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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

AMERICAN AMBASSADORS OR "AMERICAN AM-BASTARDS"? (Written on or about 16 March 2003; Updated on 18 August 2004) By S. Wolf Britain To Will Thomas (Canadian, International Investigative Journalist): I'm further "moved" by your articles on your website! I'm "moved" to take more (only legal) action(s) against 'the U.S. Administration of Global Imperialism'! I'm "moved" to "get the hell out of Dodge", and move out of this evil country known as the U.S.A.! To tell you the truth, Will, if I wasn't living on an only income of very low Social Security Disability, and I could afford it, I would move out of the United States right now! I can only imagine how someone like yourself who is not an American, "thank your lucky stars", views "we" egocentric "Americans"! You must see "us" as, because "we" ARE by and large, a truly arrogant and blind nation, with "the blind leaders of the blind" Pied Piper-ing "us" to perdition! Most so-called Americans blindly believe most, if not all, of what their government and the mainstream media tells them is the truth, even though the vast majority of what they're told are lies! You must wonder how "we" can continue to let ourselves be this way, how "we" can live in such a fantasy world, when the signs are everywhere of what the Truth is concerning Presidential and other political corruption, and military-industrial-imperialistic greed! Most "Americans" think they're better than everyone else: Better than Canadians, Mexicans, other Central Americans, South Americans, Cubans, Brits, Europeans, Jews (who they're "using" for the time being), Iraqis, Russians, the Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Orientals, Africans, blacks, brown-skinned, "yellow"-skinned and "red"-skinned people(s), "Christians" who aren't a part of the "Moral Majority/Religious Right" which is neither, moral or the majority, religious in the True sense or right, and everyone else who isn't "American" and white! But they AREN'T better than ANYONE else!! I am very tired of this egotism, this sanctimonious, racist self-righteousness, and my being associated with it! I feel I'm complicit in the U.S. government's evils just by my living here, even if I don't support them; and I hate being ashamed of what my country stands for, especially right now; but the only other option I have is to even more indirectly comply with and condone it's evils, and be complicit in them, by remaining, like most so-called Americans, apathetic, cowed, acquiescent to, and even directly supportive of, it's totally unsympathetic and murderous ends! The Truth is, I am one of the very few, compared to the whole, True Americans who loves his country very much, but not his government; and I must exercise my True Patriot(ic) DUTY, as spelled out in the great Declaration of Independence, to "throw off" such government that IS seeking to put "America" under "absolute despotism"! May Truth prevail!! "America, love it (AND) leave it"! "America, love it (BY) leav(ing) it"! Perhaps, if despotism is what the majority of "Americans" want, those of us True Americans who don't want it, should just get out and let them have it! Wouldn't it be absolutely, incredibly amazing if all of the True Patriots emigrated to other countries and renounced their so-called "American" citizenship, and loved their country by their "statement" of "getting out", and by exerting their influence(s) in various other ways, "from afar", like Thomas Jefferson, one of the United State’s greatest "Founding Fathers", did from France!?! Thomas Jefferson was appointed as Ambassador to France, no doubt because some if not many wanted to remove his Truly Patriotic influence(s) from having more direct "sway" by his then-continuing to reside "in-country"; but he went, and did not abandon his country; and from afar he continued to powerfully influence "America's" political ideology, policies and actions for the better, in fact for much greater good, which he even more "forcefully" continued upon his return, being an exceedingly great "check and balance" upon corporate "means and ends" in the guise of the then-"Republicans" known as the Federalists, through the powerful influence of the then-"Democrats" known as the Republican Democrats! So you see, the True Democrats are the True Conservatives, for they "conserve" True care for The People, Truly providing for their needs, without rancor and false delusions of grandeur, and violent conquest over others; and the true Republicans are the true Liberals (sic), making Howard Zinn very right that the so-called conservatives are the liberals, for the latter are liberally monstrous, liberally military-industrial-complex oriented, liberally into war-making, liberally corporate-self-centered, liberally anti- Social Services, liberally without care for and against the masses of The People, liberally murderous, and liberally tyrannous, truly-treasonous, autocratic, authoritarian, dictatorial, domination-istic (sic), imperialistic, and terrorist-ic (sic)! Not that the so-called liberals of the U.S. government haven't, or the present-day Democratic Party hasn't, become and isn't just as corrupt in it's own ways! All of these wrongs must be overcome for the sake of both "American"- and world- society as a whole! The U.S. government, though it thinks it is, is NOT "a law unto itself"!! "America" can be an ambassador for great good or for great evil; and the U.S. government is at present being the worst ambassador of "bad-will" the world-over, an “Am-bastard” if you will, that it has ever been in it's entire history. But True Americans CAN and MUST be ambassadors ONLY for Good, in any and every way(s) they can, particularly and especially in standing up to and against the evils of their government, in every and any NON-VIOLENT way(s) that they can! Therefore, True Americans must not be complicit in the evils of the United States government by continuing to reside in the U.S. and being a "sharer" in it's ill-gotten "gains"! True Americans must make one huge, ultimate "protest" by refusing to be so much a direct part of such an evil government, and "move out" without abandoning their country! This is not only possible, it is a necessity! I for one hope to emigrate as soon as I possibly can; and I pray that I will be enabled to do so, God willing, much sooner than later, before it is too late!! During circumstances such as this, people sometimes cannot overcome great evil(s) by working from within, and must non-violently overcome them by denouncing and disconnecting themselves from any and all allegiance to such monumental evil(s), and work for NOTHING BUT True Love, Peace, Liberty, Democracy, Liberation, Equality, and Justice, FOR ALL, from without, by 'dodging the heck out of hell', or dodging out of what is very soon to be hell on Earth, if hasn't already begun to be, which I believe it has! Your's ONLY for ALL of the immediately-foregoing, S. Wolf Britain, A True Patriot ( Will(iam) Thomas, International Investigative Reporter, Lifeboat News Service, British Columbia, Canada, ) [Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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