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Friday, May 21, 2004

4-15-00 (Updated on 21 May 2004) By S. Wolf Britain Have you ever watched the movies about apartheid in South Africa, and about the oppression and tyranny that were exerted against our fellowman there? That is the kind of tyranny and oppression that will very soon come to exist in the United States, if it doesn't already. Very few want to believe that such a police-State can, or will ever, exist in "the land of the free..."; or, most believe, or will believe, that if the U.S. does institute marshal law, suspend our civil rights, and force us to believe and live what they want us to, then they must be right because they are "the government of the United States of America, the greatest country on Earth". But, be warned, the U.S. government will very soon institute federal, nationwide laws, and/or require all of the States to put laws into effect, requiring all citizens to believe and obey a government-mandated, so-called Christianity that will not be true Christianity at all, but a counterfeit of it. A good counterfeit is so much like the true, that it very closely appears to be true; and that is what this government-mandated, false Christianity will be. There have been so many things that are not Christian which have been called Christian throughout the centuries, as well as today, that most people believe they are supposedly Christian. An example is the Roman Catholic Church organization, the "Vatican", or "Papacy", which has never been a Christian church at all; but most believe it is; and it, at the bidding of evil, will be behind this "American" government-mandated religion. We will be forced to obey on pain of imprisonment and/or death, unless we can get away, live "underground", and refuse to sell out to this false religion. Those who sell their souls to this evil, will be left without any hope of redemption; and those who don't, will be the only true Christians, and the only ones who will be redeemed. But the government will blame all of the woes being inflicted upon the United States and the world, on that minority of people who refuse to conform to their so-called true Christianity; and they will institute a "manhunt" to track down, imprison, and/or kill the real True Christians in the name of their counterfeit "Christianity", as well as in the name of God, believing that to do so will supposedly "spare" America, and the world, from the many ills that will be "plaguing" them. Very tragically, it will actually be the evils committed by the government and this false religion that will bring about these "plagues" upon both, not the minority of dissenters which they will blame for same; and the latter are the only ones who will be spared those "afflictions". Yet, the government, and the majority of deceived, sold-out "citizens" and false patriots, while suffering gravely from severe diseases caused by the plagues, will truly believe themselves to be the only true, chosen people of God, just as the majority of Roman Catholics over the centuries believed, as they slaughtered millions of innocent men, women and children in the name of God and so-called Christianity. They were the true heretics, not those who they claimed to be heretics; and, as usual, history is repeating itself. God has not forgiven the Papacy for this travesty; and we must not forgive the Roman Catholic organization for it either; as it was an unforgivable sin. The Papacy is not God's church. It never has been. But there are many sincere Catholic individuals who are close to becoming True Christians; yet they must, and will, completely "come out" of the Catholic Church before it is too late; and they will not ever again be connected with it, follow it's bidding, or follow the bidding, and those laws that are evil, of the United States government, and one-world government inspired by it, in any way. They must make that choice now, because very soon it will be too late to do so; there will be no turning back after that point; and very soon it will also be forever too late for all other U.S. and world citizens to choose between the false, government-mandated religion, and the actual True Christianity. At the time of the enforcement of this forced religious observance set-up by the government, they will also make it only legal and possible for those who accept and sell-out to it, to buy and sell the necessities of survival, and everything else. Those who do not accept it will be barred by law from being able to sell, buy, rent, or lease anything whatsoever, including food, clothing, water, housing, heating, etcetera; and those who have sold their souls by accepting this evil, will receive a coded "mark" on their bodies that will be the only accepted recognition and authorization, not only allowing them the only "commerce", but that will be the only protection, other than Divine protection, from the consequences of government reprisal. Yet God will protect, and/or provide for the needs of, those who do not accept it. Many who do not sell-out to this evil, government-enforced religion, will be caught, jailed, and/or killed; but they will have such a close, and the only True, relationship with God, that they will be given the power and strength to be able to endure whatever befalls them; and they will not lose Hope. They will be preserved through all of the calamities that occur to both them and the rest of the world. They will not buckle-under or give in and accept the false religion, or it's mark, no matter what happens to them. They will persevere through all hardship and persecutions, no matter how atrocious. They will be saints in the truest sense of the word, just as the so-called heretics were when persecuted by the Papacy centuries ago. They will be true martyrs, who gladly but not permanently, die for their Creator who so ignominiously and triumphantly died, and lived again, so they too can and will live again themselves. They will have the Greatest, One and Only, Hope to carry them through all of the darkest hours, a Hope that no others', including those who accept the "mark of the beast", will ever have. It is written, thus says the Lord, 'Stop committing evil altogether, and only do good, for the kingdom of heaven is almost here.' 'There's no time to waste!' 'Wake up and overcome evil with good!' 'The perfect Love of God casts out all fear!' Make yourselves truly right with God before it is too late! There is no Hope at all in any of the counterfeits of His truth! Do not be fooled or deceived by them! Your only Hope is in dissenting from obeying the evil laws of man! Do not listen to the twisting around and misinterpretations of God's Word(s)! [Copyright (c) 2000-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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