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Friday, July 23, 2004

WHAT ARE "BUSH-THE-MONSTROUS" AND COMPANY GOING TO PERPETRATE NEXT?! (Written on 11 October 2003; Updated on 23 July 2004) By S. Wolf Britain Seeing as there is evidence that the CIA was involved in 9-11, and that Bush and Family, and his entire administration, are deeply involved in the CIA, what very serious event(s) is/are "Bush-the-Monstrous" and Company going to carry out next in order to get him elected for the first time, re-selected in another U.S. Supreme Court- aided coup, and/or to keep the "American" people in fear, and keep them calling for the blood of those who stand in the way of the corporate-military-industrial-government complex? "The People" have already been lied to right and left in order to get their and Congresses' support for the second war of aggression against Iraq, and to continue to support the so-called "War Against Terrorism"; and "we" are bombarded with "just enough" news reports of "our" enemies fighting back to get "us" to pour "our" money and other support into murdering tens of thousands of innocent people all over the world, so "we" can supposedly put a stop to sovereign people(s) having just as much right to defend themselves as "we" have. In order to get the support of "The People" for their campaign of "endless war", Bush and Company had to bring about an event like 9-11-01, as well as so they and their CIA and corporate-military-industrial-government friends could monetarily profit heavily from it directly, which they did. Now, what other catastrophic event are they going to at-minimum have a hand in allowing to occur, and/or instigating, for the purpose(s) of, again, keeping the "American" people in fear, supporting the endless war campaign against the "bogey-men" of their own creation, to get "Bush-the-Monstrous" re-selected, and/or to get him elected for the first time in November 2004? Will they allow an extremely serious biological and/or chemical attack to occur within "American" borders? Will they manufacture so-called "evidence" that international terrorists allegedly produced and "released" said attack, and/or the SARS and/or some other epidemic(s), such as when the CIA sent out the Anthrax spores to infect "American" lives, and/or detonated a conventional or nuclear bomb attack in the United States or some other "strategic", so-called "expendable", place in the world? Will they allow and/or actually carry out, under cover of alleged "proof" that international terrorists supposedly carried it out, another terrorist attack like September 11th, 2001? Or will they carry out a "Sum Of All Fears" kind of operation where they, through the use of some terrorist organization like the CIA and its international terrorist operatives, cause a nuclear attack on U.S. soil, where another country is blamed so they can claim to have more than enough justification to wipe the people of that other country off the face of the Earth and take it over for its strategic location and/or its natural resource wealth, and to make the "American" people, as well as the rest of the world, completely subservient to their false-"Christian" will? What and/or who will they sacrifice next, and where, to keep the juggernaut of the U.S. war machine driving ahead; and how many more thousands of innocent lives, including "Americans", will be sacrificed for their monetary gain(s) before the final end is brought to their monstrous actions? Or will an apparent, fraudulent period of "peace", "prosperity", "liberal democracy", and/or "benevolent conservatism" be brought about that will be the means used to get most of "us" to surrender to that "false-Christianity", and sell our souls to darkness in the guise of Light? Already, an antichrist in the persona of "Bush-the-Monstrous" has circumvented Congress and instituted his so-called "Benevolent Conservatism" to break down the separation of Church and State, giving billions of dollars of government money to proselytizing religious organizations to take the place of government in the provision of social service programs, so just such a false-"Christian", despotic government can be made a reality, and "The People" forced to bow down to it! Once more, don't be fooled! Are Martial Law and the suspension of civil liberties going to be instituted, if they haven't already been instituted in principle; and are all those who are vocal in their discontent with the present fascist government in "America", and refuse to bow down to its tyrannous, despotic and oppressive ways, going to be imprisoned for exercising their non-violent civil duty(ies) and responsibility(ies) to take their country back from the oppressors, despots and tyrants? Are the majority of the "American" people going to (continue to) allow the foregoing to happen without putting a stop to the anti-democratic campaign of the above-referenced autocracy? What are YOU going to do? Are YOU going say, "Well, there's nothing I can do to stop it", and allow it to occur unchecked? If the majority of "We, The People" do just that, nothing, than the fascist "dictators" will succeed, and we will no longer have a free country, or any chance of restoring our country to one, and "we" will find ourselves under the boot(s) of an even more evil, mesmerizing, lying "Hitler" than "we" already are under Bush and Company! But Bush and his administration aren't the only ones who have been monstrous "leaders" of our country. "Democrat" Clinton and his cabinet also committed gross atrocities and murders of thousands upon thousands of innocent people through their bombings of Yugoslavia and Afghanistan for the sake of gas, oil and drugs, preparing the way for what Junior Bush and his cohorts in crime have further perpetrated for the so-called "Black Gold" and "Poppy Mania"! It turns out that Clinton was "in-cahoots" with the far right and the evil agenda that the latter has in store for virtually every gas- and oil- rich, and/or mineral-rich and very large drug-producing, country over this vast world of "ours", no matter how many innocent people have to die for their financial "gains", and no matter how much more obvious that this is what these professed-"Christians" are up to! Even "Democrat" Carter, who fraudulently received the Nobel Peace Prize recently, approved, and aided and abetted, CIA atrocities during his administration, which were also part of the agenda to imperialistically gain control of other sovereign countries natural resource wealth, and were also in preparation for what Bush and Company are carrying out now to further control said wealth, at the expense of many preceding innocent lives! On 9-11-01, twenty-eight years to the day from the 1973 CIA assassination of one of Chilean President Allende's top staff members during the end of the Nixon administration, General Sneider, his son, Rene, brought a lawsuit against Henry Kissinger and the United States government for the murder of his father, who was against the CIA's plans for a coup against Allende, thereby standing in the way of the coup that Kissinger and the CIA were determined to, and eventually did, carry out after General Sneider's assassination! Nothing and nobody was going to be allowed to stand in their way, and in the way of the coup; and, after its success, Pinochet was made President, a vicious dictator who committed many gross atrocities against his own people, and the U.S. government supported his bloody dictatorship for seventeen years! If the United States government perpetrators of the foregoing terrorist acts were Christians, I wouldn't want to be in Heaven; for then such atrocities would be carried on throughout eternity; and those who Truly know the Truth know that isn't going to happen! As I've quoted before, the Word(s) of God in Jesus the Christ make(s) exceedingly clear, particularly in Revelation, Chapter 21, that ALL liars and murderers are going to soon be COMPLETELY destroyed, and are NEVER going to have ANY place in Heaven, thanks and praise be to God; for these evil people more than deserve their own destruction, and nothing less! ALL evil and suffering are also going to soon be destroyed, along with ALL such doers of evil, and especially ALL such false-"Christian" doers of evil; as their slaughters of the innocent rise up as a stench in God's nose that ALL perpetrators of will be held FULLY responsible and accountable for WITHOUT FAIL; for, though it may appear they are getting away with their evils, they will NOT! As I said, and showed, in my previous essay(s), there are plenty of things we CAN do to fight the foregoing! Start by not believing the lies of these monstrous dictators, and by not believing anything they say unless it can be proven without a doubt! Stop taking their lying "words" as truth just because they and their media cohorts say they are true! When the next major catastrophe occurs, don't automatically believe that the scapegoat which they portray as the enemy and the perpetrator actually is, without being given any concrete proof that "they are the one(s) who did it"! Look deeper, ask questions of the right sources, read the right books and articles, find out the truth about the accusers, make certain that it isn't actually the accusers who are the real perpetrators, or who at least had some part to play in it, stand up against all lies and the liars who disseminate them, cease calling those who stand up for the real Truth the so-called liars, and desist in seeking to avoid facing the Truth! On 9-18-03, Senator Edward Kennedy (Democrat-Massachusetts) said to the Associated Press that the United State's entry into this year's war in Iraq "was a fraud"; and "Bush-the-Monstrous" stated in response on or about 9-20-03 that people like Kennedy shouldn't use such words; but what about all of the many lying words that BUSH shouldn't have said, and is still saying?! Kennedy's words were nothing but the Truth! The Truth IS the Truth! And, in what is supposed to be such a great democracy as the U.S. is alleged to be, such words are SUPPOSED to be said! To not speak such Truths in this very dangerous, UNdemocratic climate that the United States is in right now, is to wrongly surrender to it! It has been so easy, much too easy, for "us" to allow the corporate-government fascists to slowly, over decades, undermine freedom(s) while making it appear that they're supposedly increasing them by giving us more products and credit to purchase them with, at lower cost(s) because they were produced by virtual, if not actual, slave-laborers in other countries, taking away millions of jobs from "Americans"! It has been much too easy as well for them to convince the majority of "us" to excessively over-consume without respecting our environment, without conserving our resources, and without ultimate respect for our own, and eachothers', very lives! Many, if not most, "Americans" claim to believe and follow "The Golden Rule", without (fully) realizing that it is a summary of the last six of the Ten Commandments, a reiteration of "the second great commandment", "....and your neighbor as yourself", and that it requires them to WITHOUT FAIL Love their fellow- human beings as " would have them do unto you"; so, as we would have them do unto us, or NOT do unto us, we MUST accordingly do, or NOT do, unto them; but, if we do unto them as we would not have them do unto us, we bring upon ourselves well-deserved retribution, and seal the doom of many, far too many, of "our own"! Therefore, we must ONLY support that which ONLY does unto others' as we would have them do unto us, and not do ANYTHING that does ANYTHING unto others' that we would NOT have them do unto us, including harming them IN ANY WAY(S)! EVERYONE should want, and has the duty, to learn the Truth for themselves; so they also have the duty, and should want, to bring the Truth to as many other people as they can, to "do unto others' as you would have them do unto you", and help them learn about, face and stand up against falsehood(s) and evil(s) themselves! Once again, we cannot leave this duty to others' to accomplish, but we must accomplish it ourselves! THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO ANY OF THE FOREGOING! We can't leave it to God either, or figure that it's going to happen anyway so we supposedly don't have to do anything about it, or don't at least have the duty to slow down the nefarious trend; for God has given all of us the duty and responsibility to curb the evil tide in order to help others' to prepare for the awful conflagration that is about to befall "our" world, and to save as many lives as will be saved from the destruction that will come upon them if they don't have their heart's, mind's and soul's transformed into the True Character of Jesus the Christ, our Creator and God of Love who will PERMANENTLY cleanse the universe of ALL evil very, very soon! Wherefore, the final prayer of God's Word(s) is again, "It is written, thus says the Lord (God in Jesus the Christ)".... "Even so (return quickly), Lord Jesus", to spare humankind any further suffering and death at the hands of such monstrous, ruthless, merciless, vicious, savage, and barbarous murder-mongers in the false guise of truth and right(eous)ness, as all those like Bush and Company are! (Revelation 22:20.) Amen=That IS Truth! [Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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