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Saturday, April 17, 2004

"AMERICANS" (Written on 11-24-02; Updated on 4-12-04) By S. Wolf Britain Most "Americans" and their "democracy" are like their coffee, watered down and insipid. Most Americans don't even understand True Democracy. They don't want to talk about True Democracy; and many if not most of them hate people who stand up for civil rights. They have been indoctrinated and conditioned to think and feel this way by the oligarchy and the cowed majority who parrot the ignorant words of "everyone". Most Americans don't think for themselves. They blindly think the majority can't be wrong; and they act like, if they ignore the abominable, corporate-run, murderous foreign policy(ies) of their government, and the other corrupt, political problems of the so-called "greatest democracy on Earth", everything is okay with "their world". After all, they have their three hot meals a day, a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, a comfortable place to sleep, and, if they're "lucky", a job. I haven't written anything new on, around or immediately after the one-year "anniversary" of 9-11-2001 because, first, I didn't want to spout the typical platitudes of the falsely patriotic, the blind followers of the blind; second, I was waiting, like some if not many people, for something else to happen, for another just as, or almost as, serious event as what transpired on 9-11-01; which, like most of those who are not burying their heads in the sand like the rest of the ostriches, have no doubt is going to happen sometime soon; and three, because I felt it would be a waste of time to again attempt to wake people up who don't want to be awakened. So I "put it off" and waited to be "inspired" as I am now, and really had something truly beneficial to say; and here I am again speaking The Truth to a largely "empty auditorium", wondering why I bother to keep trying to reach those who don't even know they need to be reached, and don't want to be. Duty. That is why I keep trying. Because, if I don't, I'm just another of the sheep or cattle, who ignorantly go along with their evil government, going right over the edge of the cliff, falling into the bottomless pit of apathy, complacency and "silent" complicity. How many times have I and many others' spoken the truth that we are all complicit and just as responsible as if we directly conspired in the evils, if we remain largely silent and don't stand up against them?! How many people have tried to show "us" that our vote is not enough; and, in fact, that our votes are a pathetic attempt at a "say" and a "voice", and that the only "choices" of candidates that we have who have any chance of winning are all elitist, corrupt, corporate "go-along-ers", money-mongers, war-mongers and evil "business as usual" "polit-bureaucrat-icians" who every day "sell us a bill of goods", "sell us short" and "sell us out" by making "money-first", "military-first", terrorism, war, and murder sound synonymous with democracy, freedom, justice, peace, and "what America(ns) stand(s) for"?!! How many times have seeing-individuals attempted to get us to see and face that evil cannot be made synonymous with rightness, and that "might" DOES NOT "make right"; and how long have we been ignoring them AND the Truth?!!! WHAT ARE WE DOING?! Are YOU a sheep; or are you a true-individual who stands up for the Truth and the protection of ALL mankind, and against ALL violations of national and international human rights?! I am hereby exercising my DUTY to inspire YOU!! Please don't just agree and "do something about it" to be a "part" of what's right; don't just be a part of what's right to be able to "say" you were a part of it and did something; but do MORE, MORE, MORE, not to receive the approval of your friends and peers, and not to be "seen" as being a part of doing what's right!! DO MORE, MORE, MORE, even if you don't receive ANY approval or recognition of any kind from ANYBODY; and know in your heart that without a doubt you ARE making a difference for the BEST!! STAND FOR NO WAR!! STAND FOR NOTHING BUT TRUE PEACE, LIBERTY AND JUSTICE, AND THE GREATEST OF ALL THESE, LOVE, TRUE LOVE!! STAND WITHOUT FAIL AGAINST ALL GREED, AVARICE, SELFISHNESS, HATRED, PREJUDICE, BIGOTRY, RACISM, INJUSTICE, TERRORISM, WARFARE, AND MURDER!! THIS IS WHAT, AND ONLY WHAT, SHOULD BE "AS AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE"!! THIS IS TRUE PATRIOTISM!! THIS IS WHAT BEING "AMERICAN" SHOULD BE ALL ABOUT!! NOT SUPPORTING WAR OF ANY KIND, EVER, ONLY TRUE PEACE, ONLY TRUE PEACE, ONLY TRUE PEACE, ONLY TRUE PEACE, ONLY TRUE PEACE!! STAND FOR NO WAR!! STAND FOR NO WAR!! STAND FOR NO WAR!! STAND FOR NO WAR!! STAND FOR NO WAR!! THANK YOU!! Also, please go to to vote against the war in Iraq, and/or to stop it, if you haven't already done so, and/or (come back to my site after you do so and) read the following essay(s): [Copyright (c) 2002-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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