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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Or should I say, "K(urt) Telling It Like It Is!"
Defense of Kurt Nimmo, not that he needs it
( An e-mail response to an article by Kurt,
"Plaut Makes Up More Outrageous Lies",
from Kurt's great blog, "Another Day in the
Empire", at: blog/index.php?p=622 )
Written on 1 April 2004
[Copyright (c) 2005 in the U.S.A. and
Internationally by S. Wolf Britain.
All rights are reserved.]

Dear Kurt,

One of the several things I have learned in the past four and a half years, Kurt, is that VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING the so-called "Conservatives" accuse others', particularly so-called "Liberals", of, IS WHAT THEY ARE GUILTY OF! They call you and others' "Nazis", but it is they who are Nazi-like, not the Left! They are part of and/or complicit in, whether they realize or face it or not, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the name of the "War Against Terrorism", as Hitler and the Nazis did in their "perfection" of "pre-emptive" and/or "first-strike" war, which the "Conservatives" are now further "perfecting" in larger and larger ways! Hitler and his Nazis also claimed they were fighting "terrorists" and/or "terrorist countries"; yet there is a hesitancy, I think, to use the term, "Neo-Nazis" for the Neo-Conservatives (Neo-Cons) today, because of the former term's connection(s) to "skin heads"; but if you really think about it, the Far Right is not only "white supremist" racist, they ARE Neo-Nazi; so, again, it's a blatant case on the part of the Neo-Cons of the black "pot calling the kettle black"! What hypocrites they are calling you, and people like you, "Nazi(s)", when they are the ones acting the part(s) of modern-day Nazis, not you or the Left! Such Neo-Nazis ARE the greatest terrorists and threat(s) to world peace more than ANYBODY on the Left; so they are the true, present-day fascists, not the Left! In fact, who in their right mind(s) would call the Left fascist(s)?! But, leave it to the habitually lying Far Right, they undoubtedly will probably stoop to just such lies, or similar lies; in fact, they already have; for, in their insanity, they really believe that the lies are truth, and/or that their ends supposedly justify their lying means, and that the truth is lies; and that's the bottom-line problem, isn't it?! And they think the Left is deluded, for crying out loud! LOL! Again, the black "pot calling the kettle black"!

Granted, not all so-called "Liberals" today usually want what's best for the world, but most True Liberals, those who haven't sold out to "centrist", "moderate" and/or "progressive" movements (who, mind you, ARE doing SOME good things), DO want primarily what IS best for the world and ALL of its people(s)! True Liberals want NOTHING BUT Peace, without any of the hype that democracy isn't free, and that it "has to" cost more lives, millions of innocent lives already, at the hands of the supposedly most benevolent government on the face of the planet, the U.S. government! And now the alphabet agencies of the U.S. government are creating more and more enemies of the U.S., as never before, by creating "stateless", so-called "terrorist" organizations like and including "al Q’aeda", still assets of the CIA, not to mention individual CIA assets like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, as well as more and more thousands of understandably very angry people the world-over, who have been directly and/or indirectly effected by the tyranny and oppression of the U.S. government, through the many untold, uncounted deaths of their own families and people(s), and who are bound and determined to exercise their, and their peoples', right(s) to defend themselves, that is just as much their right(s) as it is for the U.S. to defend itself! But the real, important question is, who is the U.S. defending itself against, terrorist bogeymen of its own creation?! Obviously, from what we now know, that's a rhetorical question; for, in truth, that is EXACTLY what is going on! The U.S. government created new, "cold war" enemies, servants of the modern-day Neo-Nazi, Neo-Fascist, Neo-Con, "Neo-Corporate-Fascist" U.S. government tyrants and oppressors; and they will "terrify" and "bogeymen" us "'til the cows come home", in ever-expanding ways until they bring on the apocalypse; but the soon-to-be "blowback" and/or backlash that they are bringing on themselves will eclipse even the apocalypse if that is possible, and they will suffer torments much greater than others'!

So, clearly, what can we expect but more of the same, and much worse, from these habitually-lying hypocrites, tyrants and oppressors, and that their followers will continue to blindly follow them regardless?! After all, even with more and more definitive proof coming out that much more extremely-serious, impeachable lies were told the "American" people to allegedly "justify" the second war against Iraq than the lies which false-"Liberal" Clinton got caught with his pants down telling [ :) ], the so-called "Conservatives" are still in deep denial that those lies were just that, lies! But the so-called "Conservatives" are anything but conservative, so we can't be surprised about this! They certainly don't conserve the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people; oil and other natural resources; the healthcare and jobs of millions of "Americans"; the limited social programs for the majority of poor, disabled and elderly people in "America"; the environment, etc.! So they should be called the Liberals, for they "liberally" gut and cut the primary and utmost duty of all "Americans" and world-citizens to care for the people, both of the U.S. and the world, first and foremost; and the True Liberals should be called the Conservatives, because we liberally conserve and carry out that utmost and primary duty of first and foremost care for the people of the U.S. and the world!

Almost the only things the Neo-Cons "conserve", and virtually nothing else, are lies; greed; the looting of the U.S. treasury and taxpayers money; hypocrisy; using poor "Americans" as indentured slaves, cannon fodder, torturers, and bullet stoppers in internationally-illegal, "first-strike" invasions, occupations and wars of aggression against small, virtually defenseless countries that are resisting these hypocrites', tyrants' and oppressors' false version of so-called "democracy", and false version of "bringing (so-called) freedom" to their countries and people(s) at the point of murderous guns; denying of one of the highest tenets of True "American" Democracy, due process of law, to countless of supposedly "innocent until PROVEN guilty IN A COURT OF LAW" alleged "terrorists"; depraved and barbaric torture and murders, and a policy all the way to the top of such torture and murders, of those people who had/have yet to be proven guilty in a court of law; slaughter(s) of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of innocent, so-called acceptable "collateral damage"; doing away with an independent, non- government-propagandizing, relatively honest, thoroughly and truthfully informing media; stealing "American" presidential elections; doing away with the separation of powers, and separation of church and state, placing most of the governmental power in the hand of one of the three branches of government, the "executive branch", which is completely doing away with any and all True Democracy in the U.S.; stacking the courts with their fellow- hypocritical, tyrannical and oppressive judges, doing away with an independent, non-partisan judiciary and the checks and balances on the U.S. government to prevent these very things, and more such despotism; virtually total impunity, no accountability, no one being held responsible, and/or almost full immunity from impeachment and/or prosecution for the myriad of crimes that the Bushcons and/or Bush & Company have committed to the "n'th" degree, crimes much worse than either previously-impeached President ever committed, and yet Bushco appears to be getting away scott-free with literal mass-murder to a much greater degree than any prior Presidential administration got away with in the history of the U.S. to-date, because that mass-murder is being committed in and as the result of an internationally-illegal invasion, war and occupation; and the list goes on! This is what the so-called "Conservatives" conserve (sic), "for God's sake"! Dear God, give us, all U.S. citizens, and the rest of world, a break, for the sake of the entire globe and all that dwells on it, please!

So, in closing, Kurt, I know you will forgive me for "ranting" (at least I'm not, any more than you are, a raving lunatic like the Far Right "pundits" and/or "talking heads"), you are NOT a Nazi, and you keep right on going, telling it like it is! For one thing, you cannot be a Nazi because you defend Arabs, Muslims, the Palestinians, Afghanis, and Iraqis; but liars; those living lives of liars; those indoctrinated, conditioned, programmed, and brainwashed to believe, defend and further promote such gross lies; those complicit in the murder(s) of hundreds of thousands of innocent people; and those vilifying, libeling, slandering, defaming, and assassinating the characters of people like yourself; will keep spewing their hateful, demonic lies; building for themselves worse and worse "Biblical karma", so to speak; and thereby destroying themselves soon enough! They may seem to be "winning", and they no doubt really believe that they are, but very soon THEY WILL LOSE, very badly and COMPLETELY! As an example, look at what happened with the "conservative-domination of talk radio"; as now the start-up company of only a year ago, "liberal" Air America Radio, is beginning to dominate them; so, thank God, there IS some Hope, and real "Truth, Justice and the American way (of True Democracy that was meant to exist)" will very soon win-out in the end, in a much more glorious fashion than anything taking place on this earth at this time!

Kurt, I mean Keep, up the good work, taking your stand where and as you are, and keep on telling it like it is!

Your fellow- faithful dissident/dissenter, as much as I am able to be as a disabled person that is,

S. Wolf Britain; Equal, Human, Civil, and Legal Rights Advocate; Sui Juris/Pro Esse Suo/Pro Se

Postscript: No, I'm not "bored with this Plaut business"! I believe that it is the very right thing to do to stand up to these people with "...nothing but the truth..."!.... "Roll over George Orwell", indeed! LOLWTIYEAH [Laugh(ing) Out Loud With Tears In Your (My) Eyes And Heart]!.... Also, did you catch the special on Emma Goldman on PBS this past week, and/or "Real Time with Bill Maher" last night (do you get HBO)---Whoopi Goldberg up against Bill O'Reilly? I thought both shows were pretty "right-on" and interesting! Both should be on again over the coming week or more! If you watch(ed) either or both of them, what do (did) you think? At present I'm watching the new "Now" without Bill Moyer on PBS, about corporations stealing retiree health benefits from past-employees! And half of "Americans" think most "American" corporations don't consider almost everyone expendable! Come on now, wake up, "America"! "Democracy" is something else entirely to all corporatists (corporate-fascists), and they're completely killing True Democracy! I sure hope and pray Howard Zinn is right, in his book, THE TWENTIETH CENTURY: A People's History, Chapter 10, "The Coming Revolt of the Guards", pages 281-293, that the people are going to non-violently rebel to enough of an extent to make a real, concrete difference! It's long overdo, that's for sure ( SEE my website for the entire chapter of said book, at: )!


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