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Thursday, March 04, 2004

ADMISSIONS (Written on 15 May 2003, Updated on 18 May 2003) By S. Wolf Britain The present Bush administration has now indirectly admitted that the most recent war against Iraq WAS carried out for oil; though many politicians, like former Secretary of State (during the Clinton administration), Madeleine Albright, claimed that this second Iraq war was not about oil, or that they did not believe it was! But these people knew it was about oil, and they lied to us! What else is new, right? At this time the Bush administration is seeking the formal recognition and resolution(s) by the United Nations (U.N.) that the United States will control Iraqi oil with the approval of the international "community", which will very-possibly benefit other countries in the U.N. financially, though U.S. corporations and the U.S. government will benefit the most, at the expense and sacrifice, as usual, of the Iraqi people and anyone else who "threatens" the huge expansionary, monetarily profit-making quest for world domination by the United States government and it's military-industrial corporations!! A great many people knew well before the war against Iraq that, if it was carried out, it would of course be about Iraq's oil, and they were very vocal about that fact, as well as many other facts; for those who know and face what is really going on, know about the Machiavellian machinations of the corporate-military-industrial-U.S. government complex, and that, like corporate employees who they have no true regard for except that they bring about profits and expansion for the corporation(s), EVERYONE is expendable, except those at the top, for the sake of reaching their goals and monetary gains; and, in Iraq, they have again sacrificed thousands of innocent lives for much more money, and a great deal more power for the United States Empire! And, what is most disgusting of all, this illegal war of aggression was supposedly carried out with the approval of the majority of the "American" people, those who allegedly represent the most compassionate, "Christian" country on Earth!! Never mind that the Sixth Commandment, from the foremost Law, says, "YOU WILL NOT KILL"! (Exodus 20:13; Deuteronomy 5:17; and Romans 13:9 [emphasis added by me].) The Machiavellian, so-called "Christians", will sacrifice anybody and anything in pursuit of their supposedly laudable aims, no matter how many lives it costs! They have NO true regard for human lives who "stand in the way" of white-corporate-military-industrial-U.S. government domination of the entire world; and they will brainwash any number of people, "use" any number of people, and murder any number of people in order to carry out their murderous Imperialistic means!! Many "Americans" are being led to believe, and actually do believe, that "hawks" like Colin Powell are supposedly "doves", and that disagreement and "in-fighting" is going on in the Bush administration over the aforesaid policies and actions; but G.W. did not choose Colin Powell, and other so-called moderates, lightly and without knowing, without a doubt, that they would give him their complete support for those murderous, fascist policies and actions; and this "show of moderation" is nothing but a part of their "theater of the macabre" to further distract and gain the support of the cowed masses of "American" people, those who do not want to, and will not, pull their heads out of the sand, or, if their heads are partway out of the sand, will not pull them all the way out of the sand and face just how evil the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Ashcroft "axis of evil" really is, and that the latter will virtually stop at nothing to gain their white-corporate-military-industrial-political ends!! The Colin Powells' of this world are the "black faces" being used, for the time being, to bring about the foregoing; and if they don't "toe the party line", they will be eliminated! No acquiescence, except for show, is tolerated; and these evil-controlled "people" are of "like-mind", or, if they were not of like-mind on all things, they wouldn't dare let it show! If any of them "repented" of their part in the present course of U.S. government domination of the world, they would have to get out of the administration completely, and they would not be able, or allowed, to work on reforming this evil administration "from within", nor could they have ANY part in it's evils anymore, in any way, shape or form, for to be a part of such evil(s) is to be complicit in committing them, and responsible and accountable for ALL of the evil(s) committed with or without their knowledge! In God's eyes, there is NO escape from responsibility and accountability for remaining connected to any evil(s) whatsoever!! But, getting back to Iraq, so-called concern is expressed over whether the Iraqi people will be able to handle supposedly being "free(d)" from "authoritarian" domination by the Saddam Hussein regime, as if the Bush administration and U.S. government's present domination of them is not authoritarian! It is ludicrous, and literally insane, to really believe that the U.S. corporate-military-industrial-government domination of Iraq is not as authoritarian as the previous Iraqi government was, as it is just as insanely ludicrous to believe that true war-hawks like Colin Powell are supposedly peace-doves within the Bush camp!! Of course the United State's imperialistic conquering and control of Iraq is authoritarian, as the U.S. government's present overall system of operation is authoritarian, both at "home" and over the entire globe! As the definition of the word authoritarian is delineated in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, "1 : characterized by or favoring the principle of blind obedience to authority (and) 2 : characterized by or favoring concentration of political power in an authority not responsible to the people", both are EXACTLY what "we" have in existence NOW in both the U.S. and Iraq! The ONLY way anyone in their right mind could believe otherwise is if their head is still buried deep in the sand, and they refuse to pull it out (COMPLETELY), like most "Americans" refuse to do!! Millions of world-citizens, including millions of Americans, realize what is really going on in the United States, and what is really going on in the way(s) the U.S. government is carrying out it's AUTHORITARIAN foreign AND DOMESTIC policy(ies); but, as has occurred to those throughout history, the world-over, who realized what was really going on, the True Americans who are facing and exercising their DUTY(IES) to stand up against what is really going on are being, and/or are very soon to be even more, severally tyrannized, oppressed and terrorized, as millions of non-Americans in Iraq and all around the globe are being, right now!! By the United States government seeking the official acceptance of the United Nations for their control of Iraqi oil, by their illegal, out-in-the-open, "first-strike" overthrow of the sovereign government of Iraq leading up to it, and by their obviously-tyrannous oppression and terrorism in the U.S. and abroad, the Bush administration and the U.S. government have clearly admitted, directly and/or indirectly, that they are an extremely tyrannous authoritarian police-state that does NOT truly have the best interests of world-citizens and Americans at heart, and that they are an extremely oppressive imperialistic, terrorist government that demands the DUTY of ALL Truly Free people(s) to RESIST, along with ALL of these evil "authorities'" undermining of True Democracy and Freedom(s), hypocrisy, vindictiveness, revenge, retaliation(s), racism, bigotry, prejudice(s), discrimination(s), violence, wars, murder(s), and terrorism the world-over!! The simplest and best defining of terrorists is that they inflict terror; and that is what the U.S. government, the U.S. military and U.S. troops are inflicting "systematic(ly)... esp(ecially) as a means of coercion", terrorizing "to coerce by threat or violence", and "to fill with terror" and "horror"; and they are horrifying millions of people all over the world!! (The Merriam-Webster Dictionary.) If you are NOT horrified by ALL of the inexcusable slaughter that is going on in this world right now, at the hands of the U.S. government, and not moved to great non-violent indignation by it, you are blind(ed), very wrongly desensitized, indifferent, insensitive, inhumane, and ruthless (without True Compassion), like the U.S. government and it's followers are; and you are part of them and the problem(s), rather than part of the solution(s)!! Beware, for people are now being taken over by great evil, and being controlled by it!! IT IS THE DUTY OF ALL OF US TO, AND WE MUST, RESIST, AND DISSENT ("to withhold assent", or "consent", from and/or to), AVOID ANY COMPLICITY IN, AND STAND UP AGAINST SO THAT WE HAVE NO PART IN, ANY AND/OR ALL OF THESE EVILS, BEFORE MORE THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE INDIFFERENTLY, INHUMANELY AND RUTHLESSLY MURDERED AT THE DESIRE OF EVIL AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! (Id., The Merriam-Webster Dictionary.) WE ARE NOT POWERLESS!! WE CAN EFFECT GREAT CHANGE(S) FOR THE BETTER, AND STOP THIS SENSELESS U.S. GOVERNMENT AGGRESSION AND TERRORISM!! LET'S BE PART OF THE SOLUTION(S), NOT PART OF THE DOERS OF THESE GREAT EVIL(S)!! LET'S DO IT, NOW!! "Thus says the Lord (God in Jesus the Christ)...." "As it is written...." "The first of all the commandments is... '(Y)ou will love the Lord your God with all of your heart, and with all of your soul, ...with all of your mind, and with all of your strength': this is the first (great) commandment (that ONLY summarizes, but does not do away with ANY of, the other ten commandments). And the second is like (the first), namely this, 'You will love (ALL of) your neighbor(s) as yourself'. There is no other commandment greater than these...."! "You will NOT steal(!) You will NOT (lie to) your neighbor (or your citizens)[!] You will NOT (seek after)... ANY THING that is your neighbor's...."! "Love does NO evil to their neighbor(s): therefore (L)ove is the fulfilling of the law...."! (Mark 12:29-31; Exodus 20:13-17 [Deuteronomy 5:17-21]; and Romans 13:10 [Galatians 5:14; and James 2:8-13].) [Emphasis added by me.] "...(T)he fruit(s) of righteousness (are implanted) in (P)eace from those who make (P)eace. From where do wars and (violence) among you (come from)? (Do) they not (come)... from your desires that war (inside you)? You desire, and (you) do not have (Peace): (Y)ou kill, and desire to have (Peace), and (yet) cannot obtain (it): (Y)ou fight and (make) war, (and) yet you do not have (Peace), because you do not (truly seek Peace)[!] You ask (for Peace), and do not receive it, because you do not ask in the right way(s), (and so that you can continue to seek after your violent) desires(!) You unfaithful people, don't you know that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God?(!) Whoever is a friend of the world IS an enemy of God... Submit yourselves therefore to God(!) RESIST... (evil) and (it) will flee from you...."! (James 3:18, 4:1-4 & 7 [Emphasis added by me].) "Therefore, to those who know (that they should ONLY) do good, and do not do it, it is sin(!) Go now, you rich men, (and) weep and howl for the miseries that will come upon you(!) Your riches are corrupt, and your (material possessions) are (eating away at you)[!] Your gold and silver (are rotting); and the (rotting) of them will be a witness against you, and you will consume your own flesh as if it were on fire(!) You have (hoarded together) treasure(s) for (these times and the times to come)[!] Behold, the payment of the laborers who have harvested your fields (and produced your products), which you keep back from them by fraud, as they mourn: and their cries which have (been forced from them) are heard by the Lord of the Sabbath (God in Jesus the Christ)[!] You have lived in pleasure(s) on the (E)arth, and been lustful; (and) you have nourished yourselves, as in a day of slaughter(!) You have condemned and killed... good (and innocent people); (many of whom) did not (even try) to resist you...."! (James 5:1-6 [Emphasis added by me].) "Be (careful), be on guard; because (our evil) adversar(ies) [go about] like roaring lion(s), looking for those who they can (oppress, terrorize and) destroy: RESIST them (while remaining true) to the (F)aith (of God in Jesus the Christ), knowing that the same sufferings (and/or oppressions, terrorizing(s) and murders) are suffered (by) your (fellow human beings) who are in the world...."! (1st Peter 5:8-9 [Emphasis added by me].) [Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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