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Saturday, April 10, 2004

OBJECTIVITY?! (Written on 3 December 2002; First updated 11 December 2002; Re-updated on 9 April 2004) By S. Wolf Britain Now "Little Shrub" has gone over the deep end again and appointed, dare I name this evil name(?), Henry (Damned) Kissinger to allegedly "probe 9-11", one of the most literally evil "foreign policy advisors" to every President from John F. Kennedy to Ronald (Damned) Reagan, if not more, a "prime-mover" in the illegal and murderous bombing of Cambodia, and involved up to his neck in the disastrously macabre Iran-Contra scandal and its ensuing slaughter of thousands of innocent Panamanians, not to mention Nicaraguans, and only the 'top secret cleared' know what else!! As if it wasn't bad enough when not long ago John Poindexter, another of the fascist "foreign policy" and/or "national security" advisors, who is just as evil as Kissinger, having been deeply involved in many of the same and similar "black projects" as those stated above, was appointed to oversee the "Homeland Security Taskforce" to determine how to "best" propose and set up the national "Office of Homeland Security", which is part of the military-industrial program of undermining human, civil and legal rights both domestically and internationally, and of bringing about a much larger authoritarian police state in the U.S. and abroad than already exists in the U.S.!! "Little Bush" is a shameless liar!! Now he claims he believes that the United States is much better off because of racial integration, which no doubt it is; but he is a racist and part of the military-industrial complex agenda of eugenics and genocide against the Judeo-Christians and ethnic minorities!! Sure, he has "token blacks" in his administration who "toe his line" and believe as he does, "Uncle Toms'" who are also part of and support the evil agenda(s); but he would much rather have an "all white" administration and not have to work with black people at all!! What would be quite "telling" is if we could get him to be completely truthful about how he would feel about having a black president of this country; but he would never give an honest response to such a question!! Things are getting much more evil every day!! The "Junior Bush" also claims that he does not want to curtail free speech, because he claims we live in a country where we have a right to exercise it, even if that free expression runs contrary to his policy actions; but the truth is that he, along with his cohorts, would dearly love to fully suspend free speech in a much more widespread fashion than they already are!! Here again he is shameless in attempting to make himself look good by making "politically correct" statements that he does not really, if at all, believe; and many, if not most, of his actions clearly show that he is going "all out" to fraudulently convince most "Americans" that he truly stands for truth and freedom!! It is just lie upon lie upon lie!! What's next?! I and the rest of us probably don't want to know!! What do "they" know that most of us don't know?! Probably that most of "we Americans" are stupid enough to not only go along with Kissinger’s appointment, but to actually approve of one of the prime Machiavelian masterminds, along with other people like he and Poindexter, of mass murder in the name of the military-industrial complex, corporate interests, the globalist one-world government agenda, and racist global eugenics and genocide, "conducting" the so-called probe into the events of the 11th of September, 2001!! How much more of a bizarre turn of events could this be?! (Actually, it's really not so "bizarre", because it's [going to be, although it very likely is already] very much similar to the Warren Commission cover-up of JFK's assassination.) Again, we probably don't want to know; because, no doubt, there could be, and are, going to be much more macabre events happening very soon!! This is "only" one of many events leading up to the "greater" and "greater" ones, to culminate in the final, "crowning" one(s) that have been planned for decades if not hundred of years, and that I've spoken of on my website!! (SEE one of my "Human Rights Comments" pages, among my other writings on my website; and, very importantly, also read Howard Zinn's commentary on "Machiavellian 'Realism' and U.S. (government) Foreign Policy", from his book, DECLARATIONS OF INDEPENDENCE, Cross-Examining American Ideology, if you haven't already done so, on the second half of my "More Comments, Part 3" page [same reads like a "Who's Who" on several of the names I named above, with a summary of many of the evils they've committed that most of the "American" people aren't even aware of]!! All of this connects many of the dots as to what's really going on, and what the "hidden" agendas are that "they're" not even concerned about divulging anymore!!) There cannot be any truly objective, non-partisan, impartial, and complete investigation into the circumstances of 9-11-01, AND TO DISCLOSE ALL OF THE REAL TRUTH OF ALL OF WHO WERE, AND WHAT WAS, INVOLVED, with anyone even remotely like Kissinger "leading out" in it!! Fortunately, there have been some, like Investigative Journalist William Thomas, in his book, ALL FALL DOWN: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion, who have already brought out much of the truth of the Bush, Cheney, bin Laden, other family, and their other criminal conspirators', involvement in carrying out the ignominious "ends" and crime(s) of September 11th, 2001!! May the voices of such "truth-sayers’", and many other similar voices for Truth, not be silenced; but may all of the evils and the evil-doers be completely stopped and forever silenced NOW!! I hope and pray that there is a HUGE outcry, as there most-definitely should be, against this outrageously bizarre "appointment"!! These satanically-inspired "leaders", and advisors to such leaders, have no shame!! They rub our noses in their extreme evils (an excessive understatement, very sadly), and they expect that the majority of "Americans" will go along with it, and even support it, without any, or much of a, "hue and cry"!! IT IS DISGUSTING!! Let's not hesitate to call evils by their true "names"!! AMERICANS, LET'S NOT LET SUCH HIDEOUS EVENTS TRANSPIRE ANYMORE!!!!! SPEAK OUT UNFLINCHINGLY AGAINST THESE TRAVESTIES!!!!! TRUE AMERICANS CANNOT ALLOW THIS AND OTHER SUCH TRAVESTIES TO BE CARRIED OUT!!!!! "VOTE" NO KISSINGER!! "VOTE" NO KISSINGER!! "VOTE" NO KISSINGER!! "VOTE" NO KISSINGER!! "VOTE" NO KISSINGER!! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR TIME AND ENERGY IN THE STRUGGLE AGAINST TYRANNY AND ALL OF THE TRUE COMMITTERS' OF TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!! "VOTE" NO KISSINGER!!!!! "VOTE" NO KISSINGER!!!!! THANK YOU, AGAIN!!!!! [Update(s) by me: Thank Goodness Kissinger, due to a huge public outcry against his appointment to the 9-11 Commission, resigned from the 9-11 probe!! But, no doubt, he will continue to "consult" for it from the offices of his consulting firm, Kissinger Associates; someone just as bad or worse, though perhaps not as obviously a bad choice, will be appointed by "The-President-by-Coup", "His Supreme 'Bushiness'", "George W. Bush, The Ruthless", to replace Master (of many Master Machiavellian Advisors and Murderers) Henry "Kiss(ed)-Every-President's-Behind" Kissinger; and "business as usual" will continue for the fascist shadow government controlling more and more of U.S. government and the "American" people today!! Further update(s): Sure enough, someone "just as bad" WAS appointed to run the 9-11 Commission instead of Kissinger, and the Commission IS covering-up the events of 9-11!! Even the families of the victims of the the World Trade Center destruction, who are the ones' primarily responsible for the creation of the 9-11 Commission in the first place, are speaking out vociferously about how little the Commission is accomplishing, that they are NOT getting to the bottom of 9-11, and that there is a conspicious coverup going on!! In the meantime, the Commission and others' are allowing Bush and company to literally get away with mass-murder!! Thank God that, ultimately, evil will NOT prevail as it is for the time being!!] [Copyright (c) 2002-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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