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Friday, June 04, 2004

ADDRESSING IGNORANCE, PART FOUR (Written on 27 March 2004; Updated on 4 June 2004) By S. Wolf Britain ( Originally written by me on 27 March 2004 for posting as a response to another reader's posted comment(s) to an article entitled, "9/11 Commission: A Week of Lies and Spin", written by Kurt Nimmo, and posted on that same date to his blog (weblog), ANOTHER DAY IN THE EMPIRE: Life In Neo-Conservative America, at
, and is a continuation of a series of "Addressing Ignorance" essays by me from my blog(s), including the instant blog you are visiting right now, and from my website, at .) Okay, "Damfa", et alii, you have a right to your opinion(s), and I defend that right; but there are just way too many bizarre occurrences for 9-11 to have not been a second "Pearl Harbor"! The following is just the short list(!): 1.) It's not a matter of conjecture, it's a matter of fact(s) that interceptors close-in to the flight paths of the flying bombs were not allowed to take off; i.e., from Andrews Airforce Base, the closest to the events; and the interceptors which were allowed to take off, from Cape Cod (I don't recall the name of the base), hundreds of miles away, weren't allowed to fly at top speed, but only at usual passenger jet speeds, and therefore arrived too late to intercept the flying bombs, obviously by design! [SEE William Thomas' book, ALL FALL DOWN: The Politics Of Terror And Mass Persuasion, via excerpts on my website on my "More Comments, Part 10" page, at , and/or on William Thomas' website, at (see his "Sources" section in the back of the book alone(!), by purchasing the book from his website), as well as several other such books on the subject by several other authors!] 2.) A "very complete" list of the alleged hijackers was provided to the American people and the world on a much too convenient basis that defies probability or even possibility under the circumstances, what, within a week of the catastrophe?! Two or three of these "Arab hijackers" were later proven to still be alive, or to have already died previously, and to have nothing to do with 9-11! Now, for the rest, take into account that their bodies and ID's were completely dissintegrated (sp?--I can't find the word in the dictionary; what do you want from me:) by the explosions; so how did the government come up with this list unless it was prefabricated, hastily fabricated and/or they already knew who many of the men were going to be, or at least who they were going to use as the scapegoats and blame?! (They had to give the people some answers quickly, didn't they!) Also, NONE of the alleged hijackers names were on ANY of the passenger lists! [SEE, again, the above-referenced book.] 3.) It had to be a huge catastrophic event with loss-of-life in the several thousands, as well as an attack on and almost complete destruction of targets that were HUGE symbols of America, its financial dominance, its huge military might, and "the American way of life", much like Pearl Harbor was, rather than the killing(s) of a couple hundred here and there in several bombings of (much?) less symbolic targets, in order to get the American people so scared that they would immediately support, and the world to support, at least for a short time, screaming bloody murder and carrying out our own brand of "jihad" against defenseless scapegoat countries like Afghanistan and Iraq! [Id.] 4.) High up people who are very conveniently not being investigated, profited through "put-option" stock trades on the destruction of planes of the two major airlines involved, as well as the financial losses to same, and on the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers! [Id.] 5.) A former high-up CIA employee, who was speaking out publicly against the U.S. government, was working security for the WTC Towers and was very conveniently killed in the destruction of same! [Id.] 6.) The evidence in Rene Sneider's civil lawsuit case against Henry Kissinger and the CIA for the assassination of his father, General Sneider of Allende's Chile, was stored in the Towers, and was very conveniently completely destroyed! [Id.] 7.) The foregoing begs the question(s), who else and/or what else was very conveniently killed and/or completely destroyed in the destruction of the Towers that made them expendable and/or worth the losses of/from same, not to mention the no-doubt huge insurance money(s) recouped from their destruction?! And why were both San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and many of the employees of the Towers given forwarning(s) not to fly and/or go to work on or around 9-11? [Id.] 8.) The CIA and Pakistani "intelligence" created al Q'aeda and supported and trained the Taliban (remember, virtually everyone, as Kurt so rightly said, is expendable); the Bush family is very close to the bin Laden family (all of those who were living in the U.S. at the time, were rushed out of country in some of the few planes allowed to take off and fly from the U.S. soon after 9-11, and have never been allowed to be questioned by the FBI, who balked strenuously against allowing them to leave before being questioned, or anyone else to be questioned about Osama, etc., and/or balked strenuously against allowing any such planes to leave the ground during the suspension of "all" flights within, to and from the U.S.); Osama was visited in an American hospital in Dubai in June 2001 by a CIA operative and was allowed to leave after his treatment (though there was an international warrant out for his capture, issued by President Clinton in January 2001 just before he left the presidency); the CIA was still training al Q'aeda operatives in Kosovo AFTER 9-11 (in October 2001); and Osama has somehow very conveniently elluded capture for two and half plus years now by the world's "greatest" military and "intelligence" apparatus in history; etcetera! [Id.] 9.) As Kurt also so aptly (re)iterated, the PNAC conspirators admitted BEFORE 9-11 that IT HAD TO BE of the proportions of a "Pearl Harbor" like catastrophic event, which 9-11 AND NOTHING LESS WAS, to get Congress and the American people to support the so-called "endless war" "Against Terrorism"; and several "intelligence" experts have stated that IT HAD TO BE an "intelligence" operation with the resources of those like the CIA, etcetera, to plan and carry it out, and that a disjointed organization like al Q'aeda couldn't possibly have carried out what was "accomplished"! (Do you not read or pay attention very well, Damfa, et alii, or is your denial so deep that you can't face the facts! Kurt very likely couldn't have been any more thorough in such a short, succinct article if you go to his supporting links, particularly the Kaminski one! {By the way, Kurt, welcome back; what did you do, go on vacation and/or a "photo-shoot", hunting for more images, for very nearly a week! :o}) [Id.] 10.) Huge "defense" and infrastructure contractor-corporations directly and/or indirectly connected to Bushco are profiting in the billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayers money directly from the COMPLETELY ILLEGAL "aggression" and "first-strike" attack, invasion, conquering, occupation, and long-term control of Iraq and its billions of dollars in oil-worth, and the setting up of what are very likely to be permanent, Middle East controlling, military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq to be used for the further COMPLETELY ILLEGAL imperialistic conquering and/or "otherwise" domination(s) of other countries in the region, for the further multibillion dollar profiting from a permanent war "footing" into the "unforseeable" future! Could ANY and/or all of this have been brought about without a 9-11 catastrophic event to the extent that it was? NO WAY! And, again, Bushco knew it AND admitted it before the fact! [Id., and/or recent events that are coming to light even in the "mainstream" news media at the present time.] 11.) Bushco stopped and/or slowed down deeper investigations into the "al Q'aeda terrorist threat" prior to 9-11, and planned the attack and conquering of Iraq as far back as Bush I's administration (still Bushco/NeoConCo)! Bushco knew about the huge alleged terrorist threat of al Q'aeda throughout the entire seven or eight months of the beginning of Bush II's administration leading up to 9-11, and refused to hold "intelligence" meetings (at least one at the very seriously concerned suggestion of Clarke) concentrating on the threat and doing something (anything?) to prevent (at least much of, if not all of?) what happened on 9-11! [Id.] 12.) The people have been lied to at virtually every turn about almost every, if not every, item at-issue concerning the foregoing and many other points! Etcetera! (If all of the foregoing doesn't convince "you" that Bushco are implicated very explicitly in 9-11, what will it take!? Their verbal and/or written admission that they were!? That will very likely NEVER happen! So we have very little choice(s) but to have it proven to us by the many facts which very clearly point to their complicity, as well as by the many more facts that are coming out almost every day proving it, except to bury our heads back in the sand as most Americans are so good at doing, and live in denial of those facts, which is exactly what Bushco want(s) us to do! DON'T LET THEM SUCCEED IN GETTING "YOU" TO DO JUST THAT!) [Id.] And the foregoing list is without even going to Kaminski's list, as well as points out the fact that you, "Damfa", clearly didn't go to Kaminski's list either (which I don't need to do because I already know so much of it, though I will do so later to learn what's "new" that I can learn on the subject---postscript: having now gone to and read said list, it is very important that all of you who are reading this go to Kaminski's list and read it for yourselves!) before you start(ed) promoting your doubts! So, "Damfa", et alii, your kind(s) of denial(s) is/are, again, just what Bushco and the shadow government are depending on in the majority of Americans! So, please, get fully educated on the subject before you write such "doubting Thomas", mis- and un- informed "denials"! The only thing I have somewhat of a problem with in what Kurt wrote in the instant article, is whether or not we should be giving so much "attention" to the likes of David Corn, for it serves to keep his name and his "Damfa-form" of denials even more alive in the ethernet, which he, and all of those like them, obviously don't deserve, not to mention the harm that it does to the "cause" of Truth and not continuing to live in denial about the far-too-many facts to be coincidence and/or to be anything but true! I guess The Nation is trying to give both sides of the story by allowing someone like David Corn to continue to promulgate his denial(s); but they've told so much Truth on the subject, so they should get rid of all of the likes of him, for he and they only detract from and help the discreditors of their good work, limiting it, which we don't have the luxury of the time for in this extremely serious time we are living in right now! Well, I just wrote an article in its own right, that I may alter or rewrite to be published on my own blogs and/or websites, with the name(s) removed of those my readers wouldn't know who I was talking about! Then again, maybe I won't remove the names, but explain who they are, with, in the case of Kurt, a link to his site like I've already given many of on my sites! Then again, again (sic), I could just post it as a "letter" instead of an article, as I've also done several times before! :) (Thank you again for all of your continuing edification, Kurt! {SEE Kurt Nimmo's 27 March 2004 article, "9/11 Commission: A Week of Lies and Spin", on his blog (weblog), ANOTHER DAY IN THE EMPIRE: Life In Neo-Conservative America, at:
:o}) [All of the foregoing (with the exception of Kurt Nimmo's article(s) and/or others' comments) is copyright(ed) (c) 2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved, and no alteration, redissemination, (re)publishing, and/or (re)printing of any of same by any means, except by the author, is permitted without the express written permission of the author.]


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