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Monday, April 19, 2004

2-11-2002 MY RESPONSE TO "PRESIDENT" BUSH'S 1-29-02 "STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS" (Updated on 4-19-04.) By S. Wolf Britain "Only by cutting through the darkness of ignorance and prejudice, can we achieve true justice."(Author Unknown.) [PREFACE TO MAIN BODY OF TEXT: I realize that the "Founding Fathers" were far from faultless themselves, that they were a majority of rich businessmen, that most of them sought to protect the interests of land- and slave- holders when they wrote the Constitution, that one of the things they were primarily concerned about was revolts of the majority of poor people who wanted more personal representation in the new government then they were getting from, or received as a result of, the Constitution, and that most of them did not EVER want to really see True "liberty and justice for all". When I speak of the "True" Founding Fathers, I mean those among them who were more concerned, at least somewhat, with protecting the rights of all of The People than their own monetary interests, and who were against the "big government" that the majority of them wanted to see immediately instituted, but certainly did not want to see rage out of control as it did less than one-hundred years after the Constitution was written, or to the very dangerous and grave extent that it has escalated out of control today! But perhaps, like most "Americans", I give the Founding Fathers more credit than they deserve. I also realize that the United Nations is in Truth an agent of the globalist-imperialist/corporate-elitist monopoly over "freedom", though its ideals, as outlined in its public Charter, are certainly much closer to what the entire world and all people of True Peace should stand for and live up to, with the exception of supporting war under some circumstances, that it was instituted to do the latter's bidding in the guise of humanitarianism, and that behind the scenes the U.N. primarily promotes and assures that the corporate-elitist/globalist imperialist "machine" will continue to be able to exploit the entire world, murder millions of innocent people, rape the land, and destroy the environment at will, in their pursuit of the profit to be had from the natural resources of the whole planet; otherwise the United States government could not get away with flagrantly, and with impunity, as well as immunity from the prosecution in the "World Court" that just about any other country would have to face, with the exception of England in particular, for violating the "international human rights" of sovereign countries all over the world as the U.S. government does! I further realize that the "Royal Family", a very important primary ally of the United States government (a disgusting irony), has for centuries been a major part of the evil global conspiracy; and, as will be brought out later via Dr. Leonard Horowitz's very enlightening writings, is a major moving-force behind the genocidal program to eradicate half of the Earth's population, that is presently being carried out world-wide with the thorough support of the United States government, the global military-industrial complex, and families like the Bush's! In addition, I also realize "democracy" and "civil rights" in the U.S. are almost completely a myth, and have been since the Founding Fathers first instituted them. These so-called rights and freedoms only just appear to exist; and a great big lie has been foisted upon us leading us to believe that they truly exist. But, as they are written, they should exist in total reality; so we should, indeed must, stand up for them and seek to bring about their actual and complete existence in reality. The mental and emotional conditioning we have undergone since we began being indoctrinated by the first people we came into contact with, and all through our schooling, has taught us to "accept the status quo", "don't make waves", "give in", and "you can't fight city hall"; but these are the actual myths; and these are the myths that we must fight and fully break away from. In fact, aside from our need to totally surrender our lives to our Creator, this is the next most important requirement of our entire lives; and as much as we will be persecuted for fighting for our true freedoms and rights by those who are part of that lie, and tempted to give up, we must persevere.] BEGINNING OF MAIN BODY OF TEXT: In his "State of the Union" address on January 29th, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. (M.S.T.), "President" George W. Bush said, "....'Our' cause is just...." in the present, so-called "War Against Terrorism"; but he is a liar, and "our" cause is NOT just! The State of the Union is appalling; as freedom of press and freedom of speech are literally being controlled and curtailed to the point that the mass media has primarily become a propaganda arm of a U.S. government that has run amuck, which is now withholding many very important news items from The People; e.g., information about several anti-war protests that have been, and are, taking place all over "our" country and the world; and not least of all, many thousands of innocent people are now being intentionally slaughtered for United States interests abroad, and have been for over one-hundred years! But now, violations of human rights and freedoms by the U.S. government, both domestically and internationally, by arresting and imprisoning many innocent people, including Americans, without providing them access to due process safeguards or their families, without informing the American people much if any details about why they are incarcerated, other than unproven generalities like they're allegedly being "terror suspects", and are occurring in ways never seen before, or perpetrated with such an extreme disregard for those violations of freedom and human rights! "President" Bush promised that Constitutional rights, the foundation of our democracy, would not be abrogated in any way; but, again, he has lied by allowing several Amendments of the U.S. Constitution to be habitually violated in the name of war and "freedom", thereby seriously threatening our democracy in many untold ways! George W. Bush and his administration are the ones' who are the most extreme threat to our democracy. Many of our government officials, the ones who are truly interested in protecting freedom(s) and democracy, are very concerned about the abrogation(s) of democracy and freedom which the former are presently perpetrating, thus far, with impunity! They are standing up against all of those threats to our freedom(s) and democracy as never before; for they realize that same is leading to a complete curtailment of human and civil rights, by the institution of "Martial Law", in this country. They will not sit idly by and allow it to happen without exercising their democratic DUTY(IES) to prevent same from happening; otherwise, thousands if not millions more innocent Americans will be falsely imprisoned and/or murdered when Martial Law is instituted; and they know that they must do everything in their power(s) to prevent it! It is also the ultimate in hypocrisy for G.W. Bush to go on to say in the above-referenced "State of the Union" address that we, the United States, "....stand(s) for limits on the power of the State", when "our" own terrorist government is out of control and taking away more and more freedoms of Americans and other citizens all over the world! He and "our" government limit the powers of international States; but not "our" own government's powers! Instead, the U.S. government exercises more and more centralized, authoritarian and imperialistic powers, and abuses them to greater and greater extents! In the name of so-called "freedom", true freedom is being taken away in droves; and the United States is acting the part of the dictator to the world, setting True Democracy back in both the United States and the world by over two-hundred years! The Muslim extremists by and large let the U.S. and Americans alone; until, after years and years of abuses of their freedoms at the hands of the United States government, they were provoked beyond the point of tolerating it anymore; and now, though everyone should be against revenge, they are getting the revenge against "America" that the U.S. government has been pushing the Muslim world towards for decade upon decade! They're "mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore"; and "we" continue to provoke them by threatening and attempting to destroy not only their freedoms, but by threatening and destroying their very lives! Did "we" stupidly think they were never going to do anything about our endless provocations?! It is absolutely absurd, and another ultimate hypocrisy, for the United States to expect, and try to force, other countries not to produce and build up biological and chemical weapons, and other weapons of mass-destruction, when the U.S. continues to genetically engineer more and more such lethal weapons, and possesses more of them than any other country(ies) in the world! What is really going on is something that's been going on for thousands of years, the elitists seeking to gain all of the profit, wealth, power, and control! They claim they do, but they don't really care about the poor, the poor countries of the world, or the average "American" citizens, except to exploit them, brainwash them, keep them down, and fool them into supporting the aims of the smallest percentage of the population, the rich! The entire Bush family has been, and continues to be, a huge part of an "axis of evil" for generations, much worse than the patsies and scapegoats G.W. Bush claims are such; and he has further said, "....Let's also ask what benefits the American people"; but he and the other evil power-brokers of this country and world are NOT truly concerned about the "American" people AT ALL! He, and they, are ONLY concerned about the rich, and the people who operate and run the multi-national corporations! Yet most "Americans" are fooled by "President" George W. Bush's lies, and love him for them! A prime example of how little the evil elitists that run this world care about the poor and Americans in general is the fact that the projected cost of the "War Against Terrorism" for the first year alone is thirty (30) BILLION dollars, and Bush is seeking a combined budget of TRILLIONS of dollars when this country is already trillions of dollars in debt, thousands of people are still homeless, and children are dying from hunger and malnutrition in the United States of America! Obviously, this thirty (30) billion dollars ought to be spent on programs to feed and care for the starving multitudes of the U.S. and the world; but, instead, they are to be used to murder innocent men, women, children, and little babies the world over! In addition, the present Bush administration, and its international Allies, say Saddam Hussein, who was an ally of the previous Bush administration prior to the latter turning against him, is "dangerous"; but G.W. Bush himself, as well as his administration, is EXTREMELY dangerous, ESPECIALLY TO TRUE DEMOCRACY!! He and his administration, including the Allies, have already undermined True Democracy in many untold and/or obvious ways, and, as I said before, have set back such democracy by hundreds of years; and the "American people" are going along with it like cattle or sheep to the slaughter!! All true Americans, who don't accept and bow down to this unconscionable situation, speak up with the real Truth against it; and very, very soon, with the direction things are heading, true Americans will be locked up, and/or murdered, in much greater numbers for standing up for that Truth, and against ALL of the tyranny(ies) existent today in the U.S. government! But we must not stand by and allow such tyranny to continue and escalate even more out of control than it already is, even if the consequences include losing even more of our individual, personal freedoms, and/or our very lives! 'Love your country, not your government'! All governments are artificial entities, and by their very nature are corrupt and not to be trusted, particularly the bigger and more out of control they get, as the government of the United States has become; and, as it is spelled out in the Declaration of Independence, it is incumbent upon The People to "abolish" and "throw off" such corrupt government, especially in "America": "....(A)ccordingly all experience (has shown), that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils (such as what is taking place in the U.S. right now) are sufferable, than to right themselves by ABOLISHING the forms of government to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariable the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, IT IS THEIR DUTY, to THROW OFF such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security(!)...." (The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 [Emphasis added by me].) The foregoing is the situation that The People of the United States of America find themselves in at the present time; as "Despotism", in the guise of the person and administration of George W. Bush, is unquestionably seeking "to reduce them under absolute Despotism"; and We, The People MUST "throw (it) off" and "abolish" it before it is forever too late! [Copyright (c) 2002-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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