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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

"ALL FALL DOWN: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion" "By William Thomas" [Fifth Essence Publications-Canada Edition Copyright (c) 2002 in Canada, the U.S.A. and Internationally by William Thomas. All rights are reserved.] "TABLE OF CONTENTS" "A Morning Like No Other" "The Gang Who Couldn’t Fly Straight" "War Games" "The Trouble With “Terrorism”" "Pipe Dreams" "Drug Wars" "Traders And Traitors" "Minder Binder" "Your Papers, Citizen" "What now?" "His Own Worst Enemy" "Dealing With It" "EXCERPTS FROM All Fall Down:"

"We came to this moment in ways and places we will never forget, holding our TV clickers as gingerly as betraying wands summoning an evil jinn. We watched slack-jawed, silent or silently cursing, unable to grasp what we were seeing. The images were grotesque, impossible, preposterous. Assailed by revulsion and vertigo, unable to look away, we watched hypnotized by horror as endless replays relentlessly revealed huge airliners floating through the air - too low! too low! - before banking like fighters to harpoon twin skyscrapers taller than three Titanics stood on-end. "Staring like passengers assured of the absolute impossibility of the disaster now unfolding, we discovered that big buildings are just as vulnerable as big ships to the inexorable laws of mass, inertia, and gravity. "Not since the funeral of a princess did an entire grieving world gape so grimly at the same event. From sunny fishing villages in Honshu, to sleepy European capitals, a bungalow in Maine, a hideout fitted with life-support for a Saudi millionaire…voices in a babble of dialects were shouting the same four words: "Turn on your TV!" "One billion of us did. [page 1] "The Federal Aviation Administration alerted NORAD to the first hijackings at 8:38…18 minutes later, a pair of F-15s was scrambled from Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod 179 miles away. Ordered to keep their speed down to an airliner’s crawl - and denied permission to accelerate to 1,500 mph over the Atlantic Ocean - Otis’ Mach 2 fighters were 70 miles from Manhattan when the South Tower was struck. General Myers never mentioned that just 10 miles from the Pentagon, armed fighters were ready to launch. Tasked with defending the nation’s capitol against terrorist attacks, Andrews AFB boasts the 121st Fighter Squadron equipped with F-16s, and the 321st Marine Fighter Attack Squadron flying F/A-18s. Two “ready alert” jets are ready to intercept bogies 24-hours a day. But someone ordered the Andrews jets held on the ground. [page 9] "At 9:55, Cheney reached Air Force One, recommending that Bush authorize the military to shoot down any rogue airliners. “You bet,” Bush replied. Moments later a military aide approached the vice president. “There is a plane 80 miles out,” he said. “There is a fighter in the area. Should we engage?” "Cheney replied instantly, “Yes.” [page 10] "Box-cutters were found on two flights diverted to Canada. As the Globe & Mail reported on June 13, 2002, a French Canadian general serving as deputy commander of NORAD on Sept. 11 suspects “there might have been more than just the four aircraft involved.” "According to the Globe, when a Los Angeles-bound flight was grounded by emergency FAA orders at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport that fateful morning, “three Middle-Eastern passengers angrily demanded that the flight proceed and then were kicked off the plane, vanishing before police showed up. United Airlines Flight 23 was bound for the West Coast and full of fuel.” Among the “identified” hijackers, just who were these Arab aces whose names and photos were plastered worldwide across newspaper front pages and TV screens within days of the attacks? It turns out that one of the 19 “hijackers” had died the year before. At least six are still alive! [page 24] "After three sessions, white-knuckled instructors felt this Egyptian pilot was too incompetent to fly solo. Hanjour also trained for a few months in Scottsdale, Arizona back in 1996 - but washed out when instructors there felt he was too incompetent to fly. "Yet, here he is supposedly at the controls of a jumbo jetliner circling at 7,000 feet. As the predatory profile of his jet overshadows the Pentagon inside its "No Fly Zone", no Stinger anti-aircraft missiles are fired, no evacuation orders given, no "fast-movers" zoom up Hanjour's "six" to disturb his concentration. "Which is lucky for him. Because a pilot who flunked flying Cessnas does not need more distractions as he conducts a steep spiraling descent, diving through the remaining 7,000 feet in two-and-a-half minutes before leveling off to bring the big jetliner into the low-sided Pentagon. An airline pilot with 30,000 flying hours would never attempt a daredevil dive as tricky as this. As the ground rushed up to fill the windscreen, a recorded female voice would have commanded Hanjour to "Pull up! Pull up!" Even if the junior jet jockey complied, the sink rate of a heavy jet descending at nearly 3,000 feet-a-minute would tend to keep its flight path traveling downward even after Hanjour brought the nose up. [page 25] "According to the New York Times, Atta never looked at his instructor. His attention span was zero. Al-Shehhi fared no better. “After some harsh words,” both fledgling militants moved on. Atta and al-Shehhi were not the only alleged terrorists who had trouble stretching their wings. Nawaq al-Hazmi and Khaid al-Mihdhar are alleged to have flown Flight 77. Both jet jockeys briefly attended a San Diego fight school, where they also washed out because of their limited English and incompetence at the controls. Al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar visited the San Diego airfield last spring seeking flying lessons. Instructors who love flying try hard to encourage slow students. But after just two flying lessons, their shaken instructors said “no more,” and advised al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar to quit. “Their English was horrible, and their mechanical skills were even worse,” one instructor told the Washington Post. “It was like they had hardly even ever driven a car.” [page 28] "Central Asian observers observe that America’s interests in their countries are fueled by oil, not good intentions. Reporting from New Delhi, the Asia Times explained how strategic considerations make the US military presence in Afghanistan and the Central Asian states “not unlike that over the oil-rich Gulf states.” According to The American Reporter, within another 50 years Central Asia will account for 80% of world oil needs. The Big Secret is that long before another five decades pass, if Washington and Whitehall do not gain control over Central Asia’s “black gold”, both allied cultures will run out of gas. Writing in The Ecologist of the abrupt transition from three-car families to empty tanks, David Fleming suggests, “the speed at which it arrives could be startling.” [page 84] "In late June, more than two months before attacks on America provided a pretext for war, consultations between Secretary of State Colin Powell and the Russian and Indian foreign ministers reached a decision to invade Afghanistan… India and Iran announced that they would “facilitate” the coming US-Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Washington said it would not drop its invasion plan - even if bin Laden were to be surrendered immediately by the Taliban. [page 98] "Former Green Beret Tyree testified that as early as 1975 drugs were being flown into Panama for transshipment to Arkansas - a state referred to by insiders as the CIA's own "Banana Republic" inside the United States. He should know. Tyree served as crew chief on a US Army helicopter taking part in "Operation Watchtower". Flying more than 100 unmarked cargo planeloads of cocaine out of Colombia into Albrook Air Station, Panama between December 1975 and early March 1976, Tyree watched cocaine being offloaded under the watchful gaze of an Army mission commander, three named CIA officers, an Israeli colonel, and another colonel called Manuel Noriega. [page 102] "At least 21 White House and military intelligence agencies run back door “black” projects unaccountable to Congress or the American people. Other “shadow” agencies operating at the executive level of the federal government include the National Security Council, the 5412 Committee, the PI-40 subcommittee, Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Special Operations, National Program Office, and the “black ops” compartment of the Federal Emergency Management Agency known as FEMA. In practice, the shadow government often works at cross-purposes to legitimate law enforcement and other agencies, using their highly publicized objectives as a convenient cover for “counter-ops” that thrive on the confusion and contradictions they create. Let’s put some names to the unofficial US government “shadow” departments and see how they have actually worked to circumvent the will of Congress and the American public. [page 105] "Bo was blown away when Sa said he would cut off all drugs flowing from the Golden Triangle, if Washington would recognize his Shan state. A grinning Grits was whisked to Washington, where he reported to Harvey that the president's "War On Drugs" was just about won. Instead of acclaiming Grits as a genius and savior of American youth, senior US officials panicked. Harvey called Grits back and asked him what he was doing meddling outside his mandate. Harvey ordered the officer to "erase and forget" everything about his time in the Golden Triangle. "If you don't stop everything you're doing, you're gonna serve 15 years in prison as a felon," Harvey harangued. The elder Bush went ballistic over Grits' gritty initiative, which could have choked off most of the heroin entering the United States - along with the White House skim. [page 106] "On or about July 4, 2001 Osama bin Laden was flown by a private Saudi jet with no registered flight plan to Abu Dubai, Saudi Arabia. When he checked into the American Hospital for emergency care, the outlaw with a $5 million US bounty on his head was accompanied by Ayman al-Zawahari, four bodyguards, an Egyptian MD and a male Algerian nurse from bin Laden’s residence in Quetta, Pakistan. According to Le Figaro, “Throughout his stay in the hospital, Osama Bin Laden received visits from many family members and Saudi Arabian Emirate personalities of status. During this time the local representative of the CIA was seen by many people taking the elevator and going to bin Laden’s room.” [page 127] "Even the New York Times finally choked on a presidential police state. In an editorial headlined, “Seizing Dictatorial Power” one of America’s most respected columnists blasted Bush for mounting what amounts to a silent coup. [page 143]"

"Order your copy of All Fall Down"
"Continue to Part 2:"

More "excerpts from: ALL FALL DOWN: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion" (Chapters 10 through 12, pages 204 to 246) "By William Thomas" [Fifth Essence Publications-Canada Edition Copyright (c) 2002 in Canada, the U.S.A. and Internationally by William Thomas. All rights are reserved.]

"WHAT NOW?" ""Nothing would be what it is. Because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary-wise --what it is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?" --- Alice in Wonderland", by Lewis Carroll [International copyright (c) by Lewis Carroll, his Estate, and/or the Publishers. All rights are reserved.] "Rightly or wrongly, Alice had it right. Or, as that great Yogi named Berra once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” "Confuse people long enough (about 25 seconds for the average TV viewer) - and they will click channels, tune into less arduous distractions, and reset their brains to “snooze” control. "It’s a time-tested formula. Everyone who runs a scam for personal, political or financial gain relies on their audience’s fractured attention to get away with story lines that seem absolutely compelling in the heat of some manufactured moment - but collapse into complete nonsense if we run the tape back and view it frame-by-frame. "Take the events Sept. 11, 2001. Absolutely riveting video, relentlessly repeated. Authoritative news anchors looking dazed and grim, throwing out official statements like lifelines to millions of dazed and desperate viewers drowning in shock and disorientation. "It couldn’t be real, but it had to be true." "So we bought it. Or most of it anyway. We didn’t ask why intelligence agencies who couldn’t catch a whiff of the most complex “hit” since the invasion of Normandy knew the names of 19 cremated hijackers and their renal-challenged ringleader within 48 hours of attacks that killed 50,000, no 25,000, no 6,000, no 2,500 people.. "We didn’t ask how frightened young men who couldn’t fly Cessnas could navigate and steer heavy jets into their targets. Or why none of their names turned up on the passenger lists of the four airplanes they were supposed to have commandeered. (Total number of Middle Easterners among 257 passengers and crew: zero.) "We didn’t ask what the United and American pilots (three of them military veterans) were doing while men armed with quarter-inch knives demanded death to fellow Americans, why their cockpit conversations were never released, why eight indestructible “black boxes” holding the keys to so many questions were rendered “inoperable” while hijackers’ paper passports escaped explosions and fire unscathed. "We didn’t ask why a plane supposedly driven by its passengers into two separate crash sites in the Pennsylvania countryside came apart in mid-air. Or why the president of the United States remained more interested in the story of a pet goat than reports of airliners crashing into Manhattan skyscrapers and the Pentagon. "We didn’t ask why U.S. forces were poised to attack across the Tajikistan border into Afghanistan in an assault announced last June - but could not scramble a single fighter to defend the U.S. capitol before three airliners hit their targets on a sunny morning in September. "We didn’t ask why the CIA met with an ailing Osama bin Laden in an American hospital as the biggest British battle fleet since the Falklands sailed for waters off Afghanistan, why Washington gave the Taliban $43 millions in May, or why the FBI and Attorney General of the United States repeatedly ignored warnings and blocked investigations into the impending attacks. "We didn’t ask what the CIA was doing in the upper echelons of Big Banks that profited hugely from “short-selling” United and American Airlines stocks in the final days before someone dialed 9.11 "We didn’t ask why the head of the WTC arson investigation told reporters there were “explosive devices” in the building, why so few survivors were burned, or why New York firefighters were dragged away from Ground Zero just when the site was becoming safe and they were getting close to the bottom of things." "We did not ask because we were not told what had really happened. "Like good Germans in Hitler’s heyday, we looked the other way when more than 1,100 not-quite-white people bearing Middle Eastern names were thrown into U.S. prisons, interrogated, abused, held without notifying their families or lawyers - without ever being charged with terrorist acts. We were sure it couldn’t happen to us. "Anthrax held us enthralled. Instead of asking what a “weaponized” strain of a decades old “Made In The USA” bacteria was doing in silent letter bombs, we clamored for risky antidotes and even more dangerous vaccines without stopping to consider that anthrax is not contagious, easily treated, rarely fatal - and that bee stings pose a far more serious threat to most Americans. "Like frightened Germans after the Reichstag fire, we demanded that authorities “do something”. They did. A Constitution generations of Americans had given their lives to defend was suspended. Laws were quickly passed permitting surveillance, assets seizure, arrest and detention of “suspects” - without formal charges or judicial oversight. Evidence will be sealed. Special tribunals will hear these cases. Forcible quarantine and inoculations are next. "A president who told Americans the day he “took” office - “If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator” - appointed himself supreme ruler of a his new Supreme National Security Council. A hundred thousand troops were called up for “internal security”. And we said thank God, not realizing that soon perhaps we could be busted for that, too." "FEMA is only for hurricanes, the Florida recount can wait, Timothy McVeigh blew up a big building with the same sort of fertilizer used to cover up his cohorts, Osama bin Laden is an ungrateful madman just like Saddam and Noriega and all the other thugs we’ve hugged, Bush’s “War on Drugs” is just as urgent and honest as his “War on Terrorism”. And kids as precious as our own being blown up in Afghanistan should just get out of the way. "We have to get bin Laden. Or maybe we don’t. It’s no longer clear. For sure, we have to topple the Taliban. What they’re doing to women must be stopped. But now our leaders say maybe it would be okay if they rule the southern half of the country and let us take the rest where the pipelines have to go through. "Pakistan is our ally. They are sending troops to fight on the side of the Taliban. They have nukes. The general who heads their intelligence service sent $100,000 to a fanatic the FBI says led the suicide planes against Manhattan. But it’s okay now. The FBI complained and the general has resigned." "On Oct. 10, 2001 U.S. Ambassador Wendy Chamberlain called on the Pakistani oil minister to get moving on the stalled Unocal pipeline from Turkmenistan across Afghanistan to a Pakistani port. Selling oil and gas to China is back on the table she says, “in view of recent geopolitical developments.” "In the context of appeasing China, Chamberlain is an interesting name. "In the context of Sept. 11, China’s ascension to the WTO before the WTC’s dust had settled seemed almost scripted. Like some kind of quid pro quo - you give us oil and a seat on the organization divvying up the world, we do something for you. "What could that be? At least 15,000 Chinese Muslim troops have been sent to the defense of the Taliban. "Some people think President Bush II’s second modern “crusade” is a contest between Allah and Christ. They are dangerously wrong. This war is being fought to reinstate the real “god” - gold, oil and drugs. "You and I can switch to bicycles or electric cars. But militaries cannot convert to battery-operated battleships or B-52s. The hi-tech allied armed forces needed to keep a lid on people being ripped off - which includes just about everyone on the planet - is running out of oil. The world’s biggest remaining oil reserves are in the Caspian basin. A 20- billion barrel transfusion must begin flowing through 48-inch arteries just as soon as they can be laid across Afghanistan - and injected into the industrialized veins of increasingly desperate oil addicts. "Forget global warming, catastrophic climate change, the oppressed women of Afghanistan, the starving millions shivering with the onset of winter, and millions more moderate Muslims who are beginning to believe that Osama bin Laden is right. We’re talking serious money here: $3 to $5 trillion worth of oil and natural gas, and hundreds of billions more in that other addiction supplied by a country called Afghanistan. "An American administration intimately linked to the international drug trade and the banks that launder its dirty money has been beside itself since the Taliban declared poppy-growing against Shariah Islamic law. Maybe the mullahs were miffed at the CIA for cranking up Afghanistan’s heroin production to finance Osama bin Laden. "Their decree was issued 19 months ago. The fields are fallow; 60% of U.S. heroin imports have been shut off. Junkies are having withdrawals almost as bad as the White House, where some $250 billion a year in illicit drug money waters Wall Street, Big Banks, and various Bushes. "On the scale of national budgets, the only usable amounts of cash are in the drug trade. Everything else is a digital dream. If the drugs stop flowing, the world economy will instantly collapse. "The “shadow” administration hopes Columbia can pick up the slack. But a few dedicated drug enforcement officials haven’t gotten the word. They keep cracking down on drug lords like Lehder linked to people with names like Cheney and Bush. "All the details are in the lawsuits brought by a former Green Beret, a Contra drugs-for-arms dealer and smugglers gone straight. "But the media ignores the news." "It’s imperative that the Taliban get turfed and fresh poppies planted. Don’t get confused. These aren’t the poppies for Remembrance Day. Though in a way they are. Americans have been conned into wars for oil and drug profits beyond their knowledge or imagination since the U.S. Navy tracked the Japanese carriers steaming toward Pearl Harbor, the Maddox fought phantom Viet Cong gunboats in the Gulf of Tonkin, and Iraqi soldiers ignored the incubator babies in Kuwait. "The documentation is voluminous. Much it comes from government sources. Does anyone really believe the puppeteers behind the Sept. 11 attackers do not have a similar agenda? "You decide. Search the Internet. Check the references in the back of this book. Cultivate independent news sources. Evaluate. Read the evidence presented in All Fall Down: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion. See if it resonates. "Ask yourself: “Who benefits? Who gains?” "“Well,” says David Icke, "The Illuminati want a world government and army, a world currency and centralized global financial dictatorship and control. They want micro-chipped people and a society based on constant surveillance of all kinds at all times. And they want a frightened, docile, subservient, people who give their power away to the “authorities” who can save them from what they have been manipulated to fear." "That pretty well nails it down." "Ted Rall has traveled extensively through Central Asia. His cartoons are savagely astute. So is his analysis. Rall writes that the Sept. 11 attacks have provided Washington with “the perfect excuse to do what the U.S. has wanted all along - invade Afghanistan and install a puppet pipeline regime in Kabul.” "Amend that to: “puppet poppy pipeline regime.” "Michael Ruppert is a former LAPD investigator. He has submitted written testimony to the Senate Committee on Intelligence. After investigating the events leading up to Sept. 11, Ruppert responds, “I absolutely believe, at this moment, that the United States government had foreknowledge of the attacks and allowed them to occur.” "Dr. Len Horowitz, the man who wrote the books on Washington’s complicity in a cull, says of Sept. 11: “There is a conspiracy within our own government - a conspiracy of silence at minimum.” "After two solid months on this case, after evaluating gigabytes of corroborative information, after presenting the patterns formed by that evidence in this book, All Fall Down - I fully concur. There can be zero doubt that the attacks of Sept. 11 were foreseen and facilitated by agents and agencies within the United States government. "I did not say, “initiated”. I have no evidence of that yet. But in any courtroom worthy of that name, accomplices to mass murder are no different from those who pull the triggers. Or fly the suicide planes." "So what to do? "In a media-branded “terrorist” camp in the British Columbia interior, where armed native warriors were preparing to defend their Shaman and their land against heavily armed tactical police, their leader pointed to the campfire we were sitting around and told me that he welcomed a massacre that would spark an uprising across Canada. "Wolverine knew that provoking a heavy-handed response to one small band occupying ancestral lands would “scatter the embers” among the far-flung dry tinder of long-held resentments and rage. "Osama bin Laden knows this too. The Iraqis, Jordanians and Saudis I met during the Gulf War were businessmen troubled by American terror from the skies. They come from a tribal people with long memories. Even the more moderate Koran they follow teaches the absolute obligation of the faithful to avenge the killing of innocents - unless acceptable reparations and apologies are made. "Killing one million Iraqis - mostly children under the age of 15 - through bombings, radiations and epidemic-sparking sanctions--then bombing people with the lowest per-person calorie intake in the world and killing millions more in the coming cold of a mountain winter--is not a wise policy for anyone this side of such a vast gulf in history and perception. "Not if we want to keep opening letters, boarding airliners and working in tall buildings. "We certainly want to reduce the level of terror, certainly not escalate it,” Noam Chomsky told a San Francisco peace rally. “There is one easy way to do that and therefore it is never discussed. Namely stop participating in it. That would automatically reduce the level of terror enormously.” "What else? "“Beyond that, we should rethink the kinds of policies, and Afghanistan is not the only one, in which we organize and train terrorist armies. Rethink the policies that are creating a reservoir of support,” Chomsky adds. "Want to stop terrorism dead in its tracks? Stop looking the other way. Stop arming people with heavy grievances and their own agendas. Take out the training camps, from Fort Benning, Georgia to the Beka’a Valley. Give angry, hungry kids in refugee camps a home, a homeland, an education, a stake in a worthwhile future. "Give them respect. "Listen to what they are saying. Before they feel driven to say it with 30-pounds of explosives strapped to their chests. The biggest thing I learned before bullets started flying at Gustafsen Lake is that people with grievances just want to be heard." "Bill Moyers has another startling suggestion. Reduce our need for oil. In a keynote address to the Environmental Grantmakers Association on October 16, 2001 Moyers asked, "Do we want to send the terrorists a message? Go for conservation. Go for clean, home-grown energy." "He said, "As for national security, well, it’s time to expose the energy plan before Congress for the dinosaur it is. Everyone knows America needs to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel. But this energy plan is more of the same: more subsidies for the rich, more pollution, more waste, more inefficiency... America's unchecked consumption of oil has become our Achilles heel. It leaves our economy dangerously vulnerable to price shocks. It invites environmental degradation, ecological disasters, and potentially catastrophic climate change." "He's right." "Feeling used, enslaved, scammed, betrayed, lied to, burned out, bummed out. manipulated, screwed over, mind controlled, emotionally blackmailed, tantalized, toyed with, jerked around, ripped off, threatened, harassed, patronized, exhorted, extorted, attacked by powerful interests who keep telling you it's all "for your own good" and that there is no such thing as conspiracy at high and hidden levels? "Take heart! In September, 2001 more than 50 million North Americans accessed the Internet from their homes. An online community of real flesh and blood brothers and sisters is coming together very quickly now. Nothing is hidden, all is being rapidly revealed. Despite the complacent complicity of media mesmerizers, the first mass-marketed war to come up against the worldwide web is being undone by hundreds of millions of people bypassing its contradictions and coercions to share solidarity and insights on the net. "From North, South, East and West people of all persuasions are coming together in a rapidly coalescing consciousness. Each new participant brings another vital piece of personal perspective that is already forming a new world view that is inclusive, respectful, compassionate and celebratory of its differences and diversity. "We can turn this around. "We've all been traumatized. We’re all mad as New Yorkers. And we’re smarter and more generous than our fear and anger. "People know what’s going on. Even those who don’t have access to alternative information sense that there is much more to motives and events than they are being told. By the grace of a wired world and the spirit within us all, we are joining together to pull the plug on cynical profiteers whose only “god” is the payouts they receive in gold, oil and drugs. "Here are some things we can do: "Remember the children. "Unplug all brainwashing broadcast machines within eye and earshot. "If someone tries to sell you a box of bombs and flags. Just say, "Forget it. I'm not buying until I read the label." "Buy only necessities. "Do not sign up, do not subscribe, do not join the party line. It leads to a gulag. Then over a cliff. "Do not look down. "Try spreading your wings instead. "Move always toward the light. "Call home immediately. Remember that prayer is more powerful than any weapon or ill intention every devised. "Listen to each other’s stories. There is more wisdom in personal experience than any agenda-serving “analysis”. "Hug someone you care about right now "Whenever you feel love and gratitude, express it out loud. Do this often. The whole universe hears you. Every creature who benefits will bless you for your gift. "Resist much. Obey little. Think for yourself. "When they come with retina scans, wear contacts inscribed with your favorite slogan. "THINK LIKE SOMEONE IN A COUNTRY OCCUPIED BY A FOREIGN POWER. "ACT LIKE SOMEONE SHARING A PLANET OCCUPIED BY A FOREIGN POWER. "REMEMBER THAT YOU HAVE THE POWER. "We must depart the script prepared for us. Reality is consensual. We can all change our minds. If we stand together in the face of tyranny, if we laugh at fear and choose to walk away from this scam - it all falls down. "Then we can build a saner, more compassionate, more joyful world together." ---William Thomas

"All statements excerpted from Chapters 10 through 12 above are fully described and documented in:" "ALL FALL DOWN: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion, by William Thomas" "268 pgs., $35 including shipping and free electronic updates, please include an email address" "Will Thomas, Heron Rocks, 1-9 Hornby Is., BC Canada V0R1Z0" ""
"More from All Fall Down:" "WHO GAVE THE GREEN LIGHT FOR 9.11?" "DON'T DO IT, DUBYA"
"Order your copy of All Fall Down"


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