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Monday, May 17, 2004

TRUE HOPE (Written on 7 April 2000; Updated on 17 May 2004) By S. Wolf Britain We live in a world-society of "first stone" throwers. We are ALL sinful and commit evil, by gross acts of sin, and/or acts of selfishness, against our fellow-humankind. Therefore, people as a whole have no right to sit in such UNrighteous judgment of other people, for they should be sitting in judgment of, and seeking to become better persons, themselves, and seeking to become completely right with God; as then, and only then, are they righteous enough to stand in judgment of their fellow-humankind; and they should totally stop UNrighteously judging other people. But, if they are some of the very few people who have the spiritual gift of discernment of evil, then they must "judge righteous judgment" (John 7:24) and try to help others' see where they stand against truth, to wake up to the true condition of this entire world, to only embrace truth, not their own brand of truth, but pure truth alone, and to stand up against all that is contrary to that truth. Pure truth is a balanced combination of true democracy and God's Word(s). True democracy is always presuming people innocent of crime, even the guilty, to never presume anyone guilty of anything ever, and to always treat everyone with kindness and respect, even the guilty and those who have not treated others with respect and kindness. For it is because those others have not been treated with charity and love themselves, that they hurt other people. We should show them the mercy and kindness that they have been denied. The ends DO NOT justify the means; and two wrongs DO NOT make one right! We must NOT meet hate with more hate, murder with more murder. By doing so, we ourselves make evil people in this world even more evil; and we make ourselves more evil in the process, as well. Love begets love; and if it doesn't, forgive those who hate in return for love, "for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34). Being unloving and unmerciful is the ultimate in ignorance and selfishness, which begets more and more ignorance and selfishness. Do you truly understand what I'm saying?! Ignorance and selfishness causes more ignorance and selfishness! It creates a vicious cycle that gets worse and worse! That is one of the main reasons that this world is getting more and more violent today, because most of us throw "first stones", condemn others without first getting rid of our own selfishness, self-centeredness and hypocrisy, and fail to show kindness and mercy towards all people, even the lowest of souls. Stop condemning people to greater hate! Stop insulating yourselves in self-centered, self-righteous cocoons! Stop convincing yourselves that you're such good, non-hypocritical people! Stop justifying and rationalizing yourselves and your lives! Admit and realize, always, how wretched and selfish you are, even if you don't think you are; and do something about it! Truly surrender all to our Maker; and exercise nothing but kindness and mercy towards everyone, all the days of your life! Stop excusing your selfishness, present and past; and sacrifice your self by always helping the unfortunate in every way that you can! There are no excuses for any selfishness or self-righteousness! We cannot justify ourselves! Only our Maker can justify us, with His "self-replacement"! Self MUST die NOW! Self CAN die NOW! But only if we truly want to be restored to what we were created to be, completely selfless people, NOW! Our Creator will not magically transform selfish, hypocritical people when He returns! We've got to be restored to our "evil-free" state by a full and complete transformation NOW, in order to be a part of the Earth restored to what it was originally created to be, true heaven on Earth, and that it will soon be again! Do you think that's a fantasy?! You believe in fantasies like fairytale-perfect mates, false scientific theories and evolutionary dogma, and that this world is now normal! Why does the truth about creation and re-creation supposedly have to be a fantasy? The answer is, because this ABnormal world is now geared for convincing us that fantasy is supposedly reality, and reality is supposedly fantasy, and that we're supposed to "fit in" to the fantasy. We've been indoctrinated and conditioned our entire lives to fit in to one great big, giant lie! The so-called "truth" is the fantasy; and the so-called "fantasy" is the Truth! Our only Hope is in totally discarding the actual fantasy, and ONLY "fitting in" to the Real Truth. There is no "gray area", or "half-way", that is acceptable. The ONLY way we can be right with the Universe is to be COMPLETELY transformed into the image of God, NOW! We cannot fit in to this world AT ALL! Our Maker does not, cannot, and will not accept people who are supposedly half righteous and half evil, or half not fitting in to this world and half fitting in to it. That's the problem, we keep seeing this world as mostly good; but it is almost all totally evil, and a whole lot more evil than we want to face that it is. Yet, our only Hope is in facing that truth, surrendering ourselves fully to our Creator, and living only for sharing his Love and Truth, and helping and caring for our fellow-humankind. That is what we were put on this Earth for! That is the ONLY thing we were put on this Earth for! We were NOT put here to care only for and help ourselves and "our own"! We were NOT put here to "throw stones" at other people, or to try to "correct" others' without first totally removing the selfishness and hypocrisy from our own lives by "human effort aligned with divine power"! Our Hope rests in Only being a servant to Truth Himself, True Democracy, True Justice, and to True Equality! [Copyright (c) 2000-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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