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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

"WARNING: THIS IS A POLICE STATE, JUST GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS" by Kurt Nimmo ANOTHER DAY IN THE EMPIRE: Life in Neoconservative America December 31, 2003 [Copyright (c) 2003 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by Kurt Nimmo and/or Another Day In The Empire. All rights are reserved.] "Ground attack. That's how Bill Young, the sheriff in Las Vegas, characterized the threat. That's why there will be helicopters in the sky. That's why a no-fly zone was declared. That's why there will be sharpshooters posted on hotel-casino roofs and streets will be blocked off with concrete barricades. ""Thousands of local officers and federal agents were to fan out through Pasadena, Calif., where revelers gather along the 5-mile Rose Parade route and attend the Rose Bowl football game," reports the Bush Ministry of Disinformation (BMD) http://www,2933,106994,00.html
. "Video surveillance cameras were to capture images of spectators lining the streets." ""We know that New York remains at the top of the terrorist target list and therefore we have to remain vigilant," said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. "People coming into Times Square will see large numbers of uniformed officers backed by our specialized units and sophisticated equipment." ""Because of the code orange, we're asking people to be extra alert and asking anyone who sees anything odd to talk to an officer," said Columbus, Ohio, Police Chief Lt. Karl Barth. "There will be a lot of officers around." "In New York, they are sending the message. The Hercules Team is on the street. It's part of Operation Atlas. "Operation Atlas incorporates elements of Archangel that outlined methods for responding to terrorist acts, including biological and chemical assaults," explains the NYPD News
. "Operation Atlas would also make use of units, called Hammer teams, that deal with incidents involving hazardous materials. Those teams comprise police and Fire Department personnel." "Hercules Team. Operation Atlas. Archangel. The militarization of America against a fallacious threat posed by largely mythical "Global Network of Terror"
manufactured by the CIA. "Phalanxes of cops backed by "specialized units" bearing "sophisticated equipment." Hammer teams. Cops garbed out like soldiers. Helicopters. But not just your run-of-the-mill helicopters -- "Blackhawk helicopters supplied by the Homeland Security Department."
Video surveillance cameras. Sharpshooters. Concrete barriers. None of this stuff will protect you from al-Qaeda. Not that you have to worry about al-Qaeda. "You should be more worried about Bush's police state ""We have not been attacked again ... this is difficult to prove ... But are we better prepared? Absolutely. Are we much more engaged in investigations and gathering intelligence? Absolutely. Are we better prepared to respond? No question," boasted Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly
. "Gathering intelligence on guys with satellite phones in caves half way around the world or antiwar demonstrators http://www.Vet
? Well, you never know. Osama may be infiltrating the antiwar movement. ""Iraq sent spies from Canada to New York and Washington... to snoop and stir up anti-war demonstrations, according to a government report obtained by the New York Daily News
... The threats, disclosed to U.S. spy agencies... are detailed in a secret report prepared by an intelligence unit in the Homeland Security Department." ""I think the level of security this time around within the United States is absolutely unprecedented," Ministry Secretary Tom Ridge told BMD, ABC News Division
. "It sure is. Because there's a message to send. "(That message is): we (now) live in a police state." " Kurt Nimmo is a photographer, multimedia artist and writer living in New Mexico. To see his photo work and read more of his essays, visit his excellent “Another Day in the Empire” weblog: "


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