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Saturday, May 15, 2004

"EQUALITY STATE" (Written in or about 1999; Updated on 14 May 2004) By S. Wolf Britain As I have said before, I've lived in the so-called "Equality State" of Wyoming. But no State in the entire United States of America has a true state of equality. The people who have the power to bring about and assure that all of our fifty states have true equality, are led and controlled by evil to prevent and keep The People from having true equality; and we should all stand up non-violently against it. We all allegedly have the legally, constitutionally-protected rights to carry out non-violent civil disobedience in protest against the lack of true equality in any State in this entire supposedly pro-freedom country, and true democracy, of ours. But, if you do, you will be arrested and booked, and have it recorded against your record for the rest of your life that you exercised your supposedly, constitutionally, protected rights to protest. All activists know this, accept the risk, and are often treated to the harsh realities of jail and prisons where their so-called equalities and freedoms are tested to the bitter end. But you must stand up for what's right, in only the right way(s), and non-violently continue to completely stand up and be counted about and against all of the many loopholes in true democracy that exist in this country that is supposed to be the greatest true democracy on Earth, no matter what. But it isn't the greatest democracy on Earth, because either enough of us don't protest sufficiently, or because most of us don't protest at all. We have to stand and be counted against all tyranny and oppression being perpetrated against us by those evil puppets in positions of political power who use their evil powers of oppression and tyranny against us in order to prevent our successful stand for true democracy and freedom; and we must at least slow down their trend before it is too late, and true freedom and democracy come to the point of not existing at all. Is this what You, The People want to complacently allow to happen? Cry aloud now, and spare not carrying on protesting to the point short of violent protest, which accomplishes no good because those activists will simply be jailed and/or killed without mercy, and what they sought to accomplish will fail and speed up rather than slow down the trends of tyranny and oppression. Every true activist already knows some of these things; but they, you, need to stringently fight for true freedom and equality in the correct "civil disobedience" ways, not with any violence or resistance of any kind that justifies oppression and tyranny. Fight non-violently for true democracy and freedom as much as your time, energy and strength will allow. Do it with all of your might as often as you possibly can. It makes a difference by slowing down the trends of evil power-brokers getting greater and swifter inroads into undermining and doing away with our human rights and civil liberties. These self-righteous people, who are convinced that they are in the right, the bearers of the holy grail and the salvation of our country and the world, are so deceived and evil that they must be slowed down, if not stopped, through the strength in numbers of more and more citizens protesting against their evils. We, The People must stop being apathetic and complacent. We must stand up and be counted NOW. There is truly no time to waste; and we CAN make a real difference; but we've got to stop wasting any more time. Complete tyranny and oppression are fast approaching; and our so-called government "protectors" and/or "representatives" are quickly and insidiously doing away with civil liberties and human rights in the name of anti-terrorism. They have used acts of terrorism which they themselves perpetrated, and made look like they were committed by fanatical domestic and international terrorists, as the excuses for taking away our civil law freedoms from excessive government oppression, tyranny and control of the people. Very soon there will be no true freedom(s), except for the rich and those who support the tyrannical, oppressive government; but we can and must slow it down by standing against it in real ways. Don't be so easily fooled into believing that the U.S. government didn't blow it's own people up, including government agents, and women and children, that they considered expendable, such as in the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Believe the truth about that, and the fact that it was "our" government which burned up the innocent men, women and children at the Branch Davidian complex in Waco, Texas, not those innocent people themselves. There is too much incontrovertible evidence of these facts if you don't listen to the government controlled mainstream media propaganda. Exercise your true freedom(s) to read the true exercise of freedom of speech, the non-mainsteam media that is getting the real truth out on such subjects, and sparing not. Learn what you can do in your own small ways to stand up and be counted for true activism, and for true freedom and liberty. We must not allow the tyrants and oppressors to go unchecked in their concerted efforts to take away the protections of our liberties and freedoms, and their long-going, fast-peaking program to undermine true democracy. Don't think it's too late to slow them down; because, it is not too late. We, The People have greater power than the evil do; for we truly have God on our side, if we don't exercise violence; and we have strength in greater numbers, along with the still-existent liberty(ies) and freedom(s) to raise our collective voices in protest. The government and the mainstream media don't care if you read all the newspapers, and listen to all of the television or radio news reports, every day; they just don't want you to do anything about any of it. They've succeeded in making most of us "media consumers"; but they only want us to sit back and watch; they don't want us to be "active watchers" who stand up and are counted against abuses of power and discretion, corruption, malfeasance, police brutality, and violations of human and civil rights in our own country. They say, 'sit back and watch and listen; but don't do anything more than that; leave it to us, the minority of power-brokers, and hoarders of The Peoples' money, to contravene and abrogate your civil and human rights while making it appear that we're protecting and preserving them, for we simply want to lock up everyone who doesn't think and live our way, and you're for that, aren't you?' The "scapegoats" for "the crimes of the century" are paraded before us, made to look like evil people as soon as they're arrested, when they're supposed to be "presumed innocent", while in actuality they're presumed guilty by virtually everyone because that's what the government wants. They want us to believe what most of us do believe, that most people who are arrested and accused of crimes are completely guilty before they have even had their days in court. "Hell, they wouldn't have been arrested if they weren't guilty as sin", right? Never mind the Words of God: 'Let he who is without (any) sin cast the first stone(s)...!' (John 8:7; emphasis added by me.) Do you think you can't do anything that would make even the slightest dent in the level of oppression and tyranny being perpetrated against us by the government in our own country, the United States government? That's something else the powers that be want you to believe; and go on believing like most of the rest of the majority of Americans, that we're completely powerless except through our "vote"; so little if anything gets done to stem the tide of insidious corruption; and sooner than it had to happen, most or all of our freedoms and liberties will be suspended in the interests of 'lies and order'. Our government is supposed to be run by "We, The People", the majority of us who are poor and kept poor; but it isn't. It's run by a minority of greedy, well-to-do sharks and shyster lawyers who have run this country into the poorhouse with immunity and impunity. So, let us get off our collective butts and do something, anything non-violent, about it. We're all responsible and accountable for "stewarding" our great country. All of us are responsible, and will be held accountable, for what we allow to go on, the speed at which it gets much worse, and for all those who suffer even further as a result. Please don't be satisfied to just sit back and complacently and apathetically watch America go "down the tubes" on an express train to hell, without at least yelling so your government "representatives" can hear you, that you're "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!" Do your part to take your country back so the poor and middle classes can run it as True Democracy intended in the first place, no matter how small a part that is! You CAN make a difference! Start a website as I have done, exercise your freedom of speech, and let God and the whole world know what you feel about the level of degradation that's been allowed to be illegally perpetrated upon this great country; or do some other such thing to do your part. Be a true patriot, not the typical false one. 'Do whatever you can to get between your government and corruption(s); it may be the only way you'll (help) save the country's life.' Stand up and be counted. (Please read Dr. M. Scott Peck's book, People of the Lie. It's one of the most important books you'll ever read. See excerpts of same on my "More Poetry [and/or Favorite Quotes], Part Two", page.) Thank you for all of your time, consideration, serious contemplation, and Truly-Correct action(s) in response to these all-important matters. [Copyright (c) 1999-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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