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Monday, May 10, 2004

WHAT THE RESTORATION OF THE FEDERAL DEATH PENALTY IS LEADING TO (Written on or about 19 June 2001; Updated on 10 May 2004) By S. Wolf Britain We live in a most perverse time. Really, the world has been perverse for six thousand years; but, with the advent of so-called advances in technology and so on, it is even more perverse than it has ever been. For decades now, hell, for over a hundred years, U.S. government warmakers have been thinking up greater and greater ways to kill their fellow human beings; and now, with the restoration of the federal death penalty after no federal executions for thirty-six years, the United States is preparing to kill people for what they believe. Very soon, believe it, we will not be free to believe as we choose to believe; and we will not even be free to believe in true liberty. We are fast approaching an extremely dark time when truly innocent peoples' beliefs will be blamed for the calamities that will very soon befall the Earth, much worse calamities than we have yet seen or experienced. We haven't seen anything yet; and we will very soon see and experience the absolute worst that could happen sooner than soon. Remember Noah? He was not believed either, and was thought to be a raving madman and alarmist, "when the flood came and took them ALL (millions of people) away" to their deaths because they would not prepare to be only on the side of right, and prepared for that great global flood that destroyed all but eight people. So today, all but a small fraction of the total population of the Earth are going to survive the final conflagration; but you CAN be on the side of right! All of the great eccentrics, Noah, the Prophets, Moses, Jesus, the Apostles, many of Jesus' disciples, Martin Luther and the other Protestant reformers, Francis of Assisi, Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Jr., etcetera, were thought to be alarmists and insane by many people at one time or another in their, if not their entire, lives. They tried to warn their "stiff-necked" generations, and were rewarded with scoffing, cursing, stoning, ridicule, being unjustly and falsely discredited, and even with being murdered for it. So our "generation", even the professed-Christians, by and large do not believe the warnings of what is soon to befall us. It is exceedingly difficult, much more difficult than going along and fitting in, to stand only for what is right, good and true. Most people don't even believe they can do it, or that it is even possible; and, without the complete and total transformation of our characters by God, it is not; but "with God all things are possible". Even members of our perverted generation can become totally new people, true human beings, the people that we were created to be in the first place. They have to want "it" and nothing else; but most people don't want it. If they want religion at all, they want it on their own terms, not God's, and an "easy" way into heaven that does not exist at all. It is nothing new. "There is nothing new under the sun". They don't want to let go of their cherished evil(s), and want to hold onto their lust(s) and their greed. Most people judge and gossip about the wrong things. They only look upon the surface or appearance of things and the way(s) other people are, and start false rumors about or condemn others only for what they think they see about them, when they are more often wrong than right, particularly about those people and things they don't understand, the "eccentrics", or those who stand up for what is right, and against what is wrong, corrupt and evil in this world, and the way(s) things appear to be. They convince themselves that the really bad people aren't so bad, that the good people are bad, and that really evil events happening around them, which are leading to the absolute worst chaos, supposedly won't get so bad. The "ostrich syndrome" continues to worsen at pandemic proportions, while "the powers that be", sometimes unbeknownst even to themselves of the evil(s) their actions are leading to, are bringing about the biggest and most harmful conflagration that the world has ever seen! They don't look for, see, or believe the truly important "cause(s) and effect(s)", and ultimate evil(s) their actions, and inactions, are leading to; and they are the worst 'blind leaders of the blind', leading the ignorant down to the final, rapid events and destruction! Extremely soon, the "gun-toters", the "law enforcement authorities", and the enforcers of government-mandated religion, will track down, unjustly arrest, convict, imprison, torture, and murder those who truly stand for Christianity and the Truth, all in the name of God and truth that it will truly be the furthest thing from! But we don't believe it can happen in "America"! 'Oh, no, you're crazy, it could never happen here'! And those that blame those who stand for nothing but one-hundred percent Truth for the calamities befalling them, will actually be the cause(s) of those "plagues"! Though you probably won't listen to me, I am warning you that you must not waste any more time in placing yourselves, not on the side of false-Christianity, but only on the side of the very narrow "...Way, the Truth, and the Life...", without which there is no other true Hope! Pull your heads out of the sand, truly open your eyes, shed all hypocrisy and falsehoods, and trust only in God and His Truth(s), or you will very soon be forever destroyed for being a part of the final evil horde! If you are not fully and completely against ALL evil(s), you are for it (or them) in one way or another! [Copyright (c) 2001-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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