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Monday, August 09, 2004

U.S.-EUROPEAN RELATIONS (Written on 29 April 2003; Updated on 9 August 2004) By S. Wolf Britain The United States government, as the alleged single, greatest superpower, with it's power at this time "going to it's head" to the extreme, expects the allied-nations that stood up against the 2003 Iraq war, which include Russia, Germany, France, and others', to bow down to them, and the United Nations (U.N.) to bow down to the U.S. as well. All of this, though it may appear otherwise, is leading to globalization and/or one-world government, with the United States as the "primary power" leading out in it; and even though, as predicted by prophecy in the Word(s) of God, the Bible, the one-world government is going to soon become an unavoidable, evil reality, the countries of France, Germany and Russia, as well as all of the other members of the European Union (E.U.), should resist it "tooth and nail". But, unfortunately, pockets will probably be lined, and they will no doubt cave in and join with the one-world government; for, after all, the European nations have been leading towards this with their own "globalization" via their setting up the E.U. in the first place. The Word(s) of God make it very clear that the setting up of a one-world government will be extremely evil because it will be brought about with a permanent cessation of human and civil rights through the overthrowing of the Constitutional separation of church and state in the U.S., enforced observance of a false-Christianity with the false "Lord's Day" of Sunday on penalty of imprisonment and/or death for failing to obey the "Sunday Law(s)" instituted to enforce it, and the institution of an I.D. system, starting with all citizens of the U.S., and then the world, that will only allow those who conform to this despotic system to be able to carry on commerce or to obtain the necessities of life, and prevent all those who do not bow down to it from doing either. (SEE Revelation, Chapter 13.) In other words, regardless of the inevitability of the formation of the one-world government, since it is evil, all Truly Free countries and citizens must resist it; otherwise, they too will be conforming to the greatest evil ever perpetrated in the United States and the world. What Bush and company are doing at the present time is inexorably leading to all of the foregoing. They, as part of the so-called "Religious Right", who no doubt really believe that what they are deceived into doing is right, are in the process of bringing about religious despotism that has never before been seen on the face of the Earth. The closest thing to it is the Inquisition of the Dark Ages. The difference is that Bush and company are about to bring into existence the FINAL "Dark Age" of this planet. The similarity is that they are doing so in the guise of rightness and goodness, much like the great evil of the Catholic Church's Inquisition. Not coincidentally, the Catholic Church is the ultimate evil, earthly power behind what the "Religious Right", and Bush and company, are now bringing into existence, and it will rival and surpass the Inquisition for atrocities against freedom and humanity. And, not surprisingly, if we think the violations of human and civil rights by the U.S. government at the present time are atrocious, the violations yet to come will make them pale by comparison. The question is not whether the above-referenced events are going to transpire, for they most-certainly will; but the question is what are "We, The People", not just The People of the United States, but also The People of the World, going to do NOW in the face of it? We must NOT just sit back and let it happen; and we must DO everything we can to slow down this nefarious trend! As the French and others' resisted Nazism during WW2, we have to resist the fascism that is being perpetrated today by the U.S. government. America's democracy is being torn apart; and, like many people in Europe during WW2 did, most "Americans" are rolling over and going back to sleep rather than exercising their duty to stand up against it. We've got to wake up, and wake others' up to what's really going on, as the resistance movement did in France and Holland during the Second World War. More than anything, we've got to get the truth out to more of the people, to combat the disinformation and propaganda lies that most "Americans" are being fed by the government and the media, like the resistance fighters also had to do. There is so much we can do. Start your own little "resistance of fascism" movements in your own communities. Pass out flyers and/or newspapers with the truth, like the French Resistance did. Remove any material you can that in any way glorifies "Appointed-Fascist" Bush and his co-conspirators. In any and all ways you can, resist! Don't let ANYONE tell and convince you that The People have to worship their "President", never questioning him and what he does, and bow down to their or any other government! Under the United States system of democracy, the system of True Democracy that is supposed to exist in the U.S. and the world-over, the opposite is true! When what is being done is wrong, as much of what is being done now is, it is our duty to speak out, dissent and protest against it! Other than serving God, there is NO OTHER greater duty for American citizens, and world-citizens, to do; and we should see to it that it is our highest priority, and carry it out without flinching; for there is NOTHING to be ashamed of in standing up for nothing but the truth! "It is written, thus says the Lord [God in Jesus the Christ, the Word(s) of God]...." "Get... behind (Jesus)...."! "You will worship the Lord your God, AND HIM ONLY WILL YOU SERVE (AND BOW DOWN TO)"! Otherwise, "(y)ou are of your father the devil, and the (false desires and lies) of your father (the devil) you... do(!) He was a murderer from the beginning (as his servants like George W. Bush and his administration, and those who worship his kind, are), and live not in the truth, because there is NO truth in (them)(!) When (they) speak (lies, they) speak only for (themselves): for they are (liars)(!) And because I tell you the truth, you choose not to believe me(!) (None) of you can prove that I am wrong... (a)nd (since) I (am) telling you the truth, why do you not believe me? (Because they) who (are) of God hear (believe and obey ONLY) GOD (in Jesus the Christ's) (W)ord(s) [AND ONLY WORSHIP AND BOW DOWN TO GOD]: (and) you therefore (who) do not hear [believe and obey ONLY GOD in Jesus the Christ's (W)ord{s}, and worship and bow down to evil men like Bush and company, who are NOT of God]... are (also) NOT of God [UNLESS YOU ONLY HEAR, BELIEVE AND OBEY GOD IN JESUS THE CHRIST'S WORD(S), DO NOT AT ALL HEAR, BELIEVE OR OBEY EVIL PEOPLE'S WORDS, AND DO NOT AT ALL WORSHIP AND BOW DOWN TO EVIL PEOPLE LIKE BUSH AND COMPANY]"! (Luke 4:8; and John 8:44-47 [Emphasis added by me].) Many people no doubt think that if the majority of people are allowing the aforementioned state of affairs to come about, then they deserve what they get; and they undoubtedly WILL deserve what they get; but, in the process of bringing down upon themselves what they will, they will also be bringing it down upon the heads of many people who will not deserve what will happen to them as a result. And it is for the sake of those many people who will not deserve what is going to transpire, that we ALL have the duty to delay this trend for as long as possible. After that, "Even so, come (quickly) Lord Jesus" (Revelation 22:20), and may what has to eventually happen to bring about His return happen soon! There is much too much suffering going on in the world that needs to be alleviated as soon as possible; but the suffering that will happen soon, just prior to the Lord's second coming, is much worse than ANYTHING we have yet seen! It will be truly awful at that soon to occur time, both for those who don't deserve it AND for those who do, which is all the more reason for EVERYONE, even those who think in their bigoted, racist thinking that they want to bring "hell" down upon the heads of the truly innocent, to also non-violently fight against the evil abolishment of human rights and civil liberties, along with the many non-violent resisters, dissenters, dissidents, and protesters! Fortunately, we are already seeing the above happen with the many "conservatives" and veterans marching with the "liberals" and the non-veteran peace protesters in the many anti-war demonstrations that have been happening for quite some time all over the United States and the world. Many people who thought they would never take part in a protest, have recently gone to their first one(s); and they are very happy to lend their presence and voice(s) to the cause of peace, especially against unprovoked wars of aggression for empire, by the U.S., against small, defenseless countries who did NOTHING to attack, and had NO involvement in attacking, the United States! Thousands of people are being slaughtered at the hands of those, including but not, by far, limited to the George W. Bush administration, who have a racist mindset that those innocent people are expendable, and who are hell-bent upon taking over their countries, their subsequent governments', and their natural resources for the primary gain of a relatively few elitists, compared to, and at the very serious expense of, a much larger majority of impoverished, defenseless, innocent people, most of whom have not committed ANY crime(s) whatsoever, and are having their lives irreparably harmed forever, if not taken away from them outright, in an extremely murderous process of unbridled, and unjustifiable, military conquest! What an awful example the so-called "Christian" country of the United States is setting for the entire world, particularly for the Muslim world! The Muslims, and the many other non-Christians, the world-over are thinking and/or saying, or soon will, as they have been saying for hundreds of years, "This is what Christianity (and the supposedly freest country on Earth) stands for?! If that is so, I do not want to have anything to do with Christianity!" Yet, Judeo-Christianity believes it has as its first and foremost duty and mission to bring Muslims out of their religion and into Judeo-Christianity; and this "Judeo-Christianity" is the religion that Bush and Company, the "Religious Right", and the military-industrial-corporate-government imperialists, and their allies, falsely and hypocritically claim to believe in and represent, while slaughtering thousands, even millions, of completely innocent men, women, children, and little babies who will never have the opportunity to see the non-hypocritical, unconditionally-loving side of True Christianity! ALL of the foregoing imperialistic hypocrites are terrorists! They are bringing untold terror into the lives of millions of innocent peoples' lives for the sake of their "love of money, the root of ALL evil(s)"! They lie to us "right and left", claiming we have to do what "we" are doing for the sake of "Peace", "Freedom", and bringing "Democracy", "Liberation", "Justice", and "Security" to these people and the world; and most "Americans" believe it, or "look the other way"! It is disgusting, deplorable, unconscionable, and inexcusable for those who claim to be part of "the greatest Christian country in the world" to do this; and if this is what "America", "Americans", "Security", "Justice", "Liberation", "Democracy", "Freedom", and "Peace" "looks like", the innocent people who are being slaughtered for them, and those like myself who stand up for nothing but the Truth, want nothing to do with those versions of same! It is claimed that those of us who stand up against those false versions of "Freedom", etcetera, are ungrateful for that so-called "Freedom" at the cost of the lives of the thousands of their innocent "brothers" and "sisters", as well as many of their own innocent family members, including little children and babies! NO! They are NOT ungrateful! The protesters are NOT ungrateful! And people like myself, who do nothing but non-violently and peacefully "tell it like it is", are NOT ungrateful! ALL of us simply SHOULD NOT, MUST NOT, CANNOT, AND WILL NOT accept this fraudulent, so-called "form", of "Freedom", this biggest of LIES that is NOT Freedom AT ALL; and there is NO greater duty and responsibility than to not believe ANY such lies, and as I've said before, to stand up against them in any, every and ALL way(s) that we can! At the turn of the previous century, in and around 1900, most "Americans", except for those few like Mark Twain, were fooled into believing that "America" should be a "great" empire, and that the white man was superior to all other "races". The U.S. conquered the Philippines with the racist zeal existent at the time, slaughtering thousands upon thousands of Filipinos, falsely believing them to be inferior, much like the black-Americans were falsely considered to be; and history is repeating itself, as usual, at the turn of this century, with the majority of "Americans" again duped into believing that the United States should conquer other nations with an underlying racist agenda, and be a "great" empire again, at the expense of millions of innocent, so-called inferior, peoples' lives that are supposedly a threat to "our" empire, who are not at all a threat to the U.S. whatsoever. Mark Twain more than rightly decried such a state of affairs; and I decry this repeating history of racist aggression by "America"! More and more Americans must, and are, standing up against this travesty against the Truth that "ALL (PEOPLE) ARE CREATED EQUAL"! This is what "America" stands for, or is supposed to stand for, not racism of ANY kind! How can "we", who claim to be so democratic, tolerate this situation?! WE MUST NOT!! What this all comes down to, in closing, is that We, The People should stand up against present United States foreign policy(ies), as Russia, Germany, France, and others' are doing, rather than berating other countries like their's for not bowing down to the "all-powerful", egocentric, egotistical, racist United States. They are only trying to do what's Truly right; and we should do the same. Bowing down to a government, "our own" government, that is fast becoming more and more fascist, and exercising more and more fascist policies and actions, is NOT what is right, or the right way to go, anymore than the vast majority of German citizens "going along" with what the Nazi regime did was in any way right or the right way to go! As the Declaration of Independence says, "....(C)hoose new guards (not simply by voting) for (our, and the country's) future security"! Do this, People, before it is forever too late, and it will bring about True U.S.-European relations, at least between those of us who Truly stand up for what is right in the United States, and those who truly stand up for what is right in France, Germany, Russia, and the rest of world, as well as bring(ing) about True Love, Peace, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, Justice, greater Security, and True Liberation, at least for a time, for the sake of the entire world; and let there be NOTHING BUT True Liberation, Security, Justice, Equality, Democracy, Freedom, Peace, and Love FOR ALL HUMANKIND, at THIS, THE PRESENT time, without bowing down to, and/or worshipping, ANY evil powers and people IN ANY WAY(S) WHATSOEVER!! [Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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