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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

FEAR AND DENIAL IN LAS VEGAS: The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Denial Itself, The Only Thing We Have To Deny Is Fear Itself (Written on 31 December 2003; Updated on 7 July 2004) By S. Wolf Britain It has become very clear to me that the bogus terror alerts (see the articles by Kurt Nimmo of Another Day In The Empire, also published by Dissident Voice, below) are for more of a purpose than simply keeping the American people in fear; they are also about getting many, if not most, of them to "turn over and go back to sleep", and deny not only the so-called threats, but the duty to face and learn what's really going on and do something right about it! In other words, the alleged threats are designed for the express purpose of making the vast majority of "Americans" so take the climate of "terrorist threats" and fear for granted, and to be so afraid of, and numb to, the climate of fear itself, that they will not only "dummy-up" and voluntarily surrender their civil liberties, but also live like virtually nothing, or very little, is happening that effects them directly or personally, and do nothing that they should and must do to curb the United State’s corporate-government-religious-capitalist-imperialist-colonialist-fascist takeover of themselves and everyone else....(!) ....(A)nd it is working! Denial is a very insidious and pernicious thing, and most "Americans" are deep in denial, and have been for a long time! Denial that of course huge conspiracies are going on! Denial that a so-called "President of the United States", his cabinet, Israeli "Intelligence", the CIA, the "National Security Agency" (NSA), the Pentagon, and the "Defense Department" could be, and probably are in all-actuality, involved in an atrocity of enormous proportions! Denial that the U.S. government exercising an imperial, colonial and murderous foreign policy is completely anti-democratic and totally wrong! Denial that surrendering and taking away civil liberties in what is supposed to be the greatest democracy on Earth is absolutely unacceptable! Denial that blindly "respecting", following and worshipping the U.S. government while it is the rogue, terrorist nation that it is, is Truly, Fully and Completely anti-patriotic and treasonous! Denial that True Americans must not and cannot allow ANY of it go unchecked without non-violently and peacefully "rising up" against it, and that doing so is True Patriotism! And the denials go on and on and on, ad nauseum, leading to blind and total subservience to evil! What are we doing, and allowing, "for God's sake"?! There is no question that what most "Americans" are doing, and allowing to go unchecked, is making their fast "progress" down the wide path to final destruction that God Himself predicted(!): "It is written, thus says the Lord (God in Jesus the Christ, the Word(s) of God)...." "Enter in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the Way, which leads unto Life, and few there be that find it." (Matthew 7:13-14 [emphasis added by me].) But the minority of True Americans are NOT allowing it to go unchecked, and are fulfilling their Godly, True Patriotic Duty to warn the rest of "America" out of the wide path to final destruction! "....Well done, you good and faithful servant(s)...."! (Matthew 25:21.) Yet, unto the bad and unfaithful "servant(s)", God said, "....You evil and slothful servant(s).... (you will be) ...cast... into outer darkness (where) there will be weeping(,).... (great guilt and self-loathing)"! (Matthew 25:26 and 30 [emphasis added by me].) In other words, ALL those who do not come out of their fear, denial, self-centeredness, refusal to take the True Patriotic stand against the U.S. corporate-government, anti-democratic, tyrannous, treasonous, religiously intolerant, racist, unjust, and repressive takeover of the United States and the entire world, and their persecution of the True Patriots who ARE taking the right stand against all of the evils of their corporate-government's religious-capitalist-imperialist-colonialist-fascism, will suffer great "fear and (self-)loathing", much, much worse than that which comes with the usual addictions like alcoholism and other drug addictions, and in a much worse place of final destruction than the likes of "Las Vegas" (a symbol for "Babylon", selfishness, greed, lust, adultery, perversion, debauchery, depravity, and self-destruction, not to be overly-confused with ancient, literal, no longer existent Babylon in what is now Iraq)! The apocalypse is almost upon us all....(!) ....(O)r perhaps we have already been in the apocalypse for quite some time! But, even if it hasn't quite occurred yet, if Bush and Company use so-called "small tactical nukes" on defenseless "Third World" countries as they want to do, or use them on any country for that matter, at minimum the radioactive fallout is going to circle the globe, effecting us all, killing thousands if not millions more innocent people with cancer(s), much as Hiroshima, Nagasaki, the above-ground nuclear bomb testing in Nevada, Chernobyl, Three-Mile Island, and the thousands of tons of depleted uranium from uraniam-tipped bombs and missiles dropped on Yugoslavia in 1999, Iraq from 1991 to 2003, and again in 2003, and Afghanistan from 2001 to 2003, did and/or still are, and just as these psychopathic, genocidal globalists want! We DO have a lot to be afraid of, but that does NOT mean we have to live in fear or denial about it! We CAN face what is really going on without letting it destroy us emotionally, and without doing the most unhealthy thing of all, pretending it doesn't effect ALL of us and that we are not ALL responsible for taking a stand against it! We CAN do this by seeking out and obtaining God's Perfect, Unconditional Love and Strength to endure, and to bring His Perfect Truth, Love and Strength to all those we CAN reach with it! There IS Great Hope, even in the face of great monstrousness....(!) ....(B)ut that Hope is NOT AT ALL found in denial or fear! Again, 'perfect fear (and denial) casts out Love'; and God's "....perfect Love casts out fear...."! (1 John 4:17.) Denial is the ultimate in fear! Fear of facing the Truth! And fear is the ultimate in denial! Denial of God's Love! We CAN face the Truth, obtain God's True Love and Strength, and share it with the world! Yet, if we don't do it, we are the ultimate in cowards whose perfect fear is casting out God's Love and leaving us and many others' destitute of ANY AND ALL True Hope; and that is why cowards like those, including people like and Bush and Company, are and will be even more a part of destroying innocent people the world-over, and that even "minor" cowards are and will be even more a part of the destruction as well, if they aren't already! Betrayal is occurring right and left, but we haven't seen anything yet! Most of "our leaders" have betrayed us, and ARE doing so more and more! Most of "our churchmen" have betrayed us, and ARE doing so more and more! And, very soon, most of "our friends" and neighbors will betray us if we stand up for what's right, and against what is wrong; and, also very soon, even our own family(ies') will betray us for standing up for what's right, and against what is wrong! But we MUST NOT let that discourage us from fulfilling our rights and duties to stand up for what's right, and against what is wrong; and we MUST NOT let it keep us from doing so! Remember, "....(the) people perish for lack of (True) Knowledge...."! (Hosea 4:6 [emphasis added by me].) ....But we MUST NOT let them perish without this True Knowledge....(!) ....(F)or True Knowledge, and True Love, do NOT include murdering, slaughtering and destroying people all over the globe; and they do NOT include forcing "our" corporate-government's religious-capitalist-imperialist-colonialist-fascist ways on sovereign people(s') everywhere who know what they want, and who know without a doubt that they do NOT want "our" selfishness, self-centeredness, greed, lust(s), perversion(s), debauchery(ies), depravity(ies), self-destruction(s), and slaughter(s) of thousands of their people! ALL OF THESE PEOPLE(S') HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS THAT WE DO, TO "....LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF (TRUE) HAPPINESS...." AND EQUALITY, AND HAVE THE SAME RIGHT(S), AND DUTY(IES), AS WE DO TO DEFEND THEMSELVES AND THEIR COUNTRY(IES) FROM BEING CONQUERED AND OCCUPIED BY (AN)OTHER NATION(S)! They also have just as much right(s) AS WE DO to be free from lies....(!) ....(A)nd just as much of a DUTY to stand up against lies AS WE DO, especially the duty to stand up against the United State’s corporate-government-religious-capitalist-imperialist-colonialist-fascist lies that in carrying out "first-strike" wars against small, defenseless nations, and slaughtering tens and hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of innocent people WHO HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH TERRORISTS, AND WHO DID NOT ATTACK OUR COUNTRY, is supposedly, by some twisted, evil so-called "logic" and Machiavellian so-called "reason", liberating and saving them, bringing so-called "freedom" and "democracy" to them, and protecting them, and us, from so-called "terrorism" and the so-called "attempted overthrow of democracy" in the U.S. and worldwide! But True Americans have even more of a duty to expose those lies....(!) ....CALL EVIL BY ITS TRUE NAME(S), expose the lies for what they really are, bald-faced fraudulent falsehoods and deceptions on a scale that has never before been seen on the face of the entire planet, and to expose the Truth that it is in-actuality the United State’s corporate-government-religious-capitalist-imperialist-colonialist-fascists who ARE the biggest terrorist threats to Democracy and Freedom in both the U.S. and planet-wide, who ARE overthrowing democracy both nationally and internationally, taking away our freedom(s), and the freedom(s) of sovereign people(s') the world-over, and falsely imprisoning, murdering, slaughtering, and destroying millions of innocent people, both "at home" and abroad, on an also never-before-seen scale, because those lies are coming from "our" own government! Just because the U.S. government does it, does NOT mean it is okay....(!) ....(A)nd just because we are "Americans", the Word(s) of God predict that it is going to happen anyway, and/or the prophecies of God's Word(s) have NEVER failed to come COMPLETELY true, does NOT mean that we are supposed to keep our mouths shut about it, not speak out against these horrific evils, and not save as many innocent lives as we can! It is our God-given DUTY to warn ALL people about ALL of the deceptions of, and to "save" ALL people from, this evil world; and "The Gospel", or "Good News", includes ALL of the Truth, not just Biblical Truth, but political Truth as well, as God's Word(s) and True Democracy go hand-in-hand; therefore, WE MUST ALL FULFILL our God-given duty to warn and wake up all that we can, and to get them to stand up against ALL evil, too; for this is the Greatest Love that we can have and exercise for and to our fellow-citizens, AND for and to our fellow-human-beings the world-over! REMEMBER, AND NEVER FORGET, "ALL (PEOPLE) ARE... EQUAL...."! (The Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776.) Please, do NOT have fear and cowardice, and bigotry, wherever you are....(!) ....(A)nd please do NOT roll over and go back to sleep! Have True Love and Courageousness towards ALL people, in EVERY place that you are! For then and ONLY then will we Truly live in "...the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave", IN THE UNITED STATES AND ALL OVER THE WORLD! [Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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