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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

MY RESPONSE TO "PRESIDENT" BUSH'S 1-29-03 "STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS" (Written on 20 April 2003) By S. Wolf Britain In "'President'-by-Coup" George W. Bush's 2003 "State of the Union" speech, he claims, "Our Union is strong...."; but the Union is NOT strong when human rights and civil liberties are being abrogated right and left, in violation of both the U.S. Constitution and True Democracy, and "first-strike", "preemptive" wars for empire are being waged against virtually defenseless nations for the sake(s) of the corporate-military-industrial-government complex! It proves that Bush is lying through his teeth more than ever, and that the vast majority of "Americans" are believing those lies because of the typical rhetoric that keeps emanating from the present, "non-democracy", White House these days! Therefore, what hope do we Truly have that True Democracy is going to prevail in this administration?! The answer is, NONE!! And I cannot over-repeat that it behooves ALL True-Americans to stand up against it!! Bush states that his previous tax cuts were "the largest tax relief in history"; but it begs the question, who do those, and his presently-proposed, "tax relief" actions really benefit?! The answer is, THE RICH, of course!! The average "American" citizen got, and/or will get, a few hundred dollars in tax "relief" at best, while far too many Americans languish in disease, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and poor education, with much of the social relief programs being drastically cut to support Bush and Company's imperialistic war-machine and the rich "administrators" in the White House, which is casting the entire world into fear, disgust, hatred, vindictiveness, and lack of safety and peace!! Virtually the only people in the entire world who support the United States present bid for world domination, except for some other oppressive governments, are those, including about seventy-percent of "Americans", who don't truly understand what is really going on, and what it is leading to! The majority of individual, non-elitist citizens all over the globe are against the foreign policies and actions of the United States, and a huge percentage of those worldwide who are against it are stridently protesting against it, in a peaceful, non-violent fashion, in numbers that are unprecedented in world history, while the United States arrogantly ignores this and proceeds to "discriminatorily" and criminally murder innocent sovereign people(s) the world-over! Bush talked about relief for senior citizens in the U.S.; but, yet again, he said nothing about relief for the millions of disabled Americans and veterans! The disabled and veterans in the United States are constantly left out, inadequately cared for, are expected to survive on below-poverty-line government insurance and/or V.A. veterans pensions, and are having their benefits drastically cut in the names of "Freedom" and ever-increasing military and corporate profits from the U.S. government, at the expense of the suffering American people who are the vast majority of the U.S. populace, suffering in the poverty, disease, etcetera, that I named above! Where is the relief for the veterans and the disabled, the ones who are not seniors, and are probably in a much greater majority than the seniors?! Where is their all-powerful lobby and voice(s) in the Senate and the Congress; and when will they receive the relief that they should be receiving just as much of as senior citizens in a country that is supposed to be based on equal rights?! The Truth is, before or after the present administration in the White House, they probably never truly will!! And senior citizens, as well as veterans, are NOT receiving the relief benefits that they should be receiving, and they probably never truly will, either!! In watching and listening to Bush's January 2003 "State of the Union Address" on P.B.S. (the "American" Public Broadcasting System [PBS]), it was striking that PBS, or whatever mainstream media outlet that provided the camera coverage to PBS, intentionally caused their cameras to highlight the Republicans' side of isle during the applause, barely if at all showing the Democrats' side of the isle, in order to largely avoid showing that during much of the applause and/or standing-ovations, the Democrats didn't applaud or stand at all! Yet now the Democrats have lost virtually all of their backbone and are blindly supporting "Bush and company", and granting him and the Executive Branch of government power(s) that it is a violation of the United States Constitution to grant him, namely to allow the President to declare war, when it is only the U.S. Congress that is authorized to do so! First he was not elected, and now he, as one man virtually unanswerable to anyone, can declare war at will, without having to honor this premiere "check and balance" on Presidential abuse of power in the United States! In his speech he spoke of "American justice", but American justice, particularly that so-called "justice" being carried out by the United States right now, is NOT just! He, a multi-millionaire oil-man, claims that he will seek to bring about the advent of "hydrogen automobiles"; but such is very unlikely to be brought about by him or the likes of him! He then speaks of "the fatherless" due to HIV/AIDS in Africa, and providing U.S. aid to only two-million out of thirty-million victims of HIV/AIDS there, and this while cutting social programs "at home" and thereby failing to sufficiently aid the fatherless here! Then he claims that America stands between enemies and protecting the people of the world, while "bombing into the Stone Age", with so-called "shock and awe" warfare tactics that should better be called "shock and disgust", thousands of innocent men, women, children, and little babies, and maiming thousands of others' for life, in both Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as several other places worldwide! Bush then goes on to speak "ad nauseum" about disarming other "dangerous" countries, and getting them to turn from their nuclear "threat(s)"; but when are we, the so-called almighty United States, the most dangerous country in the entire world, going to turn from our nuclear DOMINANCE?! Probably never, of our own accord at least; so what right, that isn't hypocritical, do "we" have to keep other sovereign nations from nuclear deterrence, particularly in the face of the extremely unrighteous, hypocritical, dangerous threat that the U.S. poses to them?! Bush claims Iraq hid, moved and sanitized weapons-of-mass-destruction (WMD) sites, but he gave absolutely NO proof WHATSOEVER to back up that claim, nor did Colin Powell, to the United Nations (UN) and the American people, nor has ANY proof WHATSOEVER been truthfully discovered in the process and aftermath of invading, conquering, occupying, and controlling Iraq! Bush further spoke of the tortures committed by Saddam Hussein's regime; but what about the "tortures" the U.S. government and military have inflicted, and continue to inflict, on innocent, Iraqi, Afghani and other civilians worldwide, through the dropping of thousands of bombs and missiles, many of which were tipped with "Spent-Uranium" that sent radioactive shrapnel into defenseless victims, and that has and will continue to poison their environment with cancer-causing radiation, not to mention the radiation exposure(s) also inflicted on unknowing "American" military victims?! Thousands of these victims on both sides have already died from the radiation exposure from the first Gulf War, as well as chemical and biological weapons exposures from the huge amounts of such weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that we also used on Iraq at that time!! "We" have additionally used many more tons of such WMD on Afghanistan, and on Iraq in the second Gulf War, and many more of same than we used the first time around; so how many thousands of people are yet to die from the above-named exposures from the war on Afghanistan and the second Gulf War?! And then Bush had the nerve to further, blatantly lie in claiming that the U.S. military will spare the innocent in every way they can!! Bush also claims the United States is "honorable in the use of (its) strength", yet another huge, blatant lie! How can the U.S. be honorable in the use of it's strength when it bombs hospitals, "mows-down" innocent men, women and children, admits that it's missiles are grossly inaccurate and must therefore launch several at the same target in order to more-likely hit the target, and inflicts many thousands of people with radiation exposure(s) and cancer(s), not to mention many other atrocities that the "American" corporate-military-industrial-government media has not reported to us in the names of "National Security" and "sanitizing" the war?! How can the U.S. government and military be honorable in the use of their "strength" when they commit all of this insanity?! There is ABSOLUTELY NO TRUE HONOR WHATSOEVER in such insanity; and there NEVER CAN BE ANY TRUE HONOR WHATSOEVER in such insanity!! Yet the majority of the "American" people are duped into believing these disgusting lies, and into supporting an insane, primarilly war-oriented, government!! Bush goes on to falsely claim "(t)his nation seeks for peace....", and makes it more than clear that he is one of the worst of many warmongers of U.S. foreign policy(ies) and action(s) that insanely equate(s) "our" invasion, conquering and occupation of sovereign countries, and the slaughter of thousands of innocent people, with "peace"! He further lies in stating that "(w)e strive for peace....", in the process of carrying out illegal "preemptive", "first-strike" wars in violation of International Law(s)! And he then adds insult to injury by also fraudulently claiming, "America is a strong country, and uses restraint in the use of it's strength...."! But "America" is NOT a strong country when it is in so many ways violating it's own principles of democracy to a such highly-extreme degree! Bush speaks proudly of the killing(s) of "our enemies"; and, to him and most "Americans", killing is "justice"; but they ALL make "America" weaker by their arrogance, hatred, vengefulness, and killing! Bush then lies yet again by claiming that "(f)ree people will set the course of history"; but "America" and "Americans" are NOT free while they commit unbridled violence against "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", and human rights violations, at home and abroad! "Americans", and all people, are ONLY Truly Free when they do NOT exercise such unGodly and evil violence against True Freedom, Democracy, Peace, and Justice; and they will NEVER be Truly Free as long as they support and carry out such violations of human and civil rights! Bush continues by stating, "We call on the United Nations to fulfill it's Charter...."; but the U.S. government again and again violates the U.N. Charter! He virtually admits that contradiction by then saying, "The course of this nation does not depend on the decision of others'" (speaking primarily of the United Nations), further proving his arrogance against, and contempt for, International Law(s)! And he has the nerve to "call on" the U.N. to follow it's own laws, when he and all of the rest of the "war-hawks" refuse to follow their own laws OR the laws of the United Nations! Then he has the further temerity to claim Saddam Hussein "shows utter contempt for the United Nations", when the U.S. government itself shows utter contempt for the U.N. and the Iraqi people by causing the deaths of thousands of them and others' in the name of "freeing" them! Surely, the United Nations is no angel either, having been responsible, with the then-consent of the United States, given whenever the U.N. does what the U.S. government wants, for the million and a half deaths of the Iraqi people by starvation and disease as a result of the economic sanctions against, and the embargo of food to, Iraq for the previous twelve years, a third of them children and little babies! The United Nations also did the bidding of the United States by approving the first war on Iraq in 1991, and the attack on Afghanistan that began in 2001; but, thank God, though the U.S. government and military went ahead and did it anyway, the U.N. refused to approve this latest "first-strike", "preemptive" war against Iraq, because such wars are a violation of the United Nations Charter! Yet what is the U.N. doing, that has "teeth", about what the U.S. has unilaterally done in violation of International Law(s), NOTHING?! In addition, Bush states, "The only reasons Saddam Hussein could have for seeking to possess nuclear weapons is to dominate, intimidate or attack...."; but that is exactly why the United States possesses more of them than any other country in the world! In one of the worst hypocritical double-standards in this world, it is supposedly okay for the U.S. to dominate the world with WMD (weapons of mass destruction); but it is supposedly not okay for other sovereign nations to possess them for deterrence as "we" do! And, it is supposedly okay for the United States to preemptively attack those other nations; but it is supposedly not okay for those nations to preemptively attack us! What arrogance and folly that will NEVER be accepted or completely destroyed, that makes "America" and "Americans" much less safe from terrorism, and that will probably make us suffer greater atrocities at home! How many thousands of needless deaths will happen at home and abroad before most Americans stand up against it and put a stop to it, by peaceful means, not by violence; because it certainly appears that most "Americans" will always support and carry out such travesties and injustice?! The U.S. can supposedly bring horrors upon the rest of the world with impunity, but will supposedly not allow similar horrors to be brought upon ourselves, though "we" already have! Bush is now, more heavily than ever before, by any President before him, playing upon the fears of "Americans" to get their support for the "endless war" that Donald Rumsfeld said "America" will now long be involved in! If the United States even threatened to attack North Korea the way "we" have now threatened and conquered Iraq, "we" would bring nuclear holocaust upon "ourselves"! Iraq is believed by the U.S. corporate-military-industrial-government complex to be a nation "we" can get away with attacking and conquering; but there will probably be terrible repercussions for "America" at home, and the deaths of many more Americans, all because of the arrogance of an axis of extremely evil so-called "Americans" who in truth have little, if any, conscience about the deaths of so many innocent people, in the name of their corporate greed, not freedom, and not in truly protecting "America"! They only know how to line their own pockets; and the sacrifice of thousands of innocent lives is acceptable to them in order to do so! How can "we" allow such psychotic people to lead us; and how can we continually allow them to murder so many innocent people in our name(s)?! In order to "....confound the designs of evil men"...., as Bush further stated, he and his cohorts in crime would have to confound themselves and their own evil designs! They would first have to stop themselves from at all continuing to perpetrate their own evil designs at the very-extreme expense of both the U.S. and the world; and they would have to set the example to the world of disarmament and peace, concurrent with the PEACEFUL disarmament of the rest of the world; otherwise, their hypocrisy(ies) only serve to continue to promote and extend greater and greater arming of many of the world's countries, and the promotion and extension of greater and greater threats and realities of violence, death and self-destruction the world-over! The great political scientist, historian and linguist, Noam Chomsky, predicted twenty-years ago that the United States and Israeli governments' war-policies would bring on "Armageddon" (in THE FATEFUL TRIANGLE, The U.S., Israel and the Palestinians [1983]), a prediction that Bush and company, and the corporate-military-industrial-government complex is likely to fulfill if they continue on the path that they are presently headed on! But we True American Patriots must hope, pray and "(b)e the change (we) wish to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi)! War for alleged "peace" is an insane lie; but one of Bush's "crowning" lies has to be that "America" fights reluctantly! This, at least in-part, used to be the case until World War II; but ever since then the United States has been involved in one war after another with virtually no, if any, break! And another of Bush's crowning lies, and probably his ultimate one, must be his claim that the U.S. "exercises power without conquest"; when, about a month after that, the U.S. government and military literally conquered Iraq! Bush's lies go on and on and on; and the majority of "Americans" believe them without ANY proof, especially when they are couched in hypocritical religious rhetoric as his speech was ended with! But thank God that a growing number of a great many Americans, and millions of other citizens of the world, are not so gullible, and are not falling for his lies! MS-NBC and several of the other television networks, and most "Americans", believe the President is supposedly every Americans' "Commander-in-Chief"; but the President is ONLY the Commander-in-Chief of THE MILITARY, NOT OF "THE PEOPLE" AS A WHOLE; and we must NOT bow to him! After Bush's speech the "talking-heads" and so-called "pundits" of the networks correctly stated that there were not enough specifics in his speech! But when Gary Locke and the Democrats gave their public response to Bush's speech, they too failed to speak of protecting disabled people as well as senior citizens! No wonder most of "America's" doctors don't like the majority of poor and disabled patients, when Medicare pays so little of skyrocketing health care costs! All in all, "President-by-Coup" Bush's "State of the Union Address" made it abundantly clear that he is a President "of the (rich), by the (rich), for the (rich)", NOT for the majority of impoverished and suffering Americans, and that he doesn't really care about Americans, the Iraqis, OR the other oppressed people(s) of the world! He also made it excessively clear that all he really cares about is making as much profit(s) for the rich as he can, and that he will do virtually ANYTHING to do so! How do "Americans" again and again tolerate U.S. Presidents with war agendas, tolerate so many years of the way(s) U.S. foreign policy is, and tolerate the "gutting and cutting" of social programs, at the expense of so many innocent lives?! What is it going to take, a nuclear attack on U.S. soil, before "Americans" wake up, take their government back, and Truly Make It A Country "of the People, by the People, for the People"?! Require and obtain the Truth from your government, People, or don't believe it, support it or love it, even if it claims to be serving God and carrying out His will!! Don't believe ANY lies or false claims!! You CAN love your country IMMENSELY without loving your government!! Don't bow down to any man, law(s) or government, but only to God, especially if to do so you have to violate God's Higher Law(s): For, "(i)t is written, thus says the Lord...." "....You will worship the Lord your God, and Him ONLY will you serve (or bow down to)"!! [Deuteronomy 6:13 (Matthew 4:10; Luke 4:8). Emphasis added by me.] [Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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