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Friday, June 18, 2004

"SOCRATES, REICH AND THE MACHIAVELLIANS" by Kurt Nimmo ANOTHER DAY IN THE EMPIRE: Life in Neoconservative America December 29, 2003 [Copyright (c) 2003 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by Kurt Nimmo and/or Another Day In The Empire. All rights are reserved.] ""True Americans are a dying breed; without question in the minority. It appears that the Satanists are taking over, as you cannot wave your little flag and scream for another's blood and call yourself a person of God. Nor can you believe that the most evil man ever to occupy the White House is receiving personal messages from God. Really, someone should be asking George Bush about those voices he hears. Facing facts, he needs to be carted off to a shrink's office. In handcuffs. Is there anyone out there in what once was the U.S.A. who believes this Napoleon wannabe? Can you not picture him in a padded cell?" "Unfortunately, I'll probably be tossed in a camp before George Bush ever sees a shrink -- or for that matter faces an international tribunal in the Hague for crimes against humanity. ""We Americans, the few of us left, know (think about the word 'know' for a moment; a word that leaves no room for doubt) that September 11 was an inside job. We know that the CIA-groomed Osama bin Laden did not commandeer the felling of the World Trade Center, that Osama is a patsy, possibly a willing one. Probably, in fact, given that the bin Ladens have been in bed with the Bushes for many years through various dealings." "We know but the vast majority of our fellow citizens know not. I can't help but think that if they did know they wouldn't especially care -- they know Bush lied about Iraq and they seem to think there's no problem with pathological and destructive lying. Same as those Good Germans who fawned over Hitler. I hate to say it... far too many Americans are mindless flag-wavers who want Big Brother to coddle them (i.e., feed them comforting and simplistic lies). The amazing thing is that Bush is nowhere near as good an orator as Hitler was -- but then Hitler didn't have the Bush Ministry of Disinformation, otherwise known as Fox, CNN, et al. "People will believe whatever the president (even an unelected one) says because they are conditioned to unquestioningly accept authority, even if a semi-moron is the authority. Submission to authority is pumped into them from kindergarten onward. Mindless flag-waving is reinforced by the culture. ""The daunting task before the few remaining Americans is to convince our brethren, the Machiavellians, that they need to wake up. They will not be rewarded for their affinity with evil, we need to convince them. The law of the universe overshadows any man-made law. The law of the universe shall remain unbroken: Whatever you send out will boomerang." "Good luck. Do you think I can get a guest spot on Sean Hannity's show? I almost made it on Alan Colmes' "liberal" radio show, but then I made the mistake of questioning how somebody who works for the Bush Ministry of Disinformation, Fox News Division, can actually be considered liberal, let alone progressive. Alan got mad at me. I didn't go on his radio show. So I missed my chance to "convince" America to "wake up" and smell the totalitarian coffee. ""In Listen, Little Man!, [Wilhelm] Reich lambastes the average citizen for not only cooperating with dictators such as Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin, but actually embracing them and worshipping them, as is now happening in the 'high approval ratings' for our illegally non-elected, illiterate, unilateralistic, plutocratic, dictatorial American president, not to put too fine a point on it," writes Norman D. Livergood "The 200% American jingoism that we suffered from for several months after 9/11 is somewhat subsiding -- one doesn't see the pickups with two large flags blowing in the breeze or the flags flying in front of homes 24 hours nonstop as much as before. But Americans are going to have to wake up and take responsibility for this new dictatorship or we're all going down the tubes!" "I don't know if they can wake up from the "mass psychology of fascism" coma they are in. Reich tried to tell America about the "emotional plague" it suffered from -- not only allowing warmongers and authoritarians to rule the roost, but worshipping them -- and for his effort his was thrown in a federal clink where he ultimately died. "As John Stuart Mill once said, "mankind can hardly be too often reminded, that there was once a man named Socrates, between whom and the legal authorities and public opinion of his time, there took place a memorable collision [so that Socrates was] put to death as a criminal (though he had truly done NOTHING worthy of the death penalty for)." "Do you think much has changed since 399 BCE?" " Quotes from "Machiavellia Uber Alles,"
, by Marilyn A. Guinnane. " " Kurt Nimmo is a photographer, multimedia artist and writer living in New Mexico. To see his photo work and read more of his essays, visit his excellent “Another Day in the Empire” weblog: "


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