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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

ADDRESSING IGNORANCE, PART TWO Response To An E-mail Message (Written on or about 1 April 2003; Updated on 25 August 2004) By S. Wolf Britain
On the contrary, I am NOT eating my words right now; because I know without a doubt that I'm on the side of right without having been brainwashed with the lies of the U.S. government! The U.N. just proved on March 7th that General / Secretary of State / Warmonger / War-Hawk Colin Powell provided forged so-called "proof" to the U.N. of Saddam having restarted his nuclear weapons program! You, like most people, listen to and watch too much of the conservative, mainstream media like CNN and FOX, as well as the other major networks, which are run by the military-industrial complex, and trust that they and the U.S. government are supposedly and usually telling ("you") the truth, which they usually are NOT! This is a rhetorical question, so please don't try to answer it in writing to me, but how many times does it have to be categorically proven to "you" that, especially when it comes to a Republican administration wanting a war, as usual, they lie through their teeth in order to convince the majority of "sheep", so-called "Americans", to support such a war, before you realize that NO government can be trusted?! We are supposed to love our COUNTRY, which I DO; but no citizen is supposed to love their government! By their very existence, governments' are inherently corrupt, particularly the bigger and more out of control they are, like the U.S. government is at the present time, and has been for far too long! Bush is lying to the American people "right and left", claiming Saddam Hussein and Iraq are a major threat to "us", when for the past twelve years, minus the four from 1998 to 1992 that the weapons inspectors were not there, practically everything they had has been destroyed; and, to show you I'm not "in love with" the U.N. either, their and the U.S. government's sanctions are responsible for the deaths of a million and a half innocent Iraqi civilians, half a million of which were children! And, on top of that, the U.S. government and it's allies have been bombing the "No-Fly Zones", also murdering many more innocent Iraqis, almost every day for the past eleven years! So, what fantasy world do you live in anyway?! Without mentioning your name or violating your privacy, I posted my last message to you on my website weeks ago. I'll bet you haven't read any of my recommended reading; because people like you don't want your fantasy world to be disturbed, and you want to keep on believing in and living lies! You believe that in order to love your country, you've got to love your evil, lying government; and "you", therefore, have a very false so-called "patriotism" that condones and supports the murder(s) of millions of innocent people by the U.S. government for over 100 years now! People like you further think millions of people now protesting a war against Iraq (6-million on February 15th---with over 1-million in London alone) are allegedly "idiots"; but millions of Truly Sensible people can't be that wrong! It is the conservatives, and those who blindly love and support their governments', who are the idiots! But, a really interesting and important fact is, the majority of the populations' of England, Spain and Italy, even though their governments' support it, are against such a war without U.N. approval, as well as the majorities of the populations of Germany, France, etc.! And the only reason the usual 60 to 70 percent of the "American" population is in support of the war is because of the blitzkrieg of U.S. government and mainstream media propaganda lies that Saddam is allegedly this huge threat that he is NOT, which is scaring the majority of the American populace "to death"! Now, no doubt you'll throw back in my face that my own website quotes one of my favorite quotes that "(t)he majority is usually wrong(!)"; but I'm talking about, and so was Heinlein, the ignorant majority, not the non-ignorant "majorities" I spoke of above who are against a further Iraq war! In England and Europe they get much more of the Truth from their media than we do in the U.S.! Just watch and listen to the B.B.C. on P.B.S. sometime to find that out! And they have a much more objective viewpoint of the U.S. government, and are NOT fooled by the rhetoric and propaganda lies, especially of the Republican administration! They also "see through", and know from years of observational experience, the fact(s) that the U.S. government's true aims are to be THE imperial conqueror of all of the "weak" countries of the world like Iraq! Think about it, Man! Why aren't "we" threatening and attacking North Korea right now, since they are a MUCH BIGGER threat? Because, if we did, our country would likely be "nuked"; so we go after (a) weak country(ies) that in truth we know do NOT have the capability(ies), because we destroyed it/them, to do such severe harm to "us"! True Democratic governments do NOT carry out and fulfill imperial, colonial agendas and goals; therefore, the U.S. government is NOT a True Democracy! Yes, the U.S. is the best place to live in some sense(s); but in another sense it is one of the worst places to live because those who live in the U.S. are then, indirectly at least, a complicit part of the most hypocritical and destructive government on the face of the Earth. And, lest you throw that typical propaganda at me of, "America, love it or leave it(!)", I AM trying to "get out" of this country so I no longer IN ANY WAY support it's evil, lying, murderous policies, agendas and actions! That saying should read, 'America, love it AND leave it'! One of the U.S. government's own military general's just ADMITTED a couple of weeks ago that the American people are, and supposedly need to be, "conditioned", meaning 'brainwashed'! Quit letting evil people condition and/or brainwash "you"! Try, if it's not too late (though it probably is), to use your own head and think for yourself, instead of blindly believing the lies that you are being "spoon fed"! Granted, if we become part of the minority who ONLY stands up for what's right, we will be persecuted; but it is better to be persecuted than to go along with large-scale murder; so get off your lazy butt and learn to stand ONLY for what is True and Right!!
Again, ONLY for True Love, Peace, Liberty, Democracy, Liberation, Equality, and Justice, FOR ALL,
S. Wolf Britain, A True Patriot
[Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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