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Friday, August 13, 2004

DEMONIZING (Written on 15 April 2003; Updated on 13 August 2004) By S. Wolf Britain Just because you disagree with or don't understand something, doesn't automatically or arbitrarily make what you don't understand or agree with wrong. I have for some time realized that most people are living in a fantasy world; and I now further realize what is truly going on at the present time in the war-mongers' response to my and many others' non-violent stand against war, and it is as follows: I and the other non-violent anti-war protesters are being demonized by those who want to make the protesters out to be a threat that we are not, as a result of their fear and paranoia stemming from 9-11-01 and the so-called "War Against Terrorism", and because of their lack of understanding of why we, the protesters, are non-violently against the present wars for empire and corporate monetary gain for the members of the military-industrial complex. So, what they do is, they "paint" us as dangerous to their "normal" life and world, when it is they who are one of the greatest threats to life and the world through their willingness to allow the U.S. government to run amuck and abrogate civil liberties in the United States and abroad with the false belief(s) that doing so will protect the U.S. from terrorists and terrorism, while actually making us MUCH LESS safe from those threats. THE NON-VIOLENT ANTI-WAR, ANTI-IMPERIALISM PROTESTERS, WITH THE VAST MAJORITY OF US BEING COMPLETELY NON-VIOLENT, AND TOTALLY AGAINST VIOLENCE, ARE NOT TERRORISTS! We are non-violently fighting against the terrorism of the U.S. government, which terrorism is what they are committing in their unprecedented, at least out in open, "preemptive", "first-strike" war(s) against weak nations like Iraq that have no chance against the might of the U.S. military. The United States and "Americans" are not better than anyone else in the world; for NOBODY is better than ANYONE else; and, if the U.S. has the right to defend itself, so do other sovereign nations like Iraq. But the U.S. government and most "Americans" act like only "Americans" and the United States have any rights in world affairs, while the U.S. government violates international law(s) over and over again with impunity, and like those other nations which have not bowed down to the "all-powerful" United States have virtually no rights to resist being overthrown and dominated by the U.S. government. Other nations have no right(s) to attempt to overthrow and dominate the United States; so what right does the U.S. have to do so to other countries, especially in light of the many facts proving that the U.S. government is the greatest threat to the world today?! "Americans" act like the United States is above being "power-mad", but the U.S. is not above power-madness, and the United States is exercising extreme power-madness at the present time!! True Americans have the duty(ies) to try to curb this!! That is what the True Democracy that is supposed to exist in the U.S. is all about!! An ignorant neo-conservative said on C-Span that she does not understand what trying to end "racism" has to do with protesting and trying to stop war; but the understanding of said connection(s) is obvious and simple: For the United States to believe that it is superior to every other country on the face of the globe is the ultimate in bigotry; and "America" feels that all of the Arab and Islamic people(s), as well as many other non-white races, are inferior to so-called white, "American" Christians, and are expendable, which is a most extreme form of racism! Besides, throughout history, virtually all wars and/or oppressions carried out by one group of people over another, especially the ones carried out or supported by the U.S. government for over one-hundred years, have been closely tied in with racism, contrary to True Democracy! The Declaration of Independence states, "ALL (PEOPLE) ARE CREATED EQUAL...."; and NOTHING could be any more true than that truth! (Emphasis added by me.) ALL PEOPLE in the United States and the world are also imbued with the inalienable and immutable right(s) to freedom of belief, and to express that belief in any way they believe their conscience is guiding them as long as it is not violent or aberrant; and to IN ANY WAY try to deny that or any other immutable right(s) is very serious discrimination on the basis of creed and a very extreme violation of the civil right to freedom of speech; so anti-war protesters have JUST AS MUCH right(s) to non-violently express their views as warmongers do, without having the non-violent free expression of those anti-war sentiments interfered with IN ANY WAY! Pro-war people do NOT have freedom of speech reserved for them alone, though they act like they do! Non-violent anti-war protesters have JUST AS MUCH right to freedom of speech as pro-war people do; and that EQUAL right to freedom of speech for dissenters is what the True Democracy in the U.S. is supposed to stand for, without fail, and it cannot be taken away, even in wartime, no matter what the so-called justifications are for doing so! IT IS ANTI-DEMOCRATIC FOR THE U.S. GOVERNMENT TO FORCE IT'S WILL DOWN THE THROATS OF OTHER SOVEREIGN NATIONS, PARTICULARLY AT THE POINT OF A "FIRST-STRIKE", "PREEMPTIVE" GUN! IT IS TOTALLY AGAINST WHAT TRUE-DEMOCRACY STANDS FOR, WHAT THE TRUE-DEMOCRACY OF THE UNITED STATES IS SUPPOSED TO STAND FOR; AND IT IS MAKING THE UNITED STATES THE OPPOSITE OF DEMOCRATIC! Therefore, in exercising this antithesis of democracy against such countries as Afghanistan and Iraq, it is impossible for the U.S. to be truly "liberating" and restoring "freedom" to these countries, especially while slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians in the process! THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY! Sure, most "Americans" don't see most of the slaughter on the United States mainstream media, nor are they given the true numbers of the so-called "collateral damage" and "acceptable losses", because the "American" mainstream media is part of the imperial, corporate war and propaganda machine! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "ACCEPTABLE LOSSES" OR "COLLATERAL DAMAGE"; AND, AGAIN, IT IS THE OPPOSITE OF DEMOCRACY TO MURDER PEOPLE IN THE PROCESS OF SUPPOSEDLY LIBERATING THEM! BESIDES, NOBODY CAN LIBERATE DEAD PEOPLE, OR THE MAIMED WHO ARE GOING TO SUFFER FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES! THE LATTER ARE ALWAYS GOING TO FEEL AFRAID OF THE U.S. AND "AMERICANS", NOT FEEL LIBERATED BY THEM! DISSENT AND PEACEFUL, NON-VIOLENT ASSEMBLY AND PROTEST ARE SUPPOSED TO BE PROTECTED RIGHTS AND DUTIES IN "AMERICA", TO BE A CHECK AND BALANCE UPON GOVERNMENT; BUT THE "AMERICANS" WHO ARE DEMONIZING THE PROTESTERS ARE NOT BEING A CHECK AND BALANCE UPON THEIR GOVERNMENT AT ALL, THEY ARE BEING THE OPPOSITE, AND THEY ARE STRIKING OUT AT THE WRONG PEOPLE, WHEN THEY SHOULD BE STRIKING OUT AGAINST THEIR GOVERNMENT THAT IS ALMOST COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL! THE PROTESTERS ARE NOT THE GROUP TO DEMONIZE AND RESIST; IT IS THE PRESENT, NON-DEMOCRATIC UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT THAT SHOULD, AND INDEED MUST, BE RESISTED FOR THE SAKE OF TRUE DEMOCRACY! The dissenters are attempting to preserve True Democracy and Freedom for the sake of ALL Americans, and for the sake of all people(s) the world-over. They are NOT the threat(s) to freedom and democracy; the presently-constituted U.S. government is the threat to democracy and freedom! Open your eyes and see all of the civil liberties and human rights that are presently being done away with in the guise of protecting liberty(ies) and liberating human rights! IF AMERICANS DON'T STAND UP AGAINST, AND STOP, THIS DESTRUCTION OF CIVIL LIBERTIES AND HUMAN RIGHTS, SOON WE WILL NOT HAVE ANY CIVIL OR HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE UNITED STATES OR THE REST OF THE WORLD! THE FANTASY, "NORMAL" WORLD OF THE SAFE, UNMOLLESTED UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS GONE, IF IT EVER REALLY EXISTED; AND IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE NON-VIOLENT, PEACEFUL PROTESTERS! THEY ARE BEING TRUE PATRIOTS IN SOUNDING THE MORE-THAN-JUSTIFIED ALARM THAT "THE (IMPERIALISTS) ARE COMING, THE (IMPERIALISTS) ARE COMING", AND THAT THEY'RE BRINGING WITH THEM THEIR LIES, THEIR WARMONGERING, THEIR WARMAKING, AND THEIR ABROGATION(S) OF TRUE-FREEDOM(S), IN THE GUISE OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT; AND THOSE WHO ARE GIVING THE WARNING ARE EXERCISING A GREAT DEAL OF TRUE COURAGE TO TAKE THE TRUE STAND THAT THEY ARE! READ THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AGAIN, AND AGAIN! THIS IS WHAT AMERICANS FOUGHT AGAINST WHEN WE FOUGHT AGAINST THE BRITISH EMPIRE; AND NOW A VERY SIMILAR LEVEL OF TYRANNY AND WORLD DOMINATION ARE BEING PASSED OFF ON US BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT AS STANDING FOR THE TRUE AND THE GENUINE, BY THE TOTALLY DISINGENUOUS, AGAIN! You've been taught to believe all of your life that you can completely trust and respect your government, and that all of those who don't completely trust their government, and don't go along with what they do no matter what, are supposedly anarchists and traitors; but you've been indoctrinated and conditioned with one of the biggest lies ever perpetrated on this Earth! This indoctrination and conditioning was and is perpetrated by corrupt, evil people so we wouldn't stand up for our rights; and it is they who are the traitors! DON'T BE FOOLED! DON'T BLAME THE INNOCENT! AND DON'T BE A PART OF ALLOWING TO HAPPEN TO THE DISSIDENTS WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NORTH-AMERICAN INDIANS, THE BLACK-AMERICANS AND THE JAPANESE-AMERICANS; BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IS GOING TO COME ABOUT IF YOU CONTINUE TO BLINDLY SUPPORT THE "UNITED STATES EMPIRE"; AND YOU WILL BE COMPLICIT IN IT BY YOUR FALSE CONDEMNATION OF THOSE EXERCISING THEIR CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS, AND BY YOUR APATHY TO WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON! PULL YOUR HEAD(S) OUT OF THE SAND, FACE WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON, AND CARRY OUT YOUR DUTY TO STAND UP AGAINST IT! FOR IT IS TRULY PATRIOTIC TO QUESTION, PROTEST AND DISSENT AGAINST ALL VIOLENCE. LOVE YOUR COUNTRY, NOT YOUR GOVERNMENT, FOR THEY DON'T GO HAND IN HAND WHEN THEY PROMOTE VIOLENCE; AND ONLY LOVE YOUR GOVERNMENT IF IT IS BEING A TRUE DEMOCRACY THAT DOES NOT PROMOTE, SUPPORT OR COMMIT VIOLENCE. Please don't "misplace" your fear(s) and condemn those who are standing up for True Freedom(s)! The anti-imperialism, anti-war, anti-violence protesters are not the threat to you! It is much too easy to condemn the wrong people, as we have seen over and over again throughout history; so please let "perfect love cast out (your) fear(s)" and exercise nothing but True Love towards those who stand for nothing but True Justice, Democracy, Liberty, and Peace FOR ALL HUMANKIND. May God Truly bless you. [Copyright (c) 2003-2004 in the U.S.A. and Internationally by S. Wolf Britain. All rights are reserved.]


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