess them if they did"! Thank God for some voices of sanity regarding all of the insanity being supported by both Republicans and Democrats alike; and thank Goodness that more and more Truth is rising to the surface! Just because many of us disagree with United States government policies concerning Israel, does NOT mean we are "anti-Semitic"! It "simply" means that we are against all terrorists and their terrorism; for we are just as much against the non-Israeli foreign policies of the U.S. government as we are against the Israeli policies; and, as said before, this is because we know that "the big picture" is of a much larger racist and "religious intolerance" agenda of the United States government, that is leading to greater and greater genocide all around the globe! In his book, Transforming Leadership, James MacGregor Burns says that the word "happiness" in the foundation of American democracy, the Declaration of Independence, where it states, ", liberty and the pursuit of happiness", means EQUALITY! 'ALL PEOPLE are created EQUAL, and are endowed by their Creator with the inalienable right(s) to life, liberty and the pursuit of EQUALITY'! There is ABSOLUTELY NO room WHATSOEVER for ANY religiously intolerant, racist agenda in that; and "(w)e, the people" must not continue to allow there to supposedly be, by the present un-Constitutional, terrorist actions of the U.S. government! Where are we as a country when, as the Indian author Arundhati Roy has said, "The 'freest' country (the United States of America) has the most prisoners in the (and of any country in the entire) world", and most of those prisoners are disenfranchised, ethnic minorities, as the result of the rampant poverty that the U.S. government intentionally allows to continue in the richest country on the face of the Earth, as well as in many other countries all over the world?! As long as we allow this to continue, we are the most intolerant, hypocritical, terrorist nation on the entire planet! Happiness is synonymous with equality; and we cannot have True Happiness in "America" and the rest of the world until we conquer, and ONLY conquer, inequality and the Constitutional crisis that we ARE in all over the world as the result of that inequality!! We MUST conquer inequality and poverty; "we" must stop "policing", imprisoning and murdering innocent people worldwide; and we must Truly, and ONLY, Care for one-another as we were put on this Earth to do!! We ARE our brother's and sister's keepers; and we can ONLY bring True Liberation to the world when we liberate its people from inequality and poverty, WITHOUT murdering, imprisoning and policing them IN ANY WAY(S) WHATSOEVER!! [Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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