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Thursday, June 17, 2004

"MACHIAVELLIA UBER ALLES" By Marilyn A. Guinnane December 28, 2003 [Copyright (c) 2003 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by Marilyn A. Guinnane and/or All rights are reserved.] "I have a smashing idea. Let's form a change-the-name group, proposing that this land we call home be renamed "Machiavellia". This way we would know from whence the name derived in addition to it being an appropriate name for a nation that launches pre-emptive strikes on little so-called third world countries, showering those countries with evil cluster bombs and worse, much worse, depleted uranium. The Machiavellians, you see, cheer their government on while it wages war on the civilian unborn of developing countries. Babies. Born with excruciating deformities. There is no way to clean up the radiation in the soil, the food supply, the water. "We do not, as a whole, deserve to call ourselves Americans, and no longer should. Our parents and grandparents were Americans. They would have risen up, en masse, in protest. "This is not what we are about!" they would have shouted, first and foremost at the Supreme Court, the majority of them plainly corrupt, for these would-be "justices" are well aware that that rigged fiasco in Florida was no cause for them to set a precedent in APPOINTING the president of the United States. That act alone would have incited riots if not outright revolution. But then our parents were Americans, while we have evolved, backwards, into something else again. "Machiavellian Condoleeza Rice has thus far refused to testify under oath before the committee supposedly investigating (or are they just going through the placating motions?) September 11. She is refusing to testify under oath because Mayor Willie Brown, in a moment of braggadocio, opened his big mouth. If he sang once he could sing again, she reasons, this time naming names, and she doesn't want perjury added to the list of charges that need to be brought against her. Or, actually, in our new Machiavellia, a medal. After all, the more evil you are in Machiavellia, the higher the praise. That George Bush actually has an approval rating at all, let alone one millions strong, tells the sorry tale. He actually stands a chance of winning the election this time, although with these easily manipulated electronic machines cropping up all over Machiavellia, we'll never truly know, will we? Does it matter? Whomsoever wins will be under the thumb of the global elite, who are the ones really running the show, and they want globalization. Period. Then they can change our planet's name from Earth to Machiavellia. What a plan! "True Americans are a dying breed; without question in the minority. It appears that the Satanists are taking over, as you cannot wave your little flag and scream for another's blood and call yourself a person of God. Nor can you believe that the most evil man ever to occupy the White House is receiving personal messages from God. Really, someone should be asking George Bush about those voices he hears. Facing facts, he needs to be carted off to a shrink's office. In handcuffs. Is there anyone out there in what once was the U.S.A. who believes this Napoleon wannabe? Can you not picture him in a padded cell? "We Americans, the few of us left, know (think about the word 'know' for a moment; a word that leaves no room for doubt) that September 11 was an inside job. We know that the CIA-groomed-Osama bin Laden did not commandeer the felling of the World Trade Center, that Osama is a patsy, possibly a willing one. Probably, in fact, given that the bin Ladens have been in bed with the Bushes for many years through various dealings. "Yes. We "know." "The daunting task before the few remaining Americans is to convince our brethren, the Machiavellians, that they need to wake up. They will not be rewarded for their affinity with evil, we need to convince them. The law of the universe overshadows any man-made law. The law of the universe shall remain unbroken: Whatever you send out will boomerang. "And guess what, sports fans? You're next." Marilyn A. Guinnane is a writer and contributor to and other publications. Contact her at:


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