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Thursday, January 27, 2005

E-Mail to Kurt Nimmo in response to his article,
"The Problem with Mike Ruppert: A Response to
Jamey Hecht", and several other of his articles
thereafter, on his blog at:
(Written on 27 January 2005)
[Copyright (c) 2005 in the U.S.A. and
Internationally by S. Wolf Britain.
All rights are reserved.]

Please don't accuse me of doing nothing but criticising you, because I praise you quite often; but why do you have to do "that"? Why do you have to do things like criticise the ANSWER Coalition in your writings, which is criticising tens if not hundreds of human rights and civil liberties organizations that are doing great work? Don't you know they're made up of quite a few Socialists? Are they not Socialist enough? Are they not anarchist enough? Are they not "violence-supporting" enough? In one of their latest writings, they're talking about supporting the resistance in Iraq, even the violence of that resistance. Is that not even enough for you? I guess they have to "rise up" in violent revolution in the U.S. against the apartheid policies of the U.S. government, eh? I for one hope they realize as I do that that would be fruitless.

No, the ANSWER Coalition is not the COMPLETE answer, but they are an INDISPENSABLE PART of the answer, along with all of the many organizations which are part and parcel of the ANSWER!

It sounds like you're trying to appease somebody, or some group of people, which is being an apologist about what is truly and fully right, and for what is wrong. Do you have a truly justified justification for that? No, because there can't be one. Wrong is not right, and right is not wrong!

'On other news affecting this country, in responce to an article written by American dissident, Kurt Nimmo, entitled "Pentagon Comes Clean on the Strategic Support Branch", which speaks about U.S. government intelligence organizations allegedly not being answerable to Congress or the American people, the problem is that the separation of the three main branches of U.S. government power, the checks and balances on U.S. government power instituted for very good and necessary reasons by our country's founders, is dead. The Legislative and the Judicial Branches of government are now improperly, dangerously, and horrifically "imbedded" with the Executive Branch, the Executive Branch is exercising unchecked, unbridled, dictatorial power(s) to the grave, actual and current detriment of the True Freedom(s) of the American people, and True Democracy and the American people are now under very serious, literal and harmful attack.' (Written by correspondent, Wolf Britain....)

What about the U.S. government and "defense contactors" setting up terrorist organizations within in the U.S., starting with the precusors to the present-day CIA, DIA, NSA, NSC, FBI, ATF, etc., and spying on and assassinating innocent Americans? The U.S. has long been taken over by such terrorist organizations, that have also been committing terrorist acts against U.S. citizens within our own borders for decades. The U.S. is an occupied country, and has been for quite some time. Do you really believe violent revolt of the American people would stand a chance of overcoming such overwhelming odds and military mite against them? If you do, you are very seriously deluded. It would be a bloodbath of proportions never seen before within the confines of the United States, not to mention the much-desired, not-even-needed "justification" for instituting Martial Law, suspending the Constitution by outright "legal" declaration, sending all "dissenters" to "Camp Gitmo" concentration camps all over the country, and putting to death the "worst" of them.

Speaking of "do-you-really-believe's", do you really believe Bush has really read, by himself, Sharansky's book, with his lack of intelligence and vocabulary? I think it's more likely that his wife read it to him, or that he was briefed about it by the likes of Cheney or one or more of the other Strausscons and/or Likudites, and that they recommended that he promote it to all of his "friends" to make him look intelligent and like he's cognitively improving himself, and of course to further promote and defend the Machiavellian-Strausscon policies and actions of his administration, as well as further brainwash countless "Americans" and other world-citizens to agree with and support those racist crimes against humanity. But it's much too supernatural to believe Bush read such a "complicated" book all on his own, though no doubt he's already been heavilly indoctrinated to believe in its teachings well-before that particular book was published, a book which is pretty much a reiteration of ad nauseum "anti-Gentilism", or anti-non-Jews, promulgated for many years now.

Non-Jews are very heavilly under attack right now, much more than ever before, while the so-called "Christians" are being appeased, manipulated and used by the Jews to bring about the "World War IV" of which you speak; and those false "Christians" are so deceived that they think they're using the Jews to bring about their own version of "Armageddon" and "the Rapture".

What do you mean that the Strausscons allegedly "don't subscribe to" Sharansky's views? I love Edward W. Said, but what you quoted him as saying, as well as anything else, in your context, does not prove this assertion. It looks to me like the Strausscons DO subscribe to such Zionist extremist's views, and that Sharansky and those like him subscribe to the Likudite-Strausscon views, which are more or less one and the same, or at least parallel at minimum, seeking very similar if not the same ends of almost, if not actually, total "ethnic cleansing" of, and genocide against, the Arab/Muslim people(s). And they very-probably have others' in their "crosshairs" as well, like True Christians, whether they realize it yet or not, and all those who do not completely subscribe to the watered-down, heavilly misinterpretted and misrepresented version of "Judeo Christianity" that they espouse; for, when those "few", the literal "144,000" of Revelation, Chapter 14, come out of the "woodwork" performing miracles like Jesus the Christ did, all hell will break loose.

As in the case of the military officer taking the fall in the Abu Ghraib scandel for the higher-ups who were ultimately responsible for same, some "small fry" will take the fall for Feith, et al., in the Isreali spy scandel; but no one as "high" as Feith will EVER take such a fall, very unfortunately.

Yes, the "murderous pathology" of the U.S. government and Israel will very soon be brought fully to an end "for good", but not by "Americans" or Muslims, or other world-citizens, but by God alone.


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