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Monday, March 08, 2004

STANDING UP FOR NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH SO HELP US GOD! (Written on 24 April 2003, Updated on 2 May 2003) By S. Wolf Britain There are so many things that need to be said in times like this, particularly with all of the controversy(ies) going on; but people can't voice their free-speech right now without being vilified by rabid, arch-conservatives and fanatic-extremist, false-patriots who don't truly understand what they are doing. Yet people like the Dixie Chicks, with all of their "back-pedaling", are being chicken. They should have stuck by what they said "come hell or high water", because what they said was "nothing but the Truth...."! Texans, as well as all Americans, SHOULD be ashamed that Bush is from Texas, let alone from the United States at all! But, now that the Dixie Chicks haven't stayed true to what they said, they've lost all credibility with those like myself who tell it like it is and don't apologize for the Truth! Bush is a fascist; and he should be tried and convicted in federal court for being a tyrant and committing the ultimate in treason(s) by very seriously violating the Constitution of the United States, declaring an out-in-the-open "preemptive", "first-strike" war for the first time in U.S. history, commanding the commission of war crimes by ordering such a war for conquest, thereby committing war crimes himself, abrogating domestic democracy and liberty(ies), and violating international human rights! Don't mince words! The Truth is the Truth is the Truth, no matter what the fanatical followers of fascists say or do in response; and those who stand for Truth must not let the ignorant rabble-rousers intimidate them into acquiescing and/or remaining silent at a time like this, when the Truth needs to be shouted from the rooftops without fail! More and more, what the Bush administration is now doing is reminiscent of the rise of Nazi Germany. Hitler started out with apparent good will and the promotion and instituting of apparently benign, "good" causes like the "Hitler Youth", an apparently innocent "Boy Scout" like organization, which Bush and company's falsely-patriotic, so-called "USA Freedom Corps", "Citizen Corps", "Network for Good", and their spawn, "Teen Freedom Corps", are eerily reminiscent of. But Hitler Youth very quickly degenerated into falsely-patriotic brainwashing, blind support of the State, and preparation of an unquestioning population and military to serve the extremely evil purposes of Herr Adolf, an insane sociopath, to racistly murder millions of innocent people in the name of the State. And USA Freedom Corps, Citizen Corps, Network for Good, and Teen Freedom Corps serve a very similar purpose, to further indoctrinate and condition the majority of "Americans" into ever-greater blind submission and service to the State, and to only serve those who are fellow-followers of the fraudulent majority, in the names of so-called "Freedom" and being so-called "Citizens", who aren't Truly-Free or True-Citizens AT ALL, but relegated to the heap of Nazi-like sheep! Bush and his accomplices are also insanely sociopathic; and he and the people like him want "us" all to think alike and march in unquestioningly obedient "lock-step" to the self-destruction of a U.S.-led global corporate-military-industrial empire in which True Freedom(s) are done away with, much-like Nazi Germany operated in the 1930's and 40's! The True-Patriots CANNOT stand for this, and MUST persistently and unrelentingly seek to completely overcome it, unlike the German people failed to do, before it is too late; otherwise, whether you want to believe it or not, "America" WILL become fully tyrannous, much more than it already is, and True Freedom(s) will become a memory! There were those like the great German True-Patriot, Hermann Hesse, who sounded the warnings about the Kaiser's "Nationalism", and Hitler's "Nazism", the movements of anti-freedom run amuck in Hesse's day, who, because of the Nationalism sweeping the nation since just before World War I, chose to get away from the dangerous government-supporting fanatics, to be able to continue to stand up for the Truth, and to try and help the German people, from "without". Hesse emigrated to Switzerland, where he continued to be a staunch opponent of Nationalism and Nazism, and to publish articles trying to open the eyes of the German people, as well as the rest of the world, to what was really going on. But, by and large, they were not believed or listened to until it was too late! Is such blind conformity and subservience to evil what "America" is repeating today?! I cannot stand by and let that happen, and I won't!! Will you?! If people like Jesus the Christ, the Apostles, Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther, Mahatma Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau, and/or Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today, they would in one way or another be "crucified", as they were in their day(s)! If God Himself was walking the face of the Earth today in the person of Christ Jesus, the majority of people would murder him, much like they murdered him two-thousand years ago. And even the professed, so-called Christians would be some of the first to commit such murders, and soon will, again, those who stand for the Truth as they did! As I've said before, most people don't want the Truth; what they want are the lies, and to bow down to their lord and master, the (p)rince of (d)arkness, that old snake, the devil, mammon, the love of money, war, etc.; and most of them will not be deterred from serving their evil master(s), and from harming those who stand for nothing but what is right! "As it is written...." "Thus says the Lord...." "....(A)s it was in the days of (the first coming of Jesus), so will also (the days of second coming) of the Son of man (Jesus) be...."! (Matthew 24:37.) Therefore, if the above True Teachers and Dissenters against the common delusions of governments and the majority(ies) of people, were vilified and murdered for standing against all that is evil and wrong in the world in their time(s), it should not be surprising that the Dissenters of today are threatened, attacked and murdered for doing likewise! But they must NOT be diverted from ONLY standing for Truth, no matter what befalls them; and they have great courage to surmount those odds! But those who waffle, as the Dixie Chicks have done, show a great LACK of courage, and are only "respected" by those who they "sell out" to! Many people who have only pulled their heads part way out of the sand, don't want to pull them all of the way out; but they must if there is to be any True Hope for them! We cannot allow the destroyers to destroy unopposed; and we must be very clear about their evil(s), and that they who commit such evil(s) are not to IN ANY WAY be respected or supported, even upon threatened, or actual, imprisonment and/or death! All of the foregoing Civil Rights Advocates and Activists were very clear about the evil(s) of their generation of fraudulent "leaders". They did not spare anyone from the Truth(s) they needed to hear; and we must not hesitate to speak the Truth about the evil, fascist, appointed-"President" that "we" now have as the supposedly supreme ruler of the United States at this time! This is our Truly-Patriotic right and DUTY to do as Americans; and at least the Dixie Chick who dared to utter the words of Truth that she did, stuck by that right and duty, even if she did wrongly "hold her tongue" from the point that the controversy started; and I hope and pray all "Americans" become True Americans and cease hesitating to tell it like it is! There is NO greater duty than this! "As it is written...." "Thus says the Lord...." "Cry aloud, spare not (and/or have no pity), lift up your voice(s) like a trumpet, and show My people their transgression(s), and the house of Jacob their sins(!) Yet they seek me daily, and delight to know my ways, as a nation that did righteousness, and forsook not the ordinance of their God: (T)hey ask of me the ordinances of justice; they take delight in approaching to God. 'Wherefore have we fasted and You see it not (they say)'? '(W)herefore have we afflicted our soul(s), and You take no notice'? Behold, in the day of your fast you find pleasure, and exact all your labors. BEHOLD, YOU FAST FOR STRIFE AND DEBATE, AND TO SMITE WITH THE FIST OF WICKEDNESS: YOU WILL NOT FAST AS YOU DO THIS DAY, TO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD ON HIGH(!) IS THIS THE FAST THAT I (THE LORD YOUR GOD) HAVE CHOSEN? A DAY FOR A MAN TO AFFLICT HIS SOUL (AND/OR TO DISCIPLINE HIS INNER EMOTIONS)? IS IT TO BOW DOWN HIS HEAD AS A BULRUSH, AND TO SPREAD SACKCLOTH AND ASHES UNDER HIM? WILL YOU CALL THIS A FAST, AND AN ACCEPTABLE DAY TO THE LORD? IS NOT THIS THE FAST THAT I (THE LORD YOUR GOD) HAVE CHOSEN? TO (SEEK TO STOP THE CONTROLING FORCES) OF WICKEDNESS, TO UNDO THE HEAVY BURDENS, AND TO LET THE OPPRESSED GO FREE, AND THAT YOU BREAK EVERY (HINDRANCE TO FREEDOM WITHOUT MURDERING PEOPLE IN THE PROCESS)? IS IT NOT TO DEAL YOUR BREAD TO THE HUNGRY, AND THAT YOU BRING THE POOR TO YOUR HOUSE? WHEN YOU SEE THE NAKED, THAT YOU COVER (THEM); AND THAT YOU NOT HIDE YOURSELF FROM YOUR OWN FLESH (AND/OR ANY OF MANKIND)? THEN (AND ONLY THEN) WILL YOUR LIGHT BREAK FORTH AS THE MORNING, AND YOUR HEALTH WILL SPRING FORTH SPEEDILY: AND YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS WILL GO BEFORE YOU; THEN (AND ONLY THEN) THE GLORY OF THE LORD WILL BE YOUR PROTECTION(!) THEN (AND ONLY THEN) YOU WILL CALL, AND THE LORD WILL ANSWER; YOU WILL CRY, AND HE WILL SAY, 'HERE I AM'. IF you take away from your midst the (restrictions on freedom), the pointing of fingers at others', and speaking vainly (or in vain); (a)nd IF you draw out your soul to the hungry, and satisfy the suffering soul(s); then (and ONLY then) will your light rise in obscurity, and your darkness will be as noonday: (A)nd (then and ONLY then) the Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and make your bones strong: (A)nd (then and ONLY then) you will be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters will not fail. And (then and ONLY then) those who are with you will build the old deserted places: (Then and ONLY then) you will raise up the foundations of many generations; and you will be called, 'The repairer of the breach (to safety and peace), The restorer of (worthy) paths to (walk) in....'"! (Isaiah 58:1-12.) There are NO other paths worthy of walking in, but to ONLY satisfy God's expectations and receive of His blessings; but those who do not satisfy His expectations, will NOT receive these blessings; therefore, we MUST STOP the doing of ALL evil(s) to ALL other people(s)! Bush and company believe they are, and claim to be, people of God and doing His will; but they are neither! On the contrary, they are doers of great evil(s), and are deceiving the vast majority of "Americans", just as the Word(s) of God predicted that such people would do! But they do NOT fool the doers of great good who ONLY do great good; and those doers of only great good will stand up against the doers of evil, especially the doers of great evil(s) like Bush and company are committing, no matter what; for, if they do not cry out against the shedding of innocent blood, few if any will be turned from being a part of doing the great evil(s); but, if they do cry out against it, many can AND WILL be turned from doing so! Committing NO evil(s) against our fellowman is CLEARLY what we must ONLY stand for, even against all of the so-called rationales for vengeance-for-vengeance, violence-for-violence, and war-for-war! It is obvious that ALL wars are evil; and there is no excuse for evil(s) of ANY and ALL kinds! Giving evil for evil ONLY brings about more evil! The ONLY way(s) to stop the evil is to stop the continuation of retaliation(s), revenge, violence, war, and bloodshed. ANYONE WHO CONDONES, PROMOTES AND PERPETRATES THE CONTINUATIONS OF RETALIATION(S), REVENGE, VIOLENCE, WAR, AND THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD, IS EVIL, IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED AT ALL, AND IS NOT TO BE SUPPORTED OR FOLLOWED IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER, FOR THEY STAND FOR THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT GOD STANDS FOR!! "As it is written...." "Thus says the Lord...." "....(A)bide in (God); that, when he (returns), we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before Him at His (return). Behold, what manner of love (God) the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world does not recognize us, because it did not recognize Him. Beloved, now are we the sons of God (if we ONLY do His will), and it does not yet appear what we will be, but we know that when He (returns), we will be like Him; for we will see Him as He is. And every (person) that has this hope in (them) purifies (themselves), even as He is pure. Whoever commits evil also transgresses (God's) Law: for evil is the transgression of (God's) Law. And you know that He was manifested to take away our evil, and in Him is no evil. WHOEVER ABIDES IN HIM DOES NOT COMMIT EVIL: WHOEVER DOES COMMIT EVIL HAS NOT SEEN HIM, AND NEITHER DO THEY KNOW HIM(!) (PEOPLE), LET NO (PERSON) DECEIVE YOU: THOSE WHO DO RIGHTEOUS ACTS ARE RIGHTEOUS, EVEN AS HE IS RIGHTEOUS. THEY WHO COMMIT EVIL ARE OF THE DEVIL; FOR THE DEVIL COMMITTED EVIL FROM THE BEGINNING. FOR THIS PURPOSE THE SON OF GOD WAS MANIFESTED, THAT HE COULD DESTROY THE COMMITTING OF EVIL. WHOEVER IS (RE)BORN OF GOD DOES NOT COMMIT EVIL; FOR (GOD'S TRUTH) REMAINS IN THEM: AND THEY CANNOT COMMIT EVIL, BECAUSE THEY ARE (RE)BORN OF GOD. IN THIS WAY THE CHILDREN OF GOD ARE REVEALED, AND THE CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL: WHOEVER DOES NOT DO RIGHTEOUS ACTS IS NOT OF GOD, AND NEITHER ARE THEY WHO DO NOT LOVE THEIR BROTHERS...."! (1 John 2:28-29 and 3:1-10.) Once again, people who commit ANY evil(s) are NOT God's people! Just as during the evil Vietnam War, Richard Nixon was called "Tricky Dick" because of how tricky and evil he was, George W. Bush is also very tricky, sneaky and making evil(s) appear to be for good, for "democracy", for "freedom", and for "peace", while they are NOT truly for any of those good and useful purposes; therefore, as Dick Nixon was, "Sneaky George" is an anti-Christ and must not be followed or supported IN ANY WAY(S) WHATSOEVER!! To support the troops, trained professional murderers, is to support him and his evil ways, and to support the evils that the troops commit; and right-conscienced individuals cannot support or follow evil IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM, for to do so is to be complicit in, and to be part of being responsible for, those evil(s)!! The young kids who are trained to do the bidding of the rich, though they are of course to be properly pitied, are not guiltless; for they are responsible, even if "only" following orders, and will be held COMPLETELY accountable by God, for ALL of the murders they commit!! Evidence is almost constantly coming out and accumulating about how corrupt and evil the Bush administration is, and how little the American public can trust them. It just came out recently that, with regards to the Timothy McVeigh prosecution and execution, very important evidence that WOULD very likely have made a difference in the outcome of his defense was withheld from Tim McVeigh's lawyers; though, of course, the Justice Department, run by the very evil member of Bush's cabinet, Attorney General John Ashcroft, claims it would not have made a difference in the outcome of McVeigh's defense; but, at minimum, his defense team would have very likely been able to get a longer delay-of-execution in order to examine "tons" of other evidence that they were not given by the prosecution until it was forever too late, another proof that the death penalty is totally unjust! It also proves that the "American" judicial system, and especially the Bush administration, are not to be trusted at all, and that those who blindly trust them to usually and truly be just, are living in a fantasy world! In reality there is little or no True Justice to be had at any level of the judicial system, or with the extremely evil Bush administration! The level of adoration and adulation of "'President'-by-Coup" Bush by the so-called majority of "American" citizens is truly amazing and bizarre considering how evil and fascist he is! In response to his speech aboard the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, officially announcing on May 1st, 2003 that the war in Iraq is allegedly over, a woman who was interviewed on C-Span said that Mr. Bush is supposedly very genuine, when he is one of the most non-genuine or disingenuous persons, particularly of U.S. government "caliber", including his entire cabinet, in existence today; and it goes to show just how "advanced" the level of deception of the "American" people is, both by his administration and the powers of darkness, and just how much it has succeeded and is succeeding; and this is yet another "sign of the times" of just how evil the time in which we are presently living really is! As has occurred again and again all through history, the majority the citizens are completely deceived into blindly supporting their government, thereby themselves committing great evil(s), and/or being complicit in them, by doing so! NOBODY, except those who do NOT commit ANY evil(s), are spared from being responsible and accountable for ALL of the evils, including but not limited to killing other people, they are directly involved in, or complicit in by indirectly supporting, IN ANY WAY(S)! Once more, there is and/or are NO excuse(s) for evil(s); and EVERYONE will have to answer for ALL of the evils they commit or are IN ANY WAY involved in, either directly or indirectly. This makes it incumbent upon us NOT to support ANY evil(s) IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM WHATSOEVER; otherwise, we WILL be destroyed by God for our "part(s)" in them; and NO ONE that has been a part of them will IN ANY WAY escape the punishment for them! "As it is written...." "Thus says the Lord...." "....But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, AND MURDERERS, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, AND ALL LIARS, will have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: which is the second death (and/or destruction)"! And there will in no way enter into (heaven) any thing that defiles, neither any thing that works abomination[s] (and/or evil[s]), and makes lies: but (ONLY) those who are written in the Lamb's (Jesus the Christ's) book of life"! (Revelation 21:8 and 27.) [Emphasis added by me.] The(se) Word(s) of God make(s) it very clear that all liars and/or murderers are going to be COMPLETELY destroyed! The ONLY Hope is in True Faith in God and ONLY AND ALWAYS standing up for and/or supporting Truth, and in not shying away from doing so NO MATTER WHAT, unlike what the Dixie Chicks and many others' like them have done; so please do NOT prevaricate or deviate from speaking and standing up for the Truth, no matter how much you are persecuted for it, for your Truly Positive and Ultimate reward(s) for doing so will be much greater than anything on this Earth if you don't commit or have any part in any evil(s) whatsoever! Let us work towards the soon-to-be day of final reward(s) by standing up, NO MATTER WHAT, for NOTHING BUT the Truth, so help us God!! [Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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