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Saturday, January 15, 2005

E-Mail to Kurt Nimmo in response to one of his
articles, "Opposing Bush: A Form of Mental
Illness?", on his blog at:
(Written on 7 January 2005)
[Copyright (c) 2005 in the U.S.A. and
Internationally by S. Wolf Britain.
All rights are reserved.]

One correction to your above-referenced article: The correct, and complete, name of the class of such antidepressant drugs as Paxil is Selective Seratonin REuptake Inhibitors (SSRI's). Also, I noticed you didn't say anything about the further "dumbing-down" and passivity effects Paxil and other such drugs, like Prozac, Serzone, Zoloft, etcetera cause. As you probably already know, but need to "spell out" for those who read your articles who don't know about the subject, these drugs inflict great passivity symptoms, make those taking such prescriptions much more susceptible to indoctrination and conditioning, and make them very likely to believe the great lies of government. Patients taking SSRI's are extremely apathetic and complacent, even if they weren't so already, and they usually do nothing to stand up against curtailments of human and civil liberties. They also extremely resist listening to or reading, and being steered to, sources of eye-opening, mind-expanding, edifying information souces that bring the truth to them. Even while on the ostensibly effective doses of said medication, the slightest mention of "unhappy" events and/or other facts threaten to make them again moderately to extremely depressed, and they therefore avoid talking about, or listening to others talk about, such facts, and this is condoned by many of the doctors and those other people closest to them.

Remember I spoke of People of the Lie by Dr. M. Scott Peck? Well, refer to the book. The so-called "normal" people are the "depressants" and sociopaths who should be psychotropicly medicated if anyone should be; and, if they should be, all of the people in our society who condone and/or promote the lies and "endless war(s)" of the U.S. government, even if they're the majority (which they undoubtedly are), should be medicated at-minimum, and/or locked up. Every single last one of them. So it is those who are promoting these legislative bills and laws that you're speaking of who are the ones who should be forced, if anyone should be, by court order to take psychotropic medications, not the dissenters. Anti-psychotic drugs are awful, and I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy, because they make the unbalanced sicker, though less likely to be violently harmful to others', but the psychotic majority running the United States, and their blind adherents, are so dangerous to a free world and society that they should be prevented from continuing to be allowed to wreak havoc, extremely prevalent suffering, and the slaughter of millions of innocent people, upon the world; and only the true peacemakers should be allowed to influence society and the world. Otherwise all or most of the peacemakers and other dissenters, and all those who truly mean nothing but good for the world, are doomed to be extremely, violently repressed, much more so than they already have been time and time again; so you're right that this cannot be allowed to continue, but more violence is not the answer, for such violence, even and especially violence in response to violence, just makes those who respond to violence with violence just as psychotic as the first initiators of such violence.

The interesting thing about the tests used to determined alleged mental illness is that they are set up to find that those who are the truly abnormal ones', the ones' considered to be the normal ones', are still supposedly "normal", and to find that those who have so-called "unreasonable" ideals, and who are against the bad things that government and society condone, are supposedly the "abnormal" members of society. True sociopaths are the ones who designed these tests, both inside and outside government, and they of course paint idealistic people as "abnormal", when it is they themselves who are extremely unhealthy; and sociopathology is misrepresented as fitting mostly, if not only, individualistic non-conformist people, when it is they, all those who "fit in" to the many false norms of society, particularly U.S. society, who are the sociopaths. True sociopaths fit in. Dissenters do not fit in. Therefore, dissenters are NOT sociopaths. And it is absolutely disgusting that the true sociopaths very falsely make dissenters out to be sociopaths. Wherefore, we need more, and to read more, books like People of the Lie; and we need to without fail call all true sociopaths by their right name(s), and far and wide promote this truth about sociopathology. The majority of Machiavellian, Straussian, sociopathic "leaders" and citizens must not be allowed to get away with so-misrepressenting dissenters as sociopaths.

It is the people who are calling all of the dissenters "nutters", or "nut-cases", that are the true, extreme nutters and nut cases, and we must cry this from the rooftops with more and more the proof(s) that it is so.


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