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Saturday, March 13, 2004

To a friend: THE EPIDEMIC OF PRO-IMPERIALISM IN AND BY THE UNITED STATES OF "AMERICA" (Written on or about 1 April 2003) By S. Wolf Britain I have a theory you might be interested in; and I'll say right off that the only evidence I have that it is very likely true is the CIA connection(s) to the anthrax mailings and the overall foreign policy actions of the Bush administration that clearly and extremely evidence(s) such corruption(s). My theory is that the "new" disease epidemic and/or pandemic that is occurring now, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (S.A.R.S.), is a viral infection that was probably planted abroad by the CIA (starting in China, and then traveled in infected persons to Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, and the U.S., etcetera) so that the majority of Americans will be in even greater fear than they already are and will blame the "terrorists", in order for "our" government to gain their support to "justify" more "first-strike" wars against certain countries, like Iran, which are completely contrary to what the United States is supposed to, AND ONLY, stand for to be a True Democracy! It's just much too convenient that "this" epidemic is occurring now! And God forbid that "we" attack North Korea; because they will very likely nuke us, and/or attack us chemically or biologically, in the process! Most of what is happening domestically and internationally today is manmade absolute insanity that is only going to get worse! Some people doubt that such disease theories are likely to be fact because, for example, they say that influenza viruses have existed for centuries and originated out of China as well. But, due to the fact that "germ warfare" research, and the production of biological weapons, have existed almost as long as the "bugs" themselves, it is very likely that most, if not all, of them were originally "man-made", and mutated to form additional strains. Many, if not all, lethal diseases either crossed from animals to man or from man to animals, and many have mutated while in those "hosts". In the case of crossing from man to animals, they often then cross back to man; but it is very unlikely that nature originally produced all or most of them to start with. In the process of tampering with nature, which mankind has been doing for thousands of years, they have been sowing the "seeds" of their own destruction, and have wiped out millions of people and other species, for just as long; and the United States government is the largest producer, provider and stockpiler of biological weapons! "There is NOTHING new under the sun"! The U.S. government has admitted that it has sprayed U.S. cities, and millions of unsuspecting citizens, with biological weapons testing material(s) in the 1950's through 1970's that were kept secret from the American people at that time, which of course they now claim were supposedly benign; but many people have developed serious illness(es) as a result of exposure(s) to the biological and/or other material(s) inflicted on them by those "sprayings"! There is a great deal of government-written evidence proving these facts! Look at the "Chem-Trail" spraying program(s) in the U.S. and worldwide NOW, which thousands of people all over the world are attesting to the actual occurrence(s) of, and serious illness responses to same, again over the entire globe, many exposures to which have caused long-term disease that was NOT caused from other sources, and that of course the U.S. government denies that any such program(s) are occurring, even in the face of the considerable amount of evidence proving that it IS, or that such programs ARE, indeed, occurring! Also look at the government pesticide spraying programs, which cause severe cancer-causing exposures to highly dangerous chemicals and their byproducts, that are being almost constantly sprayed on unsuspecting populations to allegedly combat insect and disease threats that do NOT exist, or are NOT the threat(s) to "public health" that the government claims! The cancer-causing chemical exposures are a MUCH worse threat than the so-called insect-disease threat; and the former HAVE already killed thousands of people from cancer(s), and have caused birth defects in thousands of the offspring of people exposed, in "America" and all over the world! Conspiracies such as this HAVE BEEN carried out by the U.S. and other governments for decades, and ARE being carried out by the U.S. government right now! OF COURSE supreme "government" conspiracies are occurring and are yet to occur as they have been carried out by the U.S. government for decades, and are only going to increase and get much worse in this time of much more extreme government lawlessness in the United States and abroad; so no one should doubt that such conspiracies exist or be surprised by them! The U.S. government has several very secretive organizations, and some new, very unconstitutional laws; and once a government, any government, perpetrates such secrecy and violations against it's own Constitution and citizens, that government is no longer a democracy, if it ever truly was! The ONLY hope for such a government is to Truly and COMPLETELY abolish all such "top secret" or so-called "national security" organizations, and laws like the so-called U.S. "Patriot" Acts I and II, which it is very unlikely that it will do! The countries with such governments are NOT democracies; and, though they may have more of the appearance of "freedom" than some other countries, they are NOT Truly Free, but are doomed to bring about their own destruction in a relatively short period of time. History has confirmed time and time again that such despotic, corrupt governments "self-destruct", are destroyed by their own citizens or other governments, or are driven out! But, unfortunately, the United States government has in its favor that it is very effectively indoctrinating and conditioning the majority of the U.S. citizenry that such policies and actions are supposedly acceptable, making clear, to some at least, that more "Americans" need to be awakened to what is Truly right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable, what is the true purpose(s) of such tyranny and despotism, and to the absolute tyranny and despotism that it has led to, the cessation of civil liberties, at the present time, which is only going to get worse and worse if more and more Americans don't stand up against it to save their country and their freedoms! By pointing out the conspiracies that are occurring, or are very likely occurring, many "Americans" think that dissidents like myself are insensitive to events such as 9-11-01, the death(s) that occurred on that day, and should not speak or write the Truth about what is really going on in "our" government; but I want to make as clear as I possibly can that I am exceedingly moved by the losses of the thousands of people who lost family members and friends on that day, and my inadequate condolences, both now, and those which I have inside me, go out to them continuously; and I am very, very sorry for what they have gone through. Yet, even with all of that, I am ever-mindful, and have the duty to remind the grieving and everyone else, that vengeance belongs to God, not to mankind (Romans 12:19). "We" must not strike out the way we are; for "we" are going to commit many atrocities just as bad as, if not worse than, 9-11-01! Top retired military officials are even saying, "What is becoming of our country(?!)"; and THEY are literally protesting against it too, marching in Peace Demonstrations, along with hundreds, if not thousands, of veterans against the present war(s) of aggression! Even retired Rear Admiral Gene LaRocque has said, "Dissent is patriotic during (both) peace AND war. Please stick with it"! (Emphasis added by me.) Too many "Americans" also falsely think that dissidents are themselves terrorists and/or a threat to the security, safety and freedom(s) of the United States and their fellow-"Americans"; but the vast majority of dissidents are neither a threat to security, unless it is a threat to the fantasy-securities of the majority of ignorant "Americans", or a threat to the safety and freedom(s) of the U.S. and their fellow-"Americans". On the contrary, dissidents are a "check and balance" on excessive government and government abuses, and protect the liberties of "America" and all Americans! In a True Democracy, it is both a right and a DUTY to dissent against threats to and violations of that Democracy! Most "Americans" just don't "get it", and wrongly think that if they don't understand something like dissent, that supposedly makes it wrong; but it is they who are wrong, due to a very false indoctrination and conditioning to misunderstand what is and is not true patriotism; and they falsely believe that indiscriminate support and love of their government is the only true patriotism, and that all those who dissent are supposedly not patriots! Yet their "understanding" couldn't be any more backwards! We must love our country without loving and blindly supporting our government; and the dissidents are the ones Truly loving, and trying to protect the liberty(ies) of, their country as it is their, and ALL Americans, DUTY to do! The blind trust and support of the United States government, it's troops and the U.S. mainstream media by most "Americans", is claimed to be their "duty"; but it is NOT their duty to do so; and they must awaken to this fact, or the U.S. is doomed to become a totalitarian police-state! It is the blind trust and support of the U.S. government, the troops and the mainstream media that is the idiocy, not the dissidents and the protests against the imperialism of the United States government; but I believe that even the majority of dissidents don't realize how grave the situation in the U.S. is right now, and how serious the threats to liberty are; for the government is on the threshold of suspending civil rights and locking up all of the dissidents that the authorities can get a hold of! The authorities know that we are a serious threat to their stranglehold on "reality", and fascist control over the people; and they know they may likely not be able to hold on to their "power" if they don't remove our strength! What kind of "democracy" is this?! It is no democracy at all; and we must "wrestle" the government out of their control BEFORE they lock us all up and throw away liberty(ies) and freedom(s)! What is going on right now is exactly what I stated above and elsewhere is going to happen! The U.S. government and military, and the many supporters thereof, are making themselves, not just as bad as the alleged terrorists who attacked the U.S. on 9-11-01, if indeed they were the ones who did so (not automatically believing most things "our" government and the mainstream media tells us like most "Americans" do), but MUCH WORSE than the alleged terrorists, by being terrorists themselves! IT IS COMPLETELY INEXCUSABLE! And I, having some conscience left, am extremely sickened by what is now going on, as millions of other Americans are as well; and we are not going to sit still while the obliteration of True Democracy is occurring with immunity and impunity by those sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies "BOTH foreign AND DOMESTIC"! (Emphasis added by the author, me.) Right now, we are more surrounded by domestic enemies than we are foreign ones'; although, the U.S. government is creating hundreds, if not thousands, of more "international terrorist" enemies right now by it's overt acts of aggression, making the United States the most "evil", dangerous country in the world at the present time, and making the United States and the world much more dangerous places for Americans to live in! So I echo, what are we doing to our country?! And what are we doing to our country and the entire world by the unjustified actions that we are carrying out worldwide?! True Americans MUST non-violently wrestle the present, and worst, "axis of evil" government in the U.S. (presently run by four sociopathic psychotics: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Ashcroft) from the jaws of destruction RIGHT NOW, as WE ARE trying to do, before it is forever too late, and this true axis of evil murders thousands of more innocent people in the name of “Freedom”, committing many extremely-unconscionable crimes against humanity and international human rights, and making the Euphrates River run red with civilian blood! For the sake of True Freedom, this must NOT be allowed to continue; and human rights activists MUST rise up, and ARE rising up, against it in greater and greater numbers, exceeding millions of people both in the U.S. and worldwide, to "throw off" such tyranny! This is what the Declaration of Independence instructs us that we are supposed to do! It recently came to my attention that G.W. Bush is using the brainwashing tactics of Hitler and the Nazis by repeating at least three times in each of his speeches many lies as if they are facts, such that most "Americans" are believing those lies as if they are facts, and are, just as Bush and company want and expect them to do, blindly reacting to those lies with revenge in their hearts, minds and actions by supporting, if not actually taking part in [such as serving in the military and (supporting the) murdering (of) many innocent civilians in Iraq], the inexcusable, blind vindictiveness, with gross atrocities, against innocent PEOPLE who did NOT attack us or have ANYTHING to do with 9-11-01! As a result of all of the foregoing, the majority of "Americans" are blindly following their government as the Germans did Hitler in the 1930's and 40's, and are following an un-elected "'President'-by-Coup" who is extremely unintelligent and ignorant, who is brain damaged by alcohol and drug abuse, and who is a prime mover in a huge globalist conspiracy for the military-industrial complex and the U.S. government to conquer and control the whole world, in order to create a "U.S. Empire" worldwide! True Americans are not supposed to blindly follow ANY government, including and especially their own, and will NOT do so! They Greatly and Truly Love their country; and, as we have been warned not to do for centuries by many great Messiahs, patriarchs, prophets, scholars, and human rights activists, they do not blindly support their government; because governments are by their very existence and nature liars and extremely corrupt, and are lawless except for extremely unrighteous, anti-freedom and murderous "laws"; and I am very tired of all of these people who "buy into" most, if not all, of the lies! True Americans MUST seek to counteract "the epidemic going pandemic" of "preemptive", tyrannous, global, imperial conquest by the U.S. government, and the abrogation(s) of our civil liberties by same; and, thank God, WE ARE, by standing up for the Truth in any and all peaceful and non-violent way(s) that we can, and by standing up against the pandemic lies of an extremely tyrannical military-industrial U.S. government gone, closely-bordering on totally, insane, making more and more threats against democracy and freedom to exist within our own borders than there are abroad, in the guise of "our own" elected AND UNELECTED "representatives" and tyrants, and their rampant genocidal policies and warmaking! To top it all off, these tyrants claim to be Christians while ignoring the Sixth Commandment, "You will NOT kill...." under ANY circumstances; and this is the ultimate hypocrisy and insult to God! The True-American, Mindy Kleinburg's of this world [one of the wives of a deceased loved-one who died in the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers, who spoke the Real Truth to the September 11th Commission on April 1, 2003 (as seen on C-Span at 12:00 midnight on April 2, 2003), about many of the questions concerning the highly-extreme corruptions, and inadequate response(s) of our government to the alleged-terrorists who allegedly hijacked the planes on 9-11-01, as the latter entered and moved freely about our country, knowing they were alleged potential terrorists, and the presently-occurring cover-up of same], are counteracting the evil(s) and are the True Heroes! Now, may this Commission not further the cover-up, and Truly get to the bottom, AND THE TOP, of who is responsible for, or at bare minimum who allowed, the 9-11-01 attacks in order to bring about war, much like President Roosevelt allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor in order to bring about the war against Japan! We must remember that history repeats itself over and over again, and that NO government is to be trusted, especially one that is completely out of control like the U.S. government is at the present time, and like NEVER before; and we must not be fooled by the government and the mainstream media propaganda presently "washing" over us! May the Real, Whole Truth, and Sanity, Truly Prevail, Completely Come to the Light of Day, and Completely Overcome the insanity, though it probably won't! I have no illusions about what is going to happen; but that must not make us apathetic and inactive in our Duty to without fail, unflinchingly seek after the Whole, Real Truth no matter what befalls us for doing so; otherwise, we are complicit in the evils that are committed in the violation(s) of Truth and True Freedom! Standing up for NOTHING BUT the Truth is the Most Truly Patriotic thing we can do; and the True Americans WILL do so, AND ARE doing so, braving many additional threats to their freedom(s), and to their very lives, at the hands of the corrupt and lawless, by and large evil, unfortunately "necessary evil", "law enforcement authorities" who are sworn to "protect and serve" us, but who are mostly terrorists, murderers, "testi-liars", and/or who violate human rights and civil liberties every day, and get away with it virtually every time! Anyone who trusts "law enforcement" authorities doesn't know what's really going on! As a "Public Defender", better called a "Public Pretender" as most of them are, said to me once, the police "are not there to help you"; and, though he was a worthless defense lawyer except to help the State convict most people that he "represented", he couldn't have been more right about that! And thinking about that subject made me wonder, though it doesn't appear that anyone else is asking this question like they should be, how many of the large number of Americans the federal government has "secretly" incarcerated, in that the government refuses to give out any specifics about why they are imprisoned, to bring any public charges against them, to divulge where they are incarcerated, etc., have been murdered by the authorities and thereby made to PERMANENTLY "disappear"?! We The People should be "shouting from the rooftops" against these sorts of "Police-State" actions; but, what are most of "us" doing about it, nothing!! "We" are allowing it to happen, in the so-called "greatest democracy on Earth"!! What the United States and the world are coming to is absolute totalitarianism!! The "powers that be" have been working towards bringing about the present state of affairs for decades, if not hundreds of years. Their goal has therefore long been to undermine and eventually overthrow freedom in the United States, the latter of which they are now largely succeeding in doing. May the dissidents, and those others' who ARE speaking out against "our" corrupt and lawless "leaders", and trying to take action(s) to do something about, and to stop, their lawlessness, be successful in "overcom(ing the) evil with (the great) good" THEY ARE doing! Your's for ONLY "....the whole (T)ruth, and nothing but the (T)ruth, so help us God"! S. Wolf Britain, A True Patriot Equal, Human, Civil, Legal, Disability, Patient, Transportation, Parental, Housing, Tenant, and Liberty Rights Advocate; Independent Legal Assistant; Personal Computer Specialist; Writer; and Poet; Sui Juris/Pro Esse Suo/Pro Se CC: Will(iam) Thomas, International Investigative Reporter, Lifeboat News Service, British Columbia, Canada, [Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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