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Friday, May 07, 2004

6-11-01 (Updated on 7 May 2004) By S. Wolf Britain Yet another state-sanctioned murder has been committed today, by the murder of Timothy McVeigh; and this is yet another attempt at making two wrongs into one right, which is an impossibility! For weeks now the word "justice" has been tossed around, claiming murder for murder is allegedly justice, and killing Tim McVeigh is supposedly justice for the lives he allegedly took. But killing McVeigh was ONLY unmitigated vengeance; and President Bush had the gall to claim that it was "justice" rather than "vengeance", proving himself more and more to be an idiot! Oh, the lengths that the majority of people will go to, to rationalize, self-justify and excuse evil! It is disgusting; and the majority of people agree with it! Woe to the collective "us", we so-called Americans who are supposed to stand for nothing but "(y)ou will not kill", the Sixth Commandment! (Exodus 20:13; et alii.) It bears repeating that said Commandment does NOT say, '...except under certain circumstances'! God said, "You have heard that it has been said, 'An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That you resist not evil: but whoever smites you on your right cheek, turn to him the other (cheek) also'". (Matthew 5:38, 39; and the rest of the chapter.) This verse from God's Word(s) clearly states that murder for murder, vengeance for vengeance, was done away with by Jesus the Christ when he walked this Earth as a human being! He goes on to say in that same chapter that we are to love our enemies; but we cannot love our enemies by murdering them! We are ALL supposed to be "merciful" in order to have a place in heaven; therefore, those who are at all UNmerciful, will not obtain any mercy other than the mercifulness of being completely destroyed for their evil(s), so that evil does not in any way continue any longer! Thank God that very soon He will bring a final end to the death penalty, and that no one will any more be killed for any reason(s) whatsoever! We should pity our country for murdering Timothy McVeigh, and take a total stand against the death penalty, without any exception(s)! We ALL deserve to die for our evil! There is no one without sin (or evil); and the only people who are not going to be destroyed for their evil, are those who no longer commit any conscious, intentional evil, like adding evil to evil by murdering people for their murder(s)! Vengeance belongs ONLY to God; and no man or woman has any right to play God by determining in any way who lives and who dies! None of us are righteous enough, if we are truly righteous at all! Tim McVeigh is now a martyr, whether a false one or not; "we" have done nothing but add another unmerciful death to the list of people who died in connection with the Oklahoma City Bombing; and we have made Tim into another victim, another victim of one of "America's" great hypocrisies! 'America, cease returning evil for evil; and have the mercy for all others that you expect for yourself! How can you excuse returning injustice for injustice?! That is not AT ALL what the Leader we believe to be the Leader of our great country, God, stands for in any way! Stop being so hypocritically evil, and forgive as you expect to be forgiven!' Even a Timothy McVeigh can be forgiven!! "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy"; but those who are not merciful, will not obtain mercy!! (Matthew 5:7.) These are the Words of God, Jesus the Christ!! Wake up and follow His example; and, remember, if the majority of people believe something is right or true, they are more than likely wrong!! [Copyright (c) 2001-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.] 6-18-01 (Updated on 7 May 2004) By S. Wolf Britain The subject of the death penalty naturally brings me to another "Pro-Life" controversy, that of abortion; and I cannot fail to address that subject as well as the death penalty. "All men (and women) are created equal". Once they are conceived, they are created; as the process of creation has already begun. The principles upon which this country was founded, in standing for the fact that all men and women are created equal, clearly delineates that unborn fetuses are just as equal as babies, children and adults, and have just as much right to ", liberty and the (eventual) pursuit of happiness" as everyone else; and adults have no right to play God and decide who lives and who dies! Talk about murder: What a great deal of murder of innocent human beings has been committed by way of abortion! It is totally unconscionable and intolerable; there are absolutely no truly justifiable excuses for the taking of human life in this or any other way; and it is going to be most awful in the Day of Judgment before God for those who have in any way contributed to this wholesale slaughter, especially for the doctors who committed the atrocities of removing the already-developing, defenseless human beings from so many wombs! I will never forget when and where, as a captive and captivated audience, I first read material that was sent to me about how such newly-created human beings are so atrociously removed from the wombs of so many naive or ignorant women! All four or five methods are barbaric, disgusting and deplorable; and, as the description(s) of same should cause all fully responsible and conscientious people who read about them to do, it made me cry rivers of tears and great sadness for both the fetuses and the perpetrators of this, probably the greatest, crime of ignorance! I could not believe that it took me until I was thirty years of age to be awakened from my ignorance on this subject! Where had I been? Living a hermits life in a cave in the middle of nowhere, with absolutely no contact with mankind for the first thirty years of my life? No! I had ignorantly and inexcusably avoided and ignored the subject for at least fifteen of those years! But, as painful as it was to face the Truth on the subject, I was exceedingly glad that I was awakened to the perverse unmercifulness of abortion; and I will always be indebted to the organization and it's material which were the channel for my enlightenment on the subject! There is no greater disgrace on the human race than our unmitigated slaughter of so many innocents! God will have no mercy for those who have not completely stopped being a part of this carnage, nor for those who, when they had a chance to be counted against it, did or said nothing in defense of the defenseless! Please don't continue to bury your head(s) in the sand; read the descriptions of this Hitler-esque atrocity; and, as long as you still have a conscience, you will not be able to keep yourself from being moved to indignation by the grossness of this inhumanity, and to take a stand against it! Please join the ever-swelling ranks of those who are non-violently opposed to abortion, and exercise your right(s) to freedom of speech and peaceful protest against this perversity! [Copyright (c) 2001-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]

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