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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

ADDRESSING IGNORANCE, PART ONE (Written on or about 20 January 2003) By S. Wolf Britain The U.S. government perpetrates global terrorism! Wake up, man, and see the light! What you say is typical brainwashed rhetoric and blind following of the blind! If "we", the U.S., "take Saddam out" as you put it, we will likely have something much worse than 9-11 inflicted upon us! If 9-11 wasn't an act of the globalist conspiracy involving Bush, Cheney and the entire bin Laden family, as well as many others, which there is a great deal of evidence that it was [SEE William Thomas' book, ALL FALL DOWN: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion, among others], it was an act of revenge for the millions of innocent Arab peoples, including men, women, children, and little babies, that the U.S. government has either had a direct hand in murdering, or was directly or indirectly involved in supporting the murder of, since WW2; and, if we keep pushing these people, we are provoking a much worse situation than we now have! Think for yourself and stop parroting the propaganda of evil murderers for multi-national business interests, and military and political reasons! I AM a patriot; and all those like myself who are the "lone" voices of sanity against the insanity of any and all war(s), are the ONLY true patriots! Those who are like yourself, though you think you are the true patriots, are puppets and pawns of evil, darkness and murder, and are NOT patriots AT ALL! True Patriots stand only for True Democracy for ALL people(s) the world over; and murdering more millions of innocent Iraqis is not going to be bringing democracy to them! I love my country; but I do not love my government! NO ONE is supposed to love and support their government over sanity, True Love, Peace, Freedom, Democracy, Liberation, Equality, and Justice FOR ALL! All governments are by their very nature and existence corrupt; and ONLY the country must be loved, which those who stand up against the evils and corruptions of their government(s) are doing more than any of those who support war mongering, racism and hate; and NO ONE should support their governments' insanity(ies)! No, the Iraqi people don't have the basic freedom of protesting against their government; but, believe me and them, that most if not all of them do not want the U.S. government to attack their country and kill tens of thousands more innocent men, women, children, and little babies, even though they do not like their evil dictatorship anymore than the West does! A True Democracy, which the U.S. government most-definitely is NOT, does not force it's will on sovereign countries, dictate to them what they must do (particularly when the U.S. has more nuclear, chemical and biological weapons than any other country in the world---so, how hypocritical it is for the U.S. government to "command" other countries not to possess them when we are brandishing them against the rest of the world), and seek to conquer and dominate them like an imperialist government! Imperialism is not democratic in any way, shape or form! No doubt you won't follow my recommendation(s) to read them; but get a true education on history and U.S. foreign policy(ies), and if you read nothing else, read three books, ROGUE STATES by Noam Chomsky, and THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, A People's History and DECLARATIONS OF INDEPENDENCE, Cross-Examining American Ideology by Howard Zinn, excerpts of which are all found on my "More Comments, Part(s) One", "Two" and "Three" pages; and if, after reading those books in full, you are still for what the U.S. government stands for and is doing, I will stop trying to show you the right way! I used to be indoctrinated and conditioned to believe like you and most "Americans" do; but I have had my eyes completely opened to what is really going on! Do you claim to be a Christian and believe that the devil exists like most "Americans" claim? If so, then you should know that OF COURSE (a) huge conspiracy(ies) exist(s) and is/are running the world; and you should then know that the U.S. government is NOT Christian, though it claims that it is! Please read my page on my site known as "Religious Comments" at:; as the U.S. government is soon going to institute, and require everyone to follow on threat of imprisonment and/or death, a so-called Christian government, doing away with the Constitutional "separation of church and state"! The Bushs', Cheneys', Rumsfelds', Ashcrofts', and many others, all part of the "religious right", are for it and are seeking to bring it about! War is NEVER ANY WAY to expel evil! Evil CANNOT be expelled with EVIL! Two wrongs DON'T make one right; and the ends NEVER justify the means when the ends and means to the ends are evil and/or wrong! Do the dissenters represent that much (24%) of the total population of the U.S.? If so, that is the equivalent of half of the half of the populace that votes! Only the other half of that half (one quarter of the U.S. populace) supposedly put G.W. Bush in office; but they did NOT! He unconstitutionally and illegally obtained office by a very successful coup aided by the majority-conservative U.S. Supreme Court who violated and overthrew democracy by stopping the Florida vote recount which has been proven beyond any doubt would have shown that President Gore should now be in office if it had not been stopped! Again, wake up; and cease blindly following the blind down to ultimate destruction very soon! The vast majority of "Americans" do NOT see the true problem(s), and are NOT Truly courageous AT ALL, or they would ONLY seek Peaceful solutions! ONLY cowards seek revenge against anyone! Shall we make ourselves just as bad as those cowards who attacked us on 9-11!? That is what the majority of false-Americans usually do; but that is not what the country that professes to be a true democracy and a Christian country should do in any way whatsoever! But the U.S. government does so anyway; and, as a result, is the most hypocritical government on the face of the Earth! We do NOT have to love our government to Love our country; and we must not love hate, vindictiveness, war, murder, anti-democracy, inequality, and injustice OF ANY KIND(S)! ONLY for True Love, Peace, Liberty, Democracy, Liberation, Equality, and Justice, FOR ALL, S. Wolf Britain, A True Patriot [Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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