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Monday, August 02, 2004

NATIONAL(ISM) AND INTERNATIONAL SUICIDE OR BUST!? (Written on 12 July 2003; Updated on 2 August 2004) By S. Wolf Britain
"....(U)nderstand the need for equality and justice for ALL people.... (W)e must ALL move forward together without racism and bigotry... (to) live in a better, more peaceful world. "People are struggling for democratic reform around the world. The cry for freedom is heard from South Africa to the Soviet Republics. We must not give up our own struggles in this great country for increasing democracy and equality for ALL people. At times I feel we are a complacent society, and in complacency lies decay...." Charles Moore, Columbia, California, August 1990 (in his preface to his wonderful book, POWERFUL DAYS, The Civil Rights Photography of Charles Moore [text copyright (c) 1991 by Michael S. Durham, photographs copyright (c) 1991 by Charles Moore], emphasis, and words in parenthesis, added by me).
"In the days ahead, we must not consider it unpatriotic to raise questions about our national character. We must begin to ask why there are 40 million poor people (and many more millions now, almost forty years after this was penned) in a nation overflowing with such unbelievable affluence?... Why have we substituted the arrogant undertaking of policing the whole world, for the high task of setting one's own house in order? All of these questions remind us that there is a need for a radical restructuring of the architecture of American society. For its very survival's sake, America must re-examine old presuppositions and release itself from many things that for centuries have been held sacred. For the evils of racism, poverty and militarism to die, a new set of values must be born. Our economy must become more person-centered than profit- and property- centered. Our government must depend more on its (True) moral power than its military power.... "I must oppose still any attempt to gain our freedom by methods of malice, hate and violence . . . that have characterized oppressions. Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away at its vital unity. It has no boundary line." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1967, in his staff speech in preparation for the Poor People's Campaign (id., quoted by Andrew Young in his introduction to the above-referenced book [words of Dr. King copyright (c) 1967 by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Estate, and all text copyright (c) 1991 by Andrew Young and Michael S. Durham], words in parenthesis added by me).
Those words of Dr. King and Charles Moore move me very deeply because they are still so timely and accurate concerning the "malice, hate and violence" (id., Dr. King), and the divisiveness, that the present "rulers" of the U.S. government are exercising to undermine the moral change that Dr. King and millions of other people(s) have stood for, continue to stand for, and have brought about in the United States "today". Extremely evil people such as those in the present "Bush administration", like the colossal tyrants who came before them who they are intentionally and/or unintentionally emulating, are consciously seeking to divide us even more than they always have, and to not only promote malice, hate and violence worldwide, but to also bring about even more malice, hate and violence within the United States in order to, as Hermann Goering, leading Nazi leader during "the Third Reich", said, bring the people "to the bidding of the (evil) leaders". (Word[s] in parenthesis within quotes added by me.) The tyrants of today, just as the tyrants of the past did, are now, in even more intentional and ever-more insidious and increasing ways, stirring up mankind's, and U.S. citizen's in particular, racist, bigoted and intolerant tendencies so "we" will seek to destroy all those who stand in the way of their corporate-military-industrial, United States government domination both nationally and internationally, as well as their goal(s) of global genocide in order to supposedly make the Earth more fit for them alone; and, if this tide of unbridled evil isn't very soon stemmed, it will lead to a national conflagration of massive self-destructing malice, hate and violence against ourselves, within the confines of U.S. borders, that has never been seen before, and, in many different ways, thousands, if not millions, of innocent Americans who are standing up for nothing but what is right, and who are doing nothing but peacefully and non-violently standing up against this evil tide of nationalistic fanaticism and insanity, will be destroyed. This is exactly what the tyrants want; so please don't cooperate with it in any way, shape or form! "We, the people" seem not to have learned, as we should have, from the very important lesson(s) of the self-destruction of Germany during World War Two, as they brought upon themselves the destruction of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of their own people at the hands of the U.S. government, as the latter immorally, mercilessly, and illegally bombed "non-military" targets, raining terror and, for a time, unceasing murder, down upon their heads: The lesson(s) we should have learned are, if "we" follow the tyrants and oppressors, 1.) millions of OUR own INNOCENT people will be destroyed; 2.) that, as a result of our OWN self-destruction, our own True national identity, the national identity which we SHOULD stand for, will be supplanted by, and made subservient to, the forced national identity of the tyrants; 3.) the tyrants will succeed in completing their agenda of almost-total subjugation of what is ONLY supposed to be a self-determining people; 4.) the tyrants cannot Truly liberate ANYONE, especially themselves; and, 5.) at that point, True Democracy is virtually dead; etc. As Mussolini, the fascist dictator of Italy during WW2, said, "Fascism should rightly be called corporatism (or capitalism,) as it is a merger of state and corporate power". (Words in parenthesis added by me.) Just as the German people and government at the end of WW2 were sold a bill of goods through being led by the United States government to embrace unbridled capitalism, entwined with government, in order to bring about the return to their so-called "self-determination", so too have the U.S. government and the "American" people been convinced to "live" under a government run by corporate fascism in the guise of "benevolent" capitalism, greed and self-superiority. (And fascism is even winning-over totalitarian "communism", for even Russia and China have embraced capitalism as well.) "We, the people" have been completely indoctrinated and conditioned by the lie of capitalistic greed, which is just as insidious, destructive and evil as totalitarian communism. The "American" people are no longer a people of "self-determination", any more than the German people are; if we, or they, ever were. "We" are a people of "corporate-determination"; and "we", by and large, have chosen to completely surrender our self-determination to corporate-domination, and to totally support corporate fascism's world-domination. It is a "fait accompli", though it is still reversible. They already dominate the entire world; but "we" don't like to face that because it makes it look like there's little or no more hope of our standing up against it, and like we might as well give up. Yet, there IS a great deal of Hope; and we MUST continue to stand up against it, wake more and more people up to it, get more and more people to stand up against it, gain, probably for the first time, our True self-determination, determine to ONLY be servants of and to God and the True "Nationalism" of putting the care of the people first, foremost and always, without ANY greed, selfishness, self-centeredness, self-superiority, intolerance, or inequality, determine not to IN ANY WAY allow ourselves to be dominated by corporate fascism, or any longer be so-dominated, and determine to NEVER give up and/or give in to it! I, too, have a dream! I have the goal(s) of "a more perfect union" in and of the(se) United States, ONLY a proper "union" of and with ourselves and the rest of the world, not in any way including "world trade" domination, "one-world government" and/or any kind(s) of U.S. government domination(s) of ANY other countries, ONLY True Democracy in both the United States and the entire world, ONLY True Liberation(s) from ANY AND ALL dictatorship(s), despotism, tyranny, and oppression(s) of any and all kinds, including in the U.S. and the world-over, and ONLY "domination" of our hearts, minds and souls by God alone, not by ANY kind(s) of darkness and evil in the guise of "light" and God WHATSOEVER!! I have an aim and objective of Truly Liberating and Freeing people from the "gross darkness" covering "the people" at this time, and bringing about True Peace, that can ONLY be brought about by God Himself, and Him alone, not any misrepresentation of Him. For the darkness right now is "all-consuming" and so-much appears to be "normal", "good" and/or "acceptable", and is actually believed to be what the majority of us "should" be seeking after and/or striving for, even though it is great evil in the persona of "compassion", "goodwill" and "humanitarianism". Great evil is NOT necessarily obvious, and is very often clothed in apparent virtue, while all the while it is deceiving the majority of people, and denouncing, condemning and destroying the rest, throughout its benevolent-appearing "reign of terror". I aspire to help others' to also aspire to higher goals, and to avoid being even inadvertent followers of disguised terrorists such as the Bush administration, and many other of the "rulers" of the U.S. government, past and present, particularly in its clandestine, secretive, anti-democratic agencies, such as the known ones, including but not limited to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), NSA/NSC, CIA, FBI, ATF, etcetera, but most-especially the CIA, NSA/NSC and DHS, the ultimate in war-mongers and civil liberty destroyers, and as agencies of and for empire-building and domination of all people(s), which, as I've stated before, the True Democratic principles of the United States are supposed to have nothing to do with, and in-Truth already have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with! Again and again, without apathy and/or complacency, and without giving in or giving up in any way, shape or form, we must stand (up) for nothing but True Democracy, even if we ultimately do not succeed, and even if we are framed, railroaded, imprisoned, and/or murdered for it! Have TRUE Courage! Don't be willing to support going and dying, or to actually go and die, for a minority of rich corporate-government executives who DO NOT have your true interests at heart, and are more than willing to sacrifice you for money and huge financial gain(s) for themselves, and not for you! That is NOT true courage! ONLY be willing to die standing up for nothing but True Democracy! That, and ONLY that, is True Courage! That, and dying for the One and Only True God and Jesus the Christ whom He sent, are the ONLY ultimately worthy reasons to die for, and that we will not in any way be ashamed of dying for! Otherwise, nationalism, like the misguided, disguised so-called "patriotism" rampant in the "fatherland", or "motherland", of the United States right now, the veiled, misguided "endless war" against terrorism (which Donald Rumsfeld promised "us" we would be involved in), and the rallying behind the latter, is successful fascism to its very core and in its very essence; and we MUST NOT rally behind it in ANY way AT ALL, no matter whether we, the non-violent dissidents and protesters, are falsely called "traitors", "aiders of the enemy(ies)", "communists", "socialists", "democrats", "independents", "radicals", "(neo-)liberals", "fanatics", "hippies", "terrorists", "anarchists", "criminals", "heretics", "useless eaters", "extremists", "zealots", "revolutionaries", "leftists", "left-wingers", "iconoclasts", "nonconformists", "lunatics", "fundamentalists", "people of the far-left", "militants", "nut-cases", "insane", "crazies", "schizophrenics", "(mono)maniacs", "obsessives", "dogmatists", "exaggerators", "psychotics", "psychopaths", "sociopaths", "manic-depressives", "wild-eyed", "idealists", "irresponsibles", "deceivers", "alarmists", etcetera, many of which are EXACTLY what the accusers are, in the process of "the (black) pot calling the kettle black", and are NOT what we are, for it is THEIR fanaticism that is leading THEM to commit extreme terrorism, and we, if we Truly stand for NOTHING BUT non-violent resistance, as I do, are NOT traitors, or committing fanaticism or terrorism OF ANY KIND(S), nor are we aiding ANY enemy(ies) IN ANY WAY(S) WHATSOEVER (and we would not do so even under threat of death from actual terrorists!), for we are True Patriots doing nothing but standing (up) against the despotism of our imperialistic government, as directed to do by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the other principles of our True Democracy! Remember that they called Jesus and His disciples, and many people such as Luther, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., many of the same and/or similar things as the above, and harassed, condemned and destroyed their lives for standing up for nothing but one-hundred percent Truth as well; that those who did nothing but stand up for that one-hundred percent Truth, and were the most Truly-Sane of all human beings alive on the Earth in their time(s), were falsely believed by the accusers to be crazy and/or insane, were accused of being insane and/or crazy, AND were also accused of harming the government(s) then in power; that the accusers have three fingers pointing back to themselves, and have much more true-guilt laying at their own doorsteps; and that those who condemn the innocent, and carry out any kind(s) of revenge and/or retaliations, will themselves be soon-condemned, for they are condemning themselves for their rationalized terrorism and rampant violations of human rights! Vengeance belongs solely to God, and He alone WILL take care of them, pouring out His True Justice on them for their many, many evils; very, very soon; therefore, we do not need to seek ANY revenge and/or retaliations against them or anyone else, now or at any time! We should and must heed Dr. King's words that we should and must NOT seek to gain freedom by resorting to the very methods that the globalist-corporate-military-industrial-government, true-fanatics use both at home and abroad to oppress, i.e., their "malice, hatred and violence" (id.); and we must ONLY use the opposite in order to combat their malevolence, i.e., our kindness, love and peacefulness; though peacefulness often requires a symbolic, spiritual "sword", not a literal, murderously-evil one. In other words, we must strongly stand up to the malicious, hateful and violent; but we must NOT lower ourselves to their level(s) by resorting to ANY PHYSICAL VIOLENCE! The cancer of hate destroys our unity and equality with all humankind, and has nothing to hold it in check once it is unleashed; and we must NOT return evil for evil, as doing so only makes us just as bad as the oppressor(s)! Therefore, we must ONLY return a very strong non-violent stand for truth against violence and oppression; for, if we exercise violence for violence, we will completely fail to "win over" the violent to live ONLY for what is True and Right, and to not AT ALL live for what is violent, terrorizing and oppressive, and they will feel, by our hypocrisy, even more justified in their evil means and ends, though there is NO justification for ANY of it AT ALL! The ONLY True and Right Way is to obtain from God His restraint in order to exercise restraint with, and compassion for, the oppressors; for they do not completely know that what they are doing in their oppressions is TOTALLY wrong, and/or they almost fully believe that what they're doing is completely right. This in NO WAY excuses ANY of their wrongdoing(s); but, as we would expect them to mitigate for us, or to do for us, we must mitigate for them, or do for them! We must reject THEIR HATRED; but we must love THEM; and we must NOT reject them and their potential(s) for ONLY doing good! As far as we know, there is Hope for all of them; and we must WITHOUT FAIL shine our light of non-violent resistance into their darkness-filled lives, and draw them out into the light of living NOTHING BUT lives of Peacefulness and non-violence! Look at what non-violent resistance can, AND HAS already, accomplished! Mahatma Gandhi's non-violent resistance brought about full independence of India from the decades-long imperialistic domination of their country by England; and Martin Luther King, Jr's non-violent resistance brought about an almost-complete defeat of the United State's own version of apartheid in "America"; and both brought about great strides forward, towards the "still-short-of" goal of total Equality, Justice and Tolerance for ALL people(s) in BOTH great lands! So, as there was Great Hope for both of those countries then, there IS also Great Hope for bringing about True Justice, Equality and Tolerance, FULLY AND COMPLETELY, in the U.S. and all over the world; today, not tomorrow, for we must not put it off any longer than we already have! But we can ONLY Truly and Fully succeed in carrying out non-violent resistance with the help of God and God alone, as God helped Gandhi and Dr. King; and, if we ONLY trust God to give us that help in time(s) of need, He WILL give it to us without fail! This is our GREAT, and ONLY, Hope for Truly overcoming the rampant nationalism, fascism, racism, bigotry, inequality, injustice, and intolerance existent in the United States, and at the hands of the U.S. government, today, and our GREAT, and ONLY, Hope for Truly bringing about, in this our own time, "...a better, more peaceful world..." for ALL humankind, in EVERY land on the face of the entire planet! (Id., Charles Moore.)
[Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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