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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

MY "TAKE" ON "PRESIDENT" BUSH'S 1-20-04 "STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS" (Written on 9 February 2004) By S. Wolf Britain In "President" Bush's 2004 "State of the Union Address", one of the first lies of a speech that was virtually all lies was stated when Bush claimed "our" armed forces are "....delivering hope to the oppressed, and delivering justice to the violent". But this lie has to be one of the sickest and most evil lies ever told; for the U.S. military has delivered complete hopelessness to the, what is now estimated to be, over 40,000 Iraqi citizens that they unconscionably and mercilessly murdered, as well as to the thousands upon thousands of Iraqis who were seriously injured and/or maimed for the rest of their lives, in the second Iraq war alone. In addition, U.S. armed forces have NOT delivered True Justice, either to the Iraqis or to themselves; as True Justice does NOT embrace, by any stretch of the lying imagination, murdering tens of thousands of innocent people, including people who were doing nothing but exercising their right(s), and duty(ies), to defend their sovereignty, as ALL countries have the right(s) and duty(ies) to do; NOR did "our" military AT ALL hold THEMSELVES accountable for, in the first place, the COMPLETE ILLEGALITY of that second Iraq war, or for THEIR OWN excessively violent, exceedingly criminal, atrocities that they committed in the process of carrying through that COMPLETELY ILLEGAL war. And the very fact that such a "war of aggression", as clearly defined by several international laws, IS AND WAS completely illegal, makes EVERY SINGLE act of aggression carried out by U.S. armed forces, including EVERY SINGLE support action that made it both possible and a reality, TOTALLY UNJUST! So where is the Justice for the "American" violence, for which ALL Americans should be completely shocked, revolted and repulsed?! Next, Bush adds further to the lies that overflow from him on a constant basis, by stating that, "(i)n their efforts, their enterprise, and their character, the American people are showing that the state of our union is confident and strong", when the polls have shown that the American people are very nearly divided right down the middle over both Iraq and policy(ies) threatening civil liberties BOTH abroad and at home, making the Truth of the matter that, when our country is so divided, the state of our union CANNOT possibly be so confident and strong! And more and more Americans ARE waking up to what is really going on, and standing up against it; especially those fully true Americans who are daily putting the very liberty, as well as the very safety, of their actual persons, on the line "for Truth, (True) Justice, and the (True) American way"; and the other half of "Americans" who are wrongly toeing the party line, are so at odds with those who are totally, non-violently and peacefully standing up for True Freedom, and nothing but the protection of our True Democracy and Liberties, that they are fraudulently claiming the latter are supposedly being traitors to, committing treason against, and betraying the United States, when it is those false accusers who are the ones thereby betraying, committing treason against, and being traitors to the omnipresent civil liberties and duties of freedom of speech and dissent to be a check and balance upon the abuse(s) of power by the U.S. government! So how, short of the true traitors violently turning on the True Patriots, perpetrated both by the civilians and "law enforcement authorities", that has already begun to occur in the latter, and the conflagration of both that is very soon to occur, can we be any more divided, and our "union" any more insecure and weak?! The next grossly-false lie that emanates from "Dubya" in this so-called "State of the Union" speech, is that the American people "....need to renew the Patriot Act", an act so egregiously against, in violation of, and so seriously abrogating the very, MOST IMPORTANT, freedoms for which "America" stands, or for which "America" is supposed to stand, including but not limited to the freedom(s) of dissent and speech embodied in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, that the country is being threatened, and is already having carried out against it to some extent from within, by the false patriots named above, the complete suspension of these civil liberties, the very foundation and bedrock of our democracy which, without the FULL respect for and upholding of same, will lead to the COMPLETE AND TOTAL collapse and destruction of ANY True Democracy in the United States, to FULL AND COMPLETE chaos, and to the imprisonment and murder of millions of innocent Americans for "daring" to exercise those foundational liberties of our very society! And with such social collapse, "America" will cease to AT ALL, or any longer, be a Truly Free country, and will then be nothing but a COMPLETELY totalitarian police state! This is what Bush and his cohorts really want; and they are already stopping at nothing to bring it about! So where is the greater and greater alarm, the True Strength, True Resolve, and the True Self-Determination that we as citizens of this country Truly Need in order to stem this black tide of destruction before it is forever too late?! Where is our Backbone and Willpower, and our True Courage to ONLY defend REAL Freedom(s) and Liberty(ies), and FULLY stand AGAINST ALL such threats to our TRUE Liberty(ies) and Freedom(s), NO MATTER WHAT BEFALLS US IN THE PROCESS?! Ever more serious lies go on and on with Bush's further fraudulent assertion that "....the people of Iraq are free", while it is more than obvious that they are NOT free, and that, while they are being ruled, and while they will continue to be ruled behind the scenes, by the usurper-government of the United States, which illegally, aggressively and mercilessly attacked, invaded, conquered, and subjugated their sovereign country, they will continue to NOT be free! And Bush then adds insulting lie to injurious lie by stating that "....the United States of America will never be intimidated by thugs and assassins", and that "(t)he killers will fail, and the Iraqi people will live in freedom". But the U.S. government, and its military, are instead, and will continue to be, the greater thugs and assassins; and yet "our" thuggery and assassination of tens of thousands of innocent people are supposedly okay and right! What a great, big, huge bunch of "smoke and mirrors", and a gigantic "crock of bull"! The "AMERICAN" killers are not failing; and, again, the Iraqi people will NOT live in freedom from the oppression and repression of the United States government, unless of course the "American" murderers are stopped by an act of God, and/or by their own people and government coming to their sense's and putting a stop to it; otherwise, the repression and oppression of the U.S. government will only increase and get worse and worse as the "Bush junta" already plans to do, and IS presently seeking to make a reality! The "American people" were promised "endless war"; and endless war they are getting! Yet still, half of the "American" populace is "bloodthirstilly" lusting (sic) after the blood of millions of innocent people, all in the name of so-called "freedom", or so it would seem! What's it going to be, people?! Are you going to continue to support endless murder, mayhem and bloodshed in the name of the so-called "freest country on earth"?! From the overflowing pot of lies gushing from "Dictator-Bush's" mouth, the next most-grievous lie streaming endlessly therefrom is that "....America is committed to keeping the world's most dangerous weapons out of the hands of the most dangerous regimes"; but, of course, he is NOT keeping the world's most dangerous weapons out of the hands of the world's MOST dangerous regime, the United States, or out of his own hands and the hands of HIS regime! To repeat it again because it needs to be repeated, the U.S. possesses MORE of the most dangerous weapons in the world than ALL of the other countries which possess them combined! In other words, that makes the United States the GREATEST threat to world peace, and to the safety and liberty of the rest of the world, than ALL of the other countries in the entire world combined! And don't say "America" isn't using, or won't use, them; because THEY ARE, and on a greater and greater scale; and they want to use more and more of those most dangerous weapons in further and further aggressive, illegal wars against other defenseless nations, without end! "Our" government has admitted such to us, very clearly! For Bush further states, among many other such lies and/or admissions that his regime has made, "....(t)he terrorists and their supporters declared war on the United States, and war they got"; yet the "Bush regime" is terrorizing the U.S. and the world with threat upon threat, and is continuously declaring war on the U.S. and the world over and over again, both to, and against, our safety and our liberty(ies)! But neither the vast majority of Afghani people, the previous Iraqi government as a whole, the Iraqi people as a whole, or the vast majority of the "American" citizenry declared war on the U.S., attacked the Pentagon, and/or destroyed the World Trade Center Towers! And, therefore, the "American" people and the rest of the world have more to fear from the "Bush junta", and the out of control U.S. shadow government, than from Osama bin Laden or al Q'aeda! So where is the backbone in the vast majority of our People and our government minority, to put a stop to all of this out of control terrorizing of, and declaring of war against, the "American" people and the rest of the world?! Bush and Company have again admitted, in very serious violation of international law(s), that they will not seek the authorization of the highest international world-governing body, the United Nations Security Council, to carry out wars of aggression against defenseless "third-world" countries, by additionally stating in the 2004 "State of the Union Address", that "....America will never seek a permission slip to (supposedly) defend the security of our country"; but, once again, Iraq did not attack us, OR HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH 9-11; therefore, the United States was NOT defending the security of our country when it made its unprovoked attack on, and invasion of, Iraq in 2003! Iraq had been very effectively disarmed during the previous total of ten years of weapons inspections and twelve years of sanctions, was little or no threat to us, we had little or nothing to fear from them, and Iraq was almost totally defenseless, particularly when compared to the military-might of the U.S. government; but, as is coming out more and more, "we" were sold a fraudulent "bill of goods", of lie after lie after lie supposedly justifying such a war of aggression, and such a war only previously perpetrated out in the open by the likes of Wilhelm's and Hitler's Germany, at least in relatively recent history; and Bush's junta sold it to "us" much like Hitler's regime did! On his lies unrelated to war, at least directly and/or obviously, Bush goes on to falsely claim in his speech that his administration will supposedly make us "....less dependent on foreign sources of energy"; in other words, less dependent on oil and natural gas; while at the same time he is making this spurious claim, the U.S. government, and its all-powerful military, are in the very process of taking over Middle Eastern oil reserves on a huge scale; such that there couldn't be any bigger lie on this subject than his making that seriously-fraudulent claim! Concerning the recently passed Medicare Prescription Drug Bill, Bush falsely alleges that it will provide great prescription drug benefits to the elderly and the disabled (of course, the disabled aren't mentioned at all in this regard, or anywhere in the speech); but the so-called benefits of this prescription drug plan are "shot full of holes"; and many, if not most, of the disabled and senior citizens have become aware of just how terribly flawed, and primarily favoring the pharmaceutical conglomerates, the "benefit" really is, and that it will NOT benefit them much, if at all! Bush also claimed that "America's" system of medicine is the best in the world; but he very conveniently failed to mention that it's also the most expensive medical system in the world, that he and his administration are in the process of making it much more expensive than it already is, by the passage of the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill and other destructive actions on their, and the Republicans and "Republicrats", part(s), and that the vast majority of "Americans" cannot afford "America's" "great health care system"! With "regard" to Bush's so-called "faith-based initiative" to fund religious organizations with huge amounts of government money(ies) in order to ostensibly provide "social services" to needy "American" people, Bush again makes very clear that his, and the far religious right's, attack on the Constitutional "separation of church and state" is being carried out "at every turn", "right and left", and is an "all-out" attack on another one of the greatest protections against despotism within the United States system of government; thereby leading to soon-to-be-instituted religious despotism in the U.S., and one-world religiously despotic governance of the entire world, of and by the U.S. government, that I have warned of elsewhere! Don't doubt it! The signs of its fast-approaching preparation and reality, as with Bush's plan to give government financial support to "faith-based" organizations, are all around us! What was palpably absent from this "State of the Union Address" of "Dubya's" was any mention of, or allusion to, dissent and/or the dissidents, making it very clear that he and his regime have chosen to stop talking about it for the most part, and instead are taking more and more decisive actions behind the scenes against the dissidents and his other critics, and to (completely?) curb and stifle freedom of dissent and speech, thereby overturning the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and bringing about Orwellian police-state control of the entire country very soon, and the imprisonment and/or murder of many dissenters! In the "Republicrats" response(s) to Bush's speech this time around, except for making clear that the Bush administration is NOT ensuring the security of the state of our union, their responses were almost as lacking as Bush's, and were just as bad by also falsely claiming, along with the Bushites and the Republicans, that the state of our union IS supposedly secure, in spite of the Bush administration, and giving the false hope that the "Republicrats" will in any way actually correct and/or improve the deplorable condition that our "union" is in at the present time; thereby making it very clear that the epidemic of "Ostrich Syndrome" is now even more pandemic, that the infection is even more severe and out of control than ever before, that the distrust of all politicians is even more of a prerequisite now than ever before, and that Murphy's Law that whatever can go wrong will go wrong is becoming more and more true every day! The True Patriots against Bush-fascism, through having had war declared upon them thereby, have been issued a challenge by Bush and Company, one of the highest challenges ever given to True Americans, to wage non-violent, peaceful "war" against ALL of the threats to "....Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness (and/or Equality)" for ALL people, both in the United States and the world-over, without flinching and without stopping, NO MATTER WHAT; and millions of True American- and World- Citizens are rising to meet that challenge; but more True American and World Patriots must NOW be Truly Courageous, rise up, and join the swelling ranks of those standing up against U.S. corporate-military-industrial fascism! With God's help you CAN do it; so DO IT, and DO IT NOW! There is no time to put off doing your part in ANY, EVERY, and ALL ways YOU CAN! PLEASE DO IT NOW; AND WE WELCOME YOU TO OUR "ARMY"! END CORPORATISM! END CORPORATE-FASCISM! END CORPORATISM! END CORPORATE-FASCISM! END CORPORATISM NOW! THANK YOU! [Copyright (c) 2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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