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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

"WHO GAVE THE GREEN LIGHT FOR 9.11?" Part One of: "A Two-Part Series by William Thomas" "June 29, 2002" [Fifth Essence Publications-Canada Edition Copyright (c) 2002 in Canada, the U.S.A. and Internationally by William Thomas. All rights are reserved.] "PART 1"
"SEE NO EVIL" "In the weeks leading up to the aerial attacks of Sept. 11, international flight crews used to heightened precautions abroad expressed dismay over relaxed security at all major US airports. As one veteran flight attendant told this reporter: "Airport metal detectors have three sensitivity settings: green, yellow and red. When anything sets it off, you know an alert has been issued, and that it's set to red. But on the morning of Sept. 11, airport metal detectors on the East coast were set on green." "WHY?" "For the next eight months, chanting “We Didn’t Know” like a mantra, White House officials categorically denied receiving any advance warnings of attackers whose effortless evasion of airport and air force defenses left obvious questions unasked by flag-waving media celebrities. "None dared call it complicity." "GROUNDED" "The Federal Aviation Administration says it alerted NORAD to the first hijackings at 8:38, less than 10 minutes before the first tower was hit. The general in charge of North American Air Defense neglected to explain why 18 minutes later a pair of F-15s were scrambled from Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod - 179 miles from the fray - when other armed “ready alert” aircraft were much closer. [Miami Herald Sept. 14, 2001] "Ordered to keep their speed down to an airliner’s crawl, Otis’ Mach 2 fighters were 70 miles from New York City when the South Tower was struck at 9:03 a.m. Two F-16s from Langley, Virginia arrived overhead 20 minutes after the Pentagon was hit. [Cape Cod Times Sept. 16, 2001] "Myers never mentioned that just 10 miles away, someone held two armed “ready- alert” fighters on the ground at Andrews Air Force Base until early evening. [Andrews AFB website] "I would like to interview those two pilots: "Who overrode their repeated appeals to launch? "How did they feel as they listened to airline pilots reporting the attacks they were trained and pledged to prevent? "Who ordered their ready-to-fly, round-the-clock, “anti-terrorist” 121st and 321st fighter squadrons erased from the Andrews website on Sept. 12? "And who shot down Flight 93, which came down in two widely separated sections after a heat-seeking missile fired by a pursuing fighter flying under “weapons free” orders blew off a wing over Pennsylvania? [“Shoot down over Pennsylvania” New York Times Sept. 15, 2001]" "FEMA FOLLIES" "Everywhere in this strange and sickening story, contradictions feed conundrums. How did the Federal Emergency Management Agency know what was coming? Before being cured of his “memory lapse” by emergency spin doctors, FEMA Urban Rescue team leader Tom Kennedy told a nationwide CBS audience on Sept. 12: “We’re currently one of the first teams that was deployed to support the City of New York in this disaster. We arrived on late Monday night and went right into action on Tuesday morning.” "CBS anchor Dan Rather never asked what FEMA was doing deploying the night before the WTC attacks. Or how a President could claim that $30 billion worth of silicon and security specialists never considered that the previously bombed World Trade Center might still be a prime terrorist target - when the WTC is depicted in a terrorist’s crosshairs on the cover of FEMA's ant-terrorist manual. "But in mid-May, Rather and other highly paid readers and transcribers of official press releases were prodded into actually committing journalism when a three-month old Congressional inquiry learned of a flurry of high-level Washington warnings long-discussed in the British and European press." "FLEISCHER FLOUNDERS" "Attempting damage control, Presidential Press Secretary Ari Fleischer contradicted earlier denials, saying that the White House had received repeated “heads up!” calls from foreign leaders and security agencies of impending aerial attacks by al Qaeda hijackers. "Fleischer first insisted the warnings dealt solely with US interests outside the United States. Reversing himself without hesitancy or shame, the presidential spokesman then admitted that the administration had been warned of “domestic US targets” as early as the previous May. "Fleischer assured Americans that the White House immediately “notified the appropriate agencies” of the terrorist hijacking threat they had previously insisted they knew nothing about. "If so, it is compellingly curious that airport check-in and security personnel were never sent from “green” complacency to “red” alert. "US intelligence experts now say that if airline ticket agents and low-paid gate security personnel had been ordered to pay close attention to the “Terrorist Profile” card at their elbows, young Middle Eastern men paying for tickets with cash would have been stopped for questioning before being allowed to board transcontinental flights. It is unlikely that men bent on bloody business would have been seated in Business Class after being asked to produce luggage “salted” with flight manuals, hijack exhortations and suicide notes, and left as convenient clues in the trunks of their rental cars. "Airline insiders insist that razor-sharp Exacto knives would have also triggered metal detectors set to the highest sensitivity. But on May 16, a spokesman for security at Boston Logan Airport where the WTC kamikazes originated, told the Boston Globe: “The Federal government never handed down any intelligence regarding hijackings.” "Not to Logan airport security, anyway. "When San Francisco mayor Willie Brown called on Sept.10 to check the status of a flight he was planning to take into New York the following day, a return call from a person Brown described to the San Francisco Chronicle as an “airport security man”, told him to be “extra cautious about air travel” into Gotham on Sept. 11. "By then, a Sept. 7 “worldwide warning” from the State Department had alerted other US government agencies that Americans “may be the target of a terrorist threat [from] extremist groups with links to Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda organization.” "According to German BND Intelligence, an Echelon ear in England had overheard conversations regarding the coming attacks. Listening in on phone calls, faxes and emails, Echelon also automatically monitors international financial transactions and airline travel for signs of unusual activity." "TRADERS AND TRAITORS" "Sudden spikes in Wall Street trading are closely checked by PROMIS software. On Sept.10, as a Brooklyn high school student of Middle Eastern descent warned classmates not to venture into Manhattan, automatic stock-trading alarms would have been triggered when 4,516 “put” options were suddenly purchased against American Airlines. "Essentially leveraged bets that American’s stocks were about to “crash”, the day’s trading volume was 600% higher than the usual level of trading in AA shares. A similar sudden spike in UAL “put” purchases represented a 1,200% jump in the usual number of daily stock “bets” placed against United the day before that airline also lost two planes. "The WTC’s biggest tenant, Morgan Stanley saw a daily average of 27 “put” contracts. On Sept. 8, 9 and 10, someone with inside knowledge of the Twin Towers takedown bought 2,157 of Morgan Stanley options. Merrill Lynch, another big brokerage house occupying 22 floors of the WTC, saw 12,215 put options purchased in the four trading days leading up to the attacks. The average trading volume in Merrill Lynch shares is 252 contracts per day. [The Independent Oct. 14, 2001]" "WAS THERE A CIA CONNECTION?" "It turns out that the investment bank used to place “put options” on United Airlines stock was managed until 1998 by “Buzzy” Krongard. Currently executive director of the CIA, Krongard helmed the Alex Brown bank when it was acquired by Banker’s Trust in 1997. Accused of laundering drug-money, Banker’s Trust was then absorbed into Deutsche Bank. Europe’s biggest blockbuster bank next made the news by being named the hub of insider trades involving the insurance company Munich Re. European regulators are now examining unusually heavy trades in Munich Re, Swiss Re, Cigna and Axa of France. Each of these underwriters was exposed to heavy losses from the destruction of the Trade Center. Like Alex Brown, Axa and Cigna insurers have close links to the international drug trade and its handmaiden, the CIA. [All Fall Down] "Osama bin Laden’s family banks at Deutsche Bank. On Sept. 15, as German investigators probed Deutsche Bank’s short-selling of sensitive Sept. 11 stocks, Alex Brown head Mayo Shattuck abruptly resigned. "So did Lt-Gen. Mahmud Ahmad. Instead of being tried by an American military tribunal, the ISI director-general quietly left his post as head of Pakistan intelligence at the insistence of US authorities, after FBI agents recorded Mahmud’s cell phone calls ordering a sheikh to wire $100,000 to Sept. 11 ringleader Mohamed Atta. [The Times Of India Oct. 12, 2001] "Since, like Osama bin Laden himself, the ISI is a creation of the CIA, did the feds at Foggy Bottom know what its director was manifesting for Manhattan? Fleischer fulminated that the President was "provided information about bin Laden wanting to engage in hijacking in the traditional pre-9/11 sense - not for the use of suicide bombing, not for the use of an airplane as a missile."" "LETTING IT HAPPEN" "Apparently, repeated threats of conventional hijackings by Islamic fanatics keen on killing Americans was deemed unworthy of public warning by junta the New York Times accused of "Seizing Dictatorial Power". [Nov. 15, 2001] But an unfazed Fleischer fantasized that Bush administrators would have hit alarm buttons if they’d dared dream that al Qaeda hijackers might turn commercial airliners into flying bombs. "Had Ari Fleischer forgotten President Putin’s warnings to Washington “in the strongest possible terms” of imminent attacks on prominent symbols of American business and military might? Repeated throughout the month of August, Moscow’s urgent messages specified that 25 terrorist pilots had been specifically trained for suicide missions. [Interview with President Putin MS-NBC Sept. 15, 2001] "In this, Putin proved precise. Boxcutters found on two airliners diverted to Canada subsequently raised the number of targeted suicide planes to six, and the estimated number of hijackers to 25. "A leading German daily newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported that at least three months before Sept. 11, US intelligence agencies learned that “Middle Eastern terrorists were planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture.” [Sept. 14, 2001] "This could not have been news to American alphabet agencies. In the months leading up to Sept. 11, the CIA was actively tracking as many as six bin Laden cells, whose members were making homes and learning news skills in the USA. "According to ex-CIA chief Stansfield Turner, every phone line, cell phone call and email was intercepted. "Vanity Fair’s Henry Porter reveals that “hundreds” of Sept. 11 ringleader Mohamed Atta’s cell phone calls were intercepted and traced by the CIA. [Dec. 2001] "Documents obtained by the Baltimore Sun boasted that National Security Agency officials “sometimes played tapes of bin Laden talking to his mother to impress members of Congress.” [April 24, 2001]" "WRIGHT AND WRONG" "FBI agent Robert Wright wonders why no one intervened. On May 11, his lawsuit made the Washington Post after the agent alleged that senior intelligence officials had blocked investigations that could have led to the apprehension of the terrorists before Sept. 11. "Wright confirmed that Minneapolis FBI agents were yanked off the case after arresting a suspicious Middle Eastern flight student named Moussaoui - and finding Boeing fight manuals and several passports in the trunk of his car. "When the French Directorate of Territorial Security (DST) flagged the feds that Moussaoui was a known al Qaeda terrorist, FBI counterterror specialists were ordered not to probe Moussaoui’s activities and associations. "Angry agents beseeched David Schippers to intercede on their behalf. The prominent Clinton-impeachment attorney asked Attorney General Ashcroft to allow intensified investigation of a known al Qaeda operative, who wanted to learn how to turn and bank heavy aircraft - without landing or taking off. "After schlepping with Schippers, Ashcroft immediately ordered a halt to all investigations into the man now regarded as a prime accomplice in the Sept. 11 hijackings. "Why were Wright’s worries ignored by the same superiors who refused permission to mess with Moussaoui? As Newsweek noted on May 16: “When agents learned, from French intelligence, that he had radical Islamic ties, they sought a national-security warrant to search his computer - and got turned down. From his e-mail traffic they found he wanted to learn to fly a 747.” "Just days before the Sept. 11 attack, as a crack counterterror team frantically mused over Moussaoui’s motives, the FBI agents were “in a frenzy,” recalls a senior official, “absolutely convinced he was planning to do something with a plane.” "In his memo to superiors, Wright wrote that “one possibility” was that Moussaoui might be planning to hijack an airliner and crash it into the World Trade Center. "The FBI failed to broadcast Wright's prophecy. They also neglected to correlate this experienced agent's threat-assessment with agent Kenneth Williams' "Phoenix memo", which warmed of similarly suspicious Middle Eastern flight students two months before the airborne attacks on the World Trade Center. "On May 30th, Wright appeared at a televised press conference to say that “as a direct result of the incompetence, and at times intentional obstruction of justice by FBI management to prevent me from bringing terrorists to justice, Americans have unknowingly been exposed to potential terrorist attacks for years.” [C-SPAN] "A whistle-blowing Wright further claims that his FBI employers prevented him from interdicting the financiers of Osama bin Laden’s terror network, after Washington ordered agents to avoid offending the bin Laden and Royal Saudi families. "Long-suspected as heavy donors to “charities” that help terrorists kill Americans, the King of the Saudi Kingdom, who holds to the same strict, anti-modern brand of fundamentalist Wahhabism embraced by Osama bin Laden - and the ultra wealthy bin Laden family who spawned him - are “must not offend” gateways to strategic US interests in the oil-rich Middle East. "Their privileged status is impressive."
"Continue to Part 2:"

"WHO GAVE THE GREEN LIGHT FOR 9.11?" "By William Thomas" [Fifth Essence Publications-Canada Edition Copyright (c) 2002 in Canada, the U.S.A. and Internationally by William Thomas. All rights are reserved.] "PART 2" OF 2
"ALL IN THE FAMILY" "On Sept. 12, with all commercial aircraft ordered grounded across the USA, a lone chartered jet was allowed to depart lamenting Logan and whisk 11 members of the bin Laden clan to a Saudi safe haven. [Greg Palast, BBC Newsnight] "It’s a safe bet that Abdullah bin Laden was onboard. Uncovered by relentless researcher and author Dr. Len Horowitz, FBI file “Secret Case ID - 199-Eye WF 213 589” details an abortive national security investigation into Abdullah’s activities as president and treasurer of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth. "WAMY occupies a small room at 5613 Leesburg Pike - just a few blocks away from 5913 Leesburg Pike, where four of the hijackers lived who later commandeered airliners to strike the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In the weeks immediately following Sept. 11, Pakistan expelled WAMY fundraisers, India charged that WAMY was funding an organization linked to bombings in Kashmir, and the Philippines military accused WAMY of funding Muslim insurgency. "The Bush administration refused to freeze WAMY asses or assets, claiming the Muslim youth group is a “charity”. []" "BUSH’S BULGING BILLFOLD" "Other charitable donations from that purloined presidential palace include a nearly $100 billion bonus handed to major American corporations by a son of a Bush, who boasted on at least eight occasions that he had “hit the trifecta” jackpot on unlimited spending. [T r u t h O u May 16, 2002] "The winner of the year 2000 presidential election called Bush’s gloating over nearly 3,000 dead Americans, “disgusting”. But it took a courageous congresswoman named Cynthia McKinney to ask how much of this presidential windfall went to the bin Ladens and Bush’s father. "United in war and biowar profiteering through their respective stakes in the world’s biggest war contractor, the Carlyle Group, the Bushes and the bin Ladens counted their take from stockpiling America’s only authorized anthrax vaccine. [Wall Street Journal Sept. 27, 2001] "Meanwhile federal agents sniffing around the Bush-bin Laden connection were told to “back off” from investigating the CIA and US corporate origins of anthrax spores mailed to outspoken Democratic congressmen - and to ignore anything suspicious that was Saudi. "The Bush-bin Laden connection is extensive. Take Khaled bin Mahfouz, for example. This prominent Middle East banker is currently under house arrest in a hospital in Taef at the behest of American authorities, who are looking into the $3 million he is alleged to have contributed to Saudi Arabian “charities” linked to Osama Bin Laden. "Mahfouz was earlier charged in the BCCI banking scandal involving much of the world’s trillion-dollar-a-year narcotics trade, equally lucrative arms sales, international prostitution - and using Mideast oil money to bribe the leaders of the world’s most powerful nations. "Mahfouz is a banker for Bush. Mahfouz’s sister is one of the wives of Osama bin Laden. [All Fall Down] "With smoking cannons like this lying around in the Bush-bin Laden bedroom, it’s no wonder conscientious FBI agendas attempting to protect Americans were told to drop their investigations. Wright’s 500 page catalogue of senior FBI “betrayals” was underscored by John O’Neil, who quit his post as head of FBI Counterterror operations just two months before Black Tuesday. "As O’Neil told the French authors of Bin Laden, The Forbidden Truth, his anti-terror team was forbidden from investigating the suicide bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen for fear of upsetting the Saudis - and jeopardizing a multi-billion dollar pipeline project slated to deliver a $4 trillion treasure-trove of Central Asian oil and natural gas across Afghanistan. "Shortly before his death as newly hired head of security at the World Trade Center, O’Neill charged that “The main obstacles to investigate Islamic terrorism were US oil corporate interests and the role played by Saudi Arabia in it.”" "COMPLICIT IN ATROCITIES?" "Back in Virginia, the CIA kept as busy as the FBI in not rounding up terrorists. It turns out that the “Company” first learned of the mysterious Moussaoui in April, 2001. [AP June 3, 2002] "According to Newsweek, the CIA also became aware of known terrorists Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar - and allowed them to live openly in the United States, using their real names to obtain driver’s licenses, open bank accounts and enter flight schools for 21 months, ending with their participation in the Sept. 11 attacks. [Reuters May 16, 2002] "“Was the CIA running a terrorist flight school?” asked Daniel Hopsicker in the Washington Post. Shortly after its purchase by a Flying Dutchman named Rudi Dekkers, would-be hijackers Atta and al-Shehhi enrolled at the Huffman flight school in Venice, Florida. In addition to its known Saudi and Mob connections, the busy Venice airfield had been used by the CIA to run guns used by Contra cowards to murder Nicaraguan teachers and aid workers. "“I’ve always had some suspicions about the way he breezed into town out of nowhere,” said one Venice Airport insider of the remarkable Rudi. “He has absolutely no aviation background as far as anyone can tell.” "Huffman flight instructor Mark Mikarts checked out Atta and al-Shehhi in the school’s white, single-engine Cessna 172 - and found them incapable of finding the ground with both hands. Both wannabe pilots washed out - as did almost all of the other trainees later alleged to have skillfully piloted heavy, complex, unfamiliar jets into targets approaching at 500 feet per second. "It turns out that “Mark Mikarts” is really the Mark Wierdak who flew a “Christian missionary group” in and out of South America every week for more than 20 years. That’s a lot of travel time in the service of the Lord. More devious minds might dwell on other “Christians In Action” requiring private transport - and wonder if Mikarts/Wierdak was working for the CIA. [Washington Post Nov. 7 and 25, 2001] "Dekkers’ direct links to the CIA surfaced after Britannia Aviation began working out of a Huffman hangar. A company with virtually no assets, employees, or corporate history, Britannia had come in under everyone’s radar to land a five-year contract over a much more respected and experienced aviation firm. Never mind that while providing maintenance for Caribe Air, Britannia possessed none of the necessary FAA licenses for airframe and powerplant repair. “Caribe Air” is a CIA air carrier. [All Fall Down] "A documentary filmmaker who chronicled the exploits of “Cocaine Clinton”, Hopsicker relates how one Caribe aircraft was seized by federal agents at the Mena, Arkansas airstrip “after the company was accused by government prosecutors of having used as many as 20 planes to ship drugs worth billions of dollars into this country” under the watchful gaze (and outstretched palm) of then-governor Bill Clinton. "The CIA’s role in facilitating the international narco trade - first out of Southeast Asia’s “Golden Triangle”, and more recently from its “Golden Crescent” successor in Afghanistan and Pakistan - is another prime motive behind this latest war against another former Washington ally. "Referring to the Taliban’s brutal torture, dismemberment and execution of women for wearing bracelets and laughing in public, an American diplomat told veteran British correspondent John Pilger, “We can live with that.” [Z magazine Dec. 27, 2001] But when the Taliban continued to accept substantial White House funding - then refused access to America’s two biggest addictions - something had to be done to secure access to trillions of dollars worth of heroin and oil. "Was Sept. 11 a set-up? Was bungled Florida flight instruction at a known CIA airfield staged as a diversion? Was Rudi Dekkers doing something naughty for the alphabet agencies? A Drug Enforcement Agency source says that Britannia still has a “green light” at the Venice Airport. "“A green light for what?” Hopsicker wonders." "SEE NO EVIL" "Repeatedly and heatedly accused of stonewalling Congressional inquiries into 9.11, the CIA has much to answer for. Remember Almihdhar? After his US visa expired in July 2001, the CIA made no move to alert the State Department, which unwittingly renewed this terrorist’s visa in July 2001 - “even though,” Reuters remarked, “the CIA had linked him to one of the suspected bombers of the USS Cole in Yemen in October 2000.” "According to now furious FBI agents, “frequent meetings” between Alhazmi and Almihdhar and at least five other hijackers would have led federal agents to apprehend all of the Sept. 11 plotters - before Sept. 11. But the FBI was not alerted to hunt the two terrorists until August 22, when CIA Director George Tenet finally authorized an “all-points bulletin” to apprehend Alhazmi and Almihdhar. [“CIA Knew Two Sept. 11 Hijackers Were in U.S.” - Reuters June 2, 2002] "Curiously, if not suggestively, that bulletin never reached airline ticket agents. On the morning of Sept. 11, after showing their ID’s to American Airline staff, Alhazmi and Almihdhar were allowed to board Flight 77. Less than an hour later, with both Twin Towers in flames, this drastically off-course airliner flew past the White House and several nuclear power plants to circle inside the Pentagon’s “no-fly” zone, as armed interceptors poised to scramble were prevented from taking off just minutes away. At 9:41 am, a stunned airline captain watched a Boeing 757 fly below his hotel room before slamming into the west wing of the Pentagon. [CBC Radio interview Sept. 17, 2001]" "LEFT OUT OF THE LOOP" "Fleischer has warned journalists that any question which accuses the President of not acting properly to prevent terrorism “crosses the line”. But what other conclusion is possible when Fleischer admits that the Bush administration knew in May of an impending "spectacular" attack aimed at the USA - and failed to act? "But the President was not told of impending hijackings by al Qaeda until an Aug. 6 memorandum reached him at his Crawford, Texas Ranch [Washington Times, Reuters May 22, 2002] Senator Diane Feinstein and other prominent senators had been briefed a month before. "Marveling at a memo he refuses to divulge to Congress, a President with an IQ of 91 and little grasp of geography or perceptions in the other three-quarters of the world, took comfort from a dangerously simplistic “If you aren’t with us, you’re a terrorist” worldview. (The July 19, 2001 Guardian reported that “Dubya's closest rival for the wooden spoon is his father at 98.”] "G.W.’s vice-president also chose to take an August vacation. At the end of July, Attorney General John Ashcroft simply stopped flying on commercial airliners after a “threat assessment” not shared with the rest of the flying public prompted him to choose taxpayer-chartered jets for his fishing trips. [ May 19, 2002] "As this story goes to press, a congressional probe into the lessons of 9.11 remains stalled by uncooperative CIA officials. Documents are being withheld, witnesses are being intimidated, and outside investigators are being kept outside. [Los Angeles Times May 6, 2002] "For nearly 300 days after the horrific events of Sept. 11, 2001, various military and intelligence agencies and officials paid, sworn and equipped to prevent those attacks have hid behind their own professed “incompetence”. It is time journalists start asking if such stupidity was faked to avoid accusations of active complicity in Black Tuesday. "God help America if its brightest and best-equipped defenders could not predict and prevent attacks they and many allies knew were coming. If Gen. Myers and the heads of the FBI and CIA are as inept as they claim, what are they doing still commanding the mightiest military and intelligence forces on this planet? "A sane solution might be to fire them all. Quickly. Before pursuing possible indictments for treason. "On the other hand, since no official responsible for leaving America vulnerable to airborne terror on Sept. 11 has yet received even the mildest rebuke, the President they answer to must be well-satisfied with their performance leading up to that fateful day. "Just what services did they perform? "Extensive evidence already appearing in the mainstream media shows that: "Senior US intelligence officials actively intervened to block key investigations into known al Qaeda terrorists that would have led to many of the Sept. 11 plotters in time to prevent their attacks. "On that dastardly day, someone in the military chain-of-command prevented armed "ready alert" interceptors from interdicting aerial attacks they would have otherwise disrupted. "Did a desperate desire to avoid offending terrorist-supporting Arab bigshots vital to Washington’s interests unwittingly give a green light to the al Qaeda suicide attacks? "Or did American intelligence officials “in the know” tip big banks with their insider knowledge, while facilitating fanatical strikes that would allow an illegal regime to consolidate control - and pursue a profitable pipeline and poppy war already agreed by the governments of India, Russia, the US and Pakistan the previous June? [All Fall Down] "Behind the smokescreen of going after a dying terrorist financier tied to a dialysis machine, there is much more at stake than appeasing the false god of Guns, Oil and Drugs. Battening on a perpetual war footing maintained since the end of a World War fought against a Nazi madman financed by Prescott Bush, a self-serving Military-Corporate-Entertainment complex urgently needed his grandson to replace an outmoded communist menace with an Islamic bogeyman. ["Chase Banked on Nazis" NY Daily News Dec. 7, 1998] "National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice put it plainly when she told a Houston audience in March 2000: “We need a common enemy to unite us. We need a new threat.” [All Fall Down] "Unfortunately for Americans stripped of their constitutional rights - and at least 60 other nations caught in Bush’s bomb-sights - the biggest terrorist threat may be operating not from a cave in Afghanistan, but behind government desks in Washington. For a President-Select who admits using trumped up “terrorist” threats to deflect critical questions, the made-for-TV spectacle of Sept. 11 was a distraction from the biggest crime of all. "Completed in late August, a $2 million scrutiny of 170,000 uncounted Florida votes by the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times and CNN was shelved in an embarrassed show of solidarity with the only sitting American President to actually lose his election. [“Bush lost election to Gore” The Telegraph Oct, 22, 2001] "But in April, the Florida Supreme Court quietly ruled that the election had been rigged, after state governor Jeb Bush blocked legitimate black votes that would have given Gore an overwhelming victory over his brother. [“Quietly Florida Admits 2000 Election Fraud” AP April 26, 2002] "An illegal take-over of a democratically-elected government by a band of plotters is called a coup. Documents obtained by Dr. Richard Boyland show how Washington’s long-established secret “shadow” government is “a large, organizational network that operates alongside the officially elected and appointed government of the United States.” [“The Secret Shadow Government” by Richard Boyland, Ph.D.] "Dating back to Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, Dealey Plaza, Wounded Knee, Iran-Contra, Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, Waco and the fabricated “incubator babies” of Kuwait, shadow government operations work at cross-purposes to legal agencies, using them as a convenient cover for arms-and-drug running, provocations as a pretext for military attack and invasion, and other “counter-ops” that thrive on the confusion and contradictions they create. "Spotlighted “shadow warriors” include Oliver North, Richard Secord, Barry Seale and former CIA chief George Bush Sr. By Boyland’s documented reckoning, at least 21 US intelligence agencies are now running back door “black” projects unaccountable to Congress or the American people. [All Fall Down] "Currently circulating “shadow” agencies include the Soviet-sounding Supreme National Security Council, answerable only to its founder, “Chairman” George Bush Jr. Other “back-door” projects are run by the National Security Council, the 5412 Committee and the PI-40 subcommittee. "Even the Joint Chiefs of Staff in charge of US defenses has a shadow side called “Special Operations”. In 1962, JCS generals plotted to murder Americans and blame Cuba for their own terrorist acts. One “Project Northwoods” memo explained how, after blowing up a US ship or airliner, “Casualty lists in the US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation” - and support for an invasion of Cuba. [Baltimore Sun April 24, 2001] "Mad over Marxists, all five Joint Chiefs opted for a walk in the Northwoods. But documents obtained by former ABC investigative reporter James Bamford detail how their plan was rejected by President Kennedy - shortly before JFK was shot by multiple assailants in Texas. [James Bamford, Body of Secrets] "Fast-forward to Sept. 11, 2001: The heirs of Northwoods are now in charge of air defense over New York City and their nation’s capitol. Their main man to make things happen is acting NORAD head, Air Force Gen. Richard Myers. Unlike his court-martialed counterparts charged with defending Oahu in 1941, the officer responsible for America’s “second Pearl Harbor” escaped censure or even reprimand after admitting that - oops! - he failed to launch interceptors until after the Pentagon and World Trade Center were burning. [“Gen. Richard Myers at Senate hearing” NBC Sept. 16, 2001]" "AN OFFICER BREAKS RANKS" "Any coup must have the support of the military. But it is no longer certain that the massively augmented Armed Forces are onboard with their Commander’s agenda. A letter published in the May 26 edition of the Monterey, California Herald might have spoken for many military members when Air Force Lt. Col. Steve Butler called President Bush “sleazy and contemptible” for staying silent over specific Sept. 11 warnings. "“He did nothing to warn the American people because he needed this war on terrorism. His daddy had Saddam and he needed Osama. His presidency was going nowhere,” Butler wrote. “This guy is a joke.” [AP June 4, 2002] "Butler was instantly suspended for uttering “contemptuous words” about his Commander-In-Thief, as President Bush is sometimes referred to on the Hill. "As for Gen. Myers, as a result if not reward for his performance, it took only three weeks for this either dangerously incompetent or traitorously complicit commander of US air defenses to be confirmed as head honcho of the US military - “el jefe” of the Joint Chiefs of Staff."
"More from All Fall Down:" Back to Part 1 of: "WHO GAVE THE GREEN LIGHT FOR 9.11?" Go to Part 1 of: "DON'T DO IT, DUBYA"! "Order your copy of All Fall Down"


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