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Friday, August 27, 2004

ADDRESSING IGNORANCE, PART THREE Response To An E-mail Message (Written on or about 1 April 2003; Updated on 27 August 2004) By S. Wolf Britain
I'm not the one who needs to wake up! And I don't need or have to justify myself to ANYONE; but I'm going to explain the following to you because you are so wrong: First, many good Americans, who love their country very much like I do, and many who even love their evil government because they're misguided like you, are living abroad and receiving Social Security, either Disability (SSDI) and/or Retirement, BECAUSE SOCIAL SECURITY ALLOWS RECIPIENTS TO RECEIVE IT IN MOST OTHER COUNTRIES; and I have wanted to move out of the U.S. for several years before I became as "left" as I am now, having finally, completely woken up. Do you think I'd want to move abroad if Social Security didn't allow it? I wouldn't be able to; and, as it is, I'm not able to right now because my SSDI is so low! I would not be looking for someone to go 50/50 and move abroad with me if my income wasn't so low. Second, Americans can live abroad and still love their country! It's much too expensive to live here on very low Social Security incomes; and it's much less expensive to live in about a half dozen countries abroad because their cost-of-living's are much lower than the U.S. Because "expatriates", as those living abroad from their home countries are called, want to have a higher standard of living than they would have in their home countries, does NOT mean they have abandoned their countries of origin! But I have come to the point where I've realized (and, no doubt, you will not understand this) that I no longer want to support the evils my government is committing by my living here, and that perhaps I can do more good from "without" rather than from "within". Third, what you indoctrinated and conditioned, so-called Americans don't understand, who falsely believe that the U.S. government can't do any wrong, or that their wrongs are supposedly okay or acceptable, is that IT IS NOT DEMOCRATIC TO MAKE "FIRST-STRIKE", "PREEMPTIVE" ATTACKS OF, AND WARS ON, SOVEREIGN COUNTRIES! To call such attacks and wars "democratic", or as bringing democracy to those "we" are supposedly liberating, while we murder and maim thousands of innocent men, women, childen, and little babies in the process, is absolutely ridiculous! And to call it "Operation Iraqi Freedom" is one of the greatest lies ever perpetrated, and is ludricrous, while we are slaughtering and maiming those thousands of innocent people! You can't bring freedom to dead people! And you "brain-dead" people don't understand True Democracy and Freedom! You think we, those on the "left", are the idiots; but you on the "right" are the ones who are the idiots! So we, the True Patriots, are not the ones who need to wake up! You false patriots need to wake up and stop believing the lies you're being fed by the "right"! Blindly following your or "my" government is not the responsibility of any person to do! The responsibility and DUTY of True Americans is to dissent against the evils of their government! I know most of you ignorant people think the Declaration of Independence was only something you needed to learn about in Junior High School, and that it supposedly doesn't have any real relevance anymore except about past history, but you ought to read it again and again; because it makes very clear that it is every citizens duty to "throw off" despotism, such as what Bush and Company are perpetrating upon "Americans", and "provide new guards for their future security"! If we don't, we're soon going to have no True Freedom left in the U.S.! But you blind, brainwashed people can't see the Truth! Most of you are so far gone into blind following of "anti-democracy" in the guise of "democracy", that there is little or no hope of reaching you and of your waking up; but, because I Truly Care about and accept, in the sense of not being a bigot WHATSOEVER, all people regardless of their race, creed, color, religion, disabilities, etcetera, I try to help you and people like you, who are the real ones who need to wake up, to do just that, wake up! I, and all of the people who are Truly Awake like myself, DO SEE who the real enemies are! They are the evil hypocrites and psychotics like Bush and Company who are seeking for multinational corporate interests to rule the world and control sovereign countries resources for multi-billion dollar profits to go to them and the other elitists of their kind, and not to the majority of poor people in the U.S. and the rest of the world! They call it "democracy", but it is the furthest thing from democracy; and you followers and enablers of them who are using you, and consider ALL of you completely expendable once they're finished needing and using you, don't see it! You're puppets and pawns being exploited by these truly satanic people! So, here's to hoping you, and most people like you, Truly Wake Up and stop being blind followers of the blind before it is forever too late!
Once More, ONLY for True Love, Peace, Liberty, Democracy, Liberation, Equality, and Justice, FOR ALL,
S. Wolf Britain, A True Patriot
[Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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